DragonFate Characters

The Pyr

Alasdair MacEwan – Alasdair is the cousin of Hadrian and first appears in Dragon’s Kiss. He is hematite and silver in his dragon form; in his human form, he has auburn hair and green eyes. Alasdair lives in Inverness and has a Scottish accent: he researches ancient sites and monuments as a freelance historian and explorer. In Dragon’s Heart, he’s taken captive by Maeve and she rummages through his thoughts, leaving him incoherent. In Dragon’s Mate, Alasdair shows his ability as a fog dragon to illustrate stories as he tells them.

Arach Knight – Arach first appeared in Firestorm Forever, when he was one of the group of Pyr who helped to rescue Drake’s mate, Veronica, from the Slayers then defended her and her son, Timmy. He is aquamarine and silver in his dragon form; in human form, he has dark hair and silver-blue eyes. He has apprenticed to Lorenzo to master the art of beguiling and lives in Las Vegas, where Lorenzo has returned to launch a new show. In Dragon’s Mate, Arach’s firestorm sparks with Wynter Olson, a wolf-shifter from Alaska but she’s not impressed.

Balthasar Marino – Balthasar is one of the Pyr who appeared at Erik’s lair at the end of Kiss of Destiny, although he is not named in that story. He is citrine and gold in his dragon form; in his human form, he has dark hair and blue eyes. His affinities are to water and fire, like that of the Apothecary, and he has been mentored by Sloane Forbes in the healing arts. Balthasar has a sailboat and travels constantly: he is often out of touch, seeking new plants and cures. In Dragon’s Heart, he helps Rhys to take over Nereus’ ship. In Dragon’s Mate, he returns to the UK with Hadrian and Alasdair to watch Alasdair’s injury, and leads a foray into Fae.

Donovan Shea – Warrior of the Pyr, Donovan played a role throughout the Dragonfire Novels. He is lapis lazuli and gold in his dragon form and his story is Kiss of Fury. Donovan has a close relationship with Rafferty and steps up (along with Alex, his mate, and their two sons, Nick and Darcy) with Marco to help with the Seven Thieves in Dragon’s Heart.

Drake Stephanos – leader of the Dragon Legion. Drake first appeared with the Dragon’s Tooth Warriors in Kiss of Fate, although he wasn’t named there. He starred in Harmonia’s Kiss, when he led his company of cursed warriors into the past, and had his second firestorm in Firestorm Forever. He remains the leader of this younger group of Pyr, descendants of his original company, and has a cameo role in DragonFate. He is a security consultant and lives in Virginia with his mate, Veronica, her son Timmy and their son, Eric.

Dragon's Mate, book four of the DragonFate Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Hadrian MacEwan – Hadrian was one of the six Pyr who saved and later defended Drake’s mate, Veronica, in Firestorm Forever. He is emerald and silver in his dragon form; in his human form, he has auburn hair and brown eyes. He is the cousin of Alasdair and lives in northern England where he works as an artisan blacksmith – he has mentored with Quinn. In Dragon’s Heart, he’s injured and visited by a beautiful maiden who kisses his cheek—Lila later calls this a kiss of death. Th swan maiden returns to finish her assassination and their firestorm sparks – but Hadrian doesn’t find it easy to win Rania’s heart. Hadrian and Rania’s story is told in Dragon’s Mate.

Erik Sorensson – leader of the Pyr. Erik was introduced in Kiss of Fire and had his firestorm in Kiss of Fate. He has a cameo role in the DragonFate series. Erik is onyx and silver in his dragon form (although sometimes described as black and pewter); in his human form, he has dark hair with silver at his temples and green eyes. He does custom pyrotechnics displays and lives in Chicago with his mate, Eileen, and their daughter, Zoë.

Kade O’Malley – Kade was first named in Firestorm Forever, when he was one of the Pyr who saved and later defended Drake’s mate, Veronica, and her son, Timmy. He felt unappreciated at the end of that book, yet was singled out by Maeve to receive a stylus with the power to open doors to the realm of the Fae. Kade is amber and gold in his dragon form, and has dark hair and amber eyes in his human form.

