F5F Boxed Sets

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 1, including the first three contemporary romances in the series by Deborah Cooke

Straight out of college, five friends launched a fitness club together, hoping to make it the hottest spot to work out in Manhattan. Ten years later, they’ve succeeded beyond their hopes, partly because of a rumor among the membership that F5F is the place to fall in love. The founding partners have been immune, at least so far.

In Just One Fake Date, Tyler needs a fake date to his sister’s wedding to keep interfering relatives in their lane. He’s surprised when Shannyn, a classmate from college, offers him an unexpected deal. But one night with Shannyn isn’t nearly enough for Tyler—can he convince her to make their relationship a real one?

In Just One More Time, Lauren calls Kyle when she finds herself single again and in need of satisfaction. She knows Kyle isn’t interested in commitment, but not that Kyle considers her to be off-limits. In fact, Kyle fell for Lauren years before—which means he can’t turn her down. But can he convince her to take a second chance on love?

In Just One Night Together, Haley is fascinated by the powerful man who comes to visit his mom at the hospital, and not just because of his gift with therapeutic massage. The curious nurse asks for a lesson and gets a whole lot more from this former soldier. Can Haley provide the healing touch Damon needs to believe in the future again?

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 1 includes the first three books in the series: Just One Fake Date (Tyler and Shannyn), Just One More Time (Kyle and Lauren) and Just One Night Together (Damon and Haley). Come to the hottest fitness club in Manhattan and fall in love!

Coming December 28, 2021.

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Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 2, including books 4 to 6 of the contemporary romance series by Deborah Cooke

In the Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 2, two more partners in the successful Manhattan fitness club fall in love, and heal from the wounds of the past. Plus there are weddings and a baby!

In Just One Hometown Hero, Cassie returns to the town she couldn’t wait to leave and makes up for lost opportunity with her high school crush and bad boy, Reid. Reid can’t resist an invitation from the woman who was always off-limits and soon Cassie wants more than a weekend—but Reid doesn’t believe in forever anymore. Can Cassie change his mind?.

In the novella, Two Wedding & A Baby, the team from F5F gather to celebrate new partnerships. Cassie and Reid’s wedding is interrupted by an early arrival, then Haley and Damon launch their future together.

In Just One Second Chance, Theo decides to move on and forget the one who got away. Just as he steps up to challenge Kyle in a contest between the east and west coast clubs, Lyssa reappears in his life, bringing the complications and passion that has haunted him for years. Can they make their second chance work or will the revelation of Lyssa’s secrets make a future together impossible?

The Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 2 includes the next three stories in the series: Just One Hometown Hero (Cassie and Reid), Two Weddings and a Baby, and Just One Second Chance (Theo and Lyssa). Return to Flatiron Five Fitness for three more heartfelt and steamy contemporary romances!

Coming in June 2022.

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3, including books 7 - 10 of the contemporary romance series by Deborah Cooke

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3 includes the final four books in the series: Just Home for the Holidays (Hunter and Chloe), Just One Silver Fox (Jacquie and Pierce), Just the Wrong Twin (Sonia and Nate) and When Annika Met Thom.

Coming in December 2022