Romance Ever After

There’s a new multi-author boxed set available this week. Grab your copy today!

Romance Ever After, a boxed setof historical romancesA bundle of novels like nothing else you’ve ever seen before – eight bestselling authors, seven top-rated novels, and one brand-new story by a NYT Bestselling author. Welcome to ROMANCE EVER AFTER!

In this collection, you’ll be swept away on the warm breezes of Time, from the romance and chivalry of Medieval & Elizabethan England, to the raw sex appeal of the Scottish Highlands, to the pageantry of the Regency era, and finally to the beautiful yet wild lands of the American West. Every hero has a heart, every heroine a fiery spirit, and every story a soul that bleeds passion. Indulge in this limited-edition collection with some of the top authors in their genre.

This bundle includes:

My Girl by Debra Holland – (NEW STORY) When a logging accident kills his friend and Felicity Woodbury’s fiancé, Lars Aagaard steps in to lend his support. To keep Felicity’s suitors at bay during her mourning period, the two act as if Lars is wooing her. But, already smitten, Lars hopes to turn the pretend courtship to real love.

The Iron Knight by Kathryn Le Veque – When hardened knight Lucien de Russe saves the life of widow Sophina de Gournay, their wonderful chance meeting starts a chain of events that could destroy them both.

The Rogue by Claire Delacroix – Ysabella knows better than to trust her charming husband—even when he insists he is being hunted. When Merlyn is killed, Ysabella is again Lady of Ravensmuir, where the truth must be hidden. Is Merlyn dead? If so, who loves her so sweetly in the night? If not, what is that wicked rogue’s scheme?

Wicked at Heart by Danelle Harmon – A Beauty-and-the-Beast tale of love and redemption between a dark and brooding marquess and the woman who is determined to heal his tortured heart.

Highland Hunger by Eliza Knight – Ceana can’t stand the arrogant Highlander she’s up against in the war games, and yet she can’t walk away. Macrath wants nothing more than to be rid of the troublesome need to protect the warrior lass. What starts out as a race to survive turns into passion to endure together.

Lady in Waiting by Denise Domning – Christopher Hollier will do anything to reclaim the title of Lord Graistan for his invalid brother. Maid-of-honor to the Virgin Queen, Anne Blanchemain hides a dangerous secret, one that sweeps them into events that might ultimately cost them their lives, and their love.

My Lady’s Treasure by Catherine Kean – Lady Faye Rivellaux is desperate to save a kidnapped child. Former crusading knight Brant Meslarches seeks redemption from his past. Forming an uneasy alliance, they search for lost riches and find treasure worth more than gold.

A Knight to Call My Own by Sherry Ewing – Lynet of Clan MacLaren knows how it feels to love someone and not have that love returned. Ian MacGillivray has returned to Berwyck in search of a bride. Who will claim the fair Lynet? The price will be high to ensure her safety and even higher to win her love.

The Seventh Son by Ashley York – The sixth son bears a curse as certain as the seventh bears a blessing. When Tadhg MacNaughton’s betrothed is ripped from his arms and married to another, he believes the legend is true. Is the warrior’s love for the Irish beauty already doomed or does fate have something else planned?

Add this bundle to your library to savor again and again!

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New Options

One Knight Enchanted, book #1 of the Sayerne series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixYou’ve probably noticed that I’ve started to make changes around here. Claire, for example, has a new website of her own and the detail pages for her books will be disappearing from this site by the end of the year. By then, the links in the end matter of my books will go to Claire’s new site. (BTW, if you have bookmarked any of Claire’s pages here, you might want to update the bookmark with the url of the new site. I’m going to guess that some of you will want to keep track of the Kindle Unlimited page, for example.)

There are a couple of reasons for this change. The first is that this site, while a useful and encyclopedic reference to all of my books, is becoming unwieldy. Those nested menus are a nightmare on a cellphone and they’ve gotten to the point that they’re even hard to navigate on a laptop. There are just too many books to display in one place. I think that a reader new to my work might not know where to start, which is fair enough, and also means that I want to streamline the presentation.

The second issue is that newsletter open rates drop as the subscriber list gets bigger. I noticed a real difference when my total number of subscribers went over 5,000 readers. It’s now more than twice that. The issue is that servers perceive batches of emails from the same source as spam and block them from delivery. Once a list gets over a certain threshold number of subscribers, there’s seems to be a critical mass of emails being delivered to any given server (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) So, the bigger the subscription base gets, the less effective the newsletter becomes as a means of reaching readers.

I’ve been gathering ideas for new strategies for a while and it’s time to start putting them into play. As much as I’d love to believe that every reader wants to read every book that I write, that’s just not the case. You probably have a favorite sub-genre or series. These changes will make it easier for you to keep track of new releases of your favorite type.