Dragon's Kiss, book two of the DragonFate novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Kristofer Anderson – Kristofer was one of the six Pyr who helped to save Drake’s mate Veronica in Firestorm Forever, and subsequently to defend her and her son. (The other five were Arach, Reed (who was killed in the line of duty), Rhys, Hadrian and Theo.) Kristofer is peridot and gold in his dragon form; in his human form, he is tall, blond and blue-eyed. He is a stonemason and lives in Vermont. He was born in Norway. His story is told in Dragon’s Kiss.

Marco (Marcus Maximus or the Sleeper)—Enchanted by Pwyll for his own protection, Marco awakened in Darkfire Kiss and had his own firestorm in Firestorm Forever. In Dragon’s Heart, he joins Donovan to help with the Seven Thieves as a favor to Rafferty, accompanied by his mate Jac and their three sons.

Niall Talbot – the Dreamwalker of the Pyr. Niall’s story is told in Whisper Kiss, but he joins the new series in Maeve’s Book of Beasts, along with his mate Rox, when Rox gives Theo a new tattoo. Niall lives in Manhattan with Rox and their two sets of twin boys – Theo sublets Rox’s old apartment, where she painted dragon murals on the walls. In Dragon’s Heart, Niall tries to heal Alasdair.

Notus—Hadrian’s father, the cousin of Boreus, mate of Argenta, he was amber and gold in his dragon form with trailing red feathers. Notus sparked the 1807 war between Pyr and Slayers with his feud against the Slayer, Olaf—Olaf tried to steal Boreus’ mate, Miranda, but Notus defended his cousin’s firestorm. His story is included in Dragon’s Mate.

Rafferty Powell – grandson of the Cantor of the Pyr, Rafferty was introduced in Kiss of Fire and had his own firestorm in Darkfire Kiss. Rafferty is opal and gold in his dragon form: in his human form, he has long dark hair and dark eyes. He is the Pyr who argues for romance and a permanent bond with a destined mate. Rafferty owns an antique shop and lives in London with his mate, Melissa, and their adopted daughter, Isabelle. He appears in Dragon’s Kiss because he has been a mentor to Kristofer: they share an affinity with the element of earth. In Dragon’s Heart, he takes responsibility for the Seven Thieves. In Dragon’s Mate, he appears to Rania as a salamander, and guides her to safely dispose of the kiss of death.

The Seven Thieves—a group of Pyr who tried to destroy Blazion around 500 AD and were put into an enchanted sleep in Blazion’s lair beneath Edinburgh Castle instead. They are awakened in Dragon’s Kiss and Rafferty takes responsibility for them. Many of them are related to Rafferty, although their survival was unknown for fifteen hundred years. They are Malduc, Emyas, Garth, Raynald, Evrain, Bedwyr and Roderick. There were originally eight in the company—Uther, the eighth member and leader of the quest, reappears in Dragon’s Heart. In Dragon’s Mate, their quest is completed, though only Garrett and Isabelle witness their departure – by the next morning, the Pyr and their mates are beginning to forget about the seven thieves.

Dragon's Heart, book three of the DragonFate Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Rhys Lewis – one of the Pyr who helped to save and defend Veronica in Firestorm Forever. Rhys is a professional chef who owns his own restaurant and is known to be a perfectionist by his fellow Pyr. He is garnet and silver in his dragon form, with dark hair and dark eyes in his human form. His mate is a selkie named Lila. Rhys and Lila’s story is told in Dragon’s Heart.

Theo Stephens – descendant of Drake, Theo first appeared in Kiss of Danger when he led the descendants of the Dragon Legion to Drake to offer their service to the Pyr in the battle against the Slayers. He is carnelian and gold in his dragon form, and has dark hair and dark eyes in his human form. He is the informal leader of the younger group featured in DragonFate. Theo is moving to New York City, intending to rent the apartment owned by Rox which is painted with dragon murals, and teaches self-defense classes. In Dragon’s Kiss, he follows Kristofer into Fae and doesn’t return. The Pyr have a glimpse of him in Dragon’s Heart but he turns back for Mel and remains trapped in Fae. In Dragon’s Mate, he returns to the mortal realm.

Thorolf—a large and ancient Pyr, originally reluctant to master his powers, who loves a good fight and apprenticed to Niall in Whisper Kiss. Once a bike courier in Manhattan, he has many tattoos and blond dreadlocks—he is moonstone and silver in his dragon form. Thorolf had his firestorm in Serpent’s Kiss and his mate, Chandra, is pregnant with their second child when he arrives back in New York in Dragon’s Heart. They move into Rox