Wyvern's Outlaw, book #4 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke• I have multiple websites now and will have more in future. The idea is to give each series or subgenre its own virtual home. Claire has her own website now, and so do the Dragons of Incendium.

• on both this website and Claire’s new website, there is an updated booklist. The titles of the books that are the best place to start in any given series are in red and bold. When there are other points to enter that fictional world, the title of that book will be just in red. If you want to know where to start, go to the booklist and look for those red titles. Here’s the booklist on this site for Deborah Cooke books, and here’s the one for Claire’s books on the Delacroix site.

• On all three websites, the home page is called Next & New and displays the most recent release as well as the upcoming one. So, if you bookmark any of my sites and visit them at intervals, you’ll see what’s new.

• This site hosts my main blog, of course, but I’ve added a blog to both Claire’s website and to the Dragons of Incendium site. I’ll blog on those sites about new releases in those respective worlds or series as well as about upcoming releases, once I have covers and buy links. You can subscribe to either or both of those blogs and receive an email when I create a post. Of course, if you follow the blog on this site, you’ll see all of my posts made here. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog page for the Follow link. Here’s the blog on Claire’s site, and here’s the blog on the Dragons of Incendium site.

• When you sign up for my main newsletter, Knights, Dragons & Heroes, you can choose your news. Selecting either my contemporary romances, my paranormal romances, my historical romances or all of my books means that you’ll get a newsletter each month tailored to tell you what you most want to know. You can change these preferences any time by scrolling down to the very bottom of the newsletter and choosing Update My Preferences.

Some Guys Have All the Luck, #4 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke• In addition to my main newsletter, I also have series-specific newsletters. When you join these newsletters, you’ll receive a sequence of messages bringing you up to date on the series so far. After that, you’ll get a new message when there’s a new title up for pre-order and another when it publishes. These lists are maintained separately from my main newsletter list: you can belong to as many or as few as you like. The existing series-specific newsletters are:

Flatiron Five

The Dragons of Incendium

The Brides of Inverfyre
(This one hasn’t actually launched yet. The first message will go out when The Mercenary’s Bride comes out of the boxed set, The Nutcracker Reimagined, and is available for purchase on its own. You can sign up now if you don’t want to miss that.)

The Mercenary's Bride, book #1 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix• There’s also a Yahoo list which is a New Release Alert. When you sign up for this, you receive a single email when I publish a new title. It includes buy links for all the portals, as well as the cover copy and the cover itself.

I’m going to be adding some new options to my newsletter list soon, too, in order to ensure that you get the news you most want to know. There are some amazing new ways to tailor information to subscribers and I want to try them out. Stay tuned for more updates!

Save 25% on Wyvern’s Outlaw Today!

Wyvern's Outlaw, book #4 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeToday’s the publication date for Anguissa and Ryke’s book!

Ryke wants nothing more than to escape the space pirates of the Gloria Furore and go home to his young son. He’s pretended to share their views and has worked his way up the ranks to co-pilot of the Armada Seven, commanded by the most vicious space captain of all. The capture of Princess Anguissa and her ship, the Archangel, is a moment of triumph for his superior—except that Anguissa never plays by anyone’s rules. In a flash of dragon fire, she incinerates most of the crew and takes command of the Armada Seven. Ryke is spared, but he’s not sure why—what plans does the beautiful dragon princess have for his future? And what will she demand to grant his wish of returning home?

Get your copy of Wyvern’s Outlaw at:
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The mini-book print edition isn’t linked to the digital edition on Amazon yet, but you can order it here. You can also order a signed copy directly from me, right here.

I’m testing a new method of delivering digital books bought in my online store. You buy the book at Selz, which processes your payment, then you receive an email from BookFunnel to download your book. BookFunnel has great technical support and will ensure you get your book onto your reading device of choice. As a thank-you for testing this for me, you can save 25% on Wyvern’s Outlaw today by buying it in my online store. (So far, this is the only book offering this delivery method.)

Remember that the store operates in Canadian dollars—the price will display as $3.74, discounted from $4.99. $3.74 CA is about $2.99 US. The discount code is embedded in the link on the button below. Please comment on this post to let me know how it goes!

Celo's Quest, a short story and #8 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeBuy at Deborah's Selz Store

The next short story in the Dragons of Incendium series is Celo’s Quest, coming December 26. It’s available for pre-order at all portals now.

In this short story, Celo, the hidden prince who understands the language of wild creatures, unearths a forgotten secret. He accepts a challenge and embarks on a quest, seeking the solution to the riddle beyond the forests of Regalia.

Coming December 26.

Celo’s Quest is a short story and is included in the print edition of Wyvern’s Outlaw.

Pre-order available at some portals.

Buy Signed Print Copy from Deborah's online store Buy at Amazon US Buy at iBooks Buy at Barnes & Noble Buy at Kobo Buy at Amazon CA Buy at Amazon UK Buy at Amazon DE

The Bride Quest I Boxed Set New Edition

The Bride Quest 1 Boxed Set by Claire Delacroix

Be swept away by the classic fairy tale medieval romance trilogy by the “Queen of Medieval Romance”! Three brothers set out on a Bride Quest at the behest of Princess Brianna and each find love of legendary power…

In The Princess, Brianna challenges three knights to compete for her hand, declaring that she will marry the one who brings her a gift that makes her laugh. She hopes to avoid the king’s dictate and marry for love, but Luc has no interest in surrendering to a beauty’s whim. He has abandoned his life as a knight and put down his sword forever—or so he thinks, until Brianna tempts him to fight for her love.

The Bride Quest 1 Boxed Set by Claire DelacroixIn The Damsel, Burke returns to Ireland in the hope of claiming the hand of Alys, the beauty who haunts his dreams. Consigned to the custody of her cruel relatives, Alys has lost hope in any happiness, but Burke lays siege to her assumptions with resolve, restoring both her faith and her love. But when the secrets of the past threaten the couple’s future, will their love be enough to defend them?

In The Heiress, Rowan takes his brothers’ challenge and vows to win the hand of the richest heiress in Ireland. There is no place for love in this charming rogue’s heart—until he finds himself buying a beautiful slave girl, one who provokes him into reconsidering all he knows to be true, and daring him to win her heart, if he can.

This digital boxed set includes all three medieval romances in the original Bride Quest trilogy: The Princess, The Damsel and The Heiress.


Get your copy of The Bride Quest I Boxed Set at:

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The Bride Quest continues with The Countess.



The Heiress New Edition

The Heiress, book #3 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixNo woman can resist the charms of Rowan de Montvieux. But the dashing rogue is in no hurry to marry—until his family dares him to find a bride…or risk losing his inheritance. So Rowan sets out on a Bride Quest, vowing to wed only The Heiress.

But his journey is interrupted when a slave merchant offers to sell him a ragged peasant girl who carries herself like a queen. Intrigued and never imagining she is the sought-after Bronwyn of Ballyroyal, an heiress in disguise, Rowan buys her, offering her his protection if she will lead him to the bride he seeks.

Never has he met a woman so proud, so beautiful, so defiant. He suspects she is no commoner and vows to uncover her secrets and melt her fiery resolve. But the perilous voyage to Ireland kindles passions that risk both their lives, as the slave girl who would not be mastered slowly takes possession of his wary heart.


“This twelfth century romance is as good as they come!”
The Dallas Morning News

USA Today Bestseller


Get your copy today:
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October Signed Book Giveaway

Last month’s print book giveaway was for a signed copy of Addicted to Love, which is book #2 of my Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances, and Kyle and Lauren’s story. Our winner was Laura.

The Heiress, book #3 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixTo celebrate the publication of The Heiress in a new edition, this month’s prize is a signed trade paperback copy of Rowan and Bronwyn’s story.

Do you like bad boy heroes? Just in books or in real life, too? If so, tell me why – if not, tell me why. 🙂

Comment on this post for your chance to win a signed trade paperback copy of this book.

The contest is open to readers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland.

Edited to add – our winner is Shannon! I loved reading that she’d won the heart of a bad boy…and kept it! Congrats to Shannon and thanks to everyone for playing along.

A Berry Merry Christmas Available Today

This is a sweet holiday romance and romantic comedy which was originally published under my pseudonym Claire Cross. It’s just 99 cents right now through the end of September, but will be $2.99US in October. It’s a novella.

A Berry Merry Christmas, a Christmas romance novella by Deborah Cooke

A mysterious nanny has a special message to deliver to a young orphan and her uncle who long to feel the joy of Christmas in their hearts again—but it’s Drew and Natalie who make Holly’s secret dream come true.


Buy A Berry Merry Christmas now:

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The Damsel New Edition

The Damsel, book #2 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixOnce upon a time, the legendary knight Burke Fitzgavin galloped into Kiltorren Castle and fell in love with Alys, the lord’s orphaned niece. But her uncle was determined that Burke marry one of his homely daughters instead. Through tricks and lies, Burke was sent away believing that Alys wanted nothing of his heart.

Pledged to a Bride Quest, Burke has vowed not to return home until he finds his long-lost love. He returns to Kiltorren to discover that the fiery young innocent has become a woman, a servant on her uncle’s estate. Paying penance for Burke’s long-ago embrace, she wants nothing to do with him. Burke knows he must earn her trust again.

Even as he slowly rekindles her desire, Alys’ family attempts to thwart their romance—determined that Alys should not marry before her cousins do. But Burke is a warrior and this battle to win the hand and the heart of his one true love will be his greatest challenge ever…

“A gem of a book!”

USA Today Bestseller

1999 Best Historical Romance in a Series
Romantic Times

Buy The Damsel today (the GooglePlay link is processing):
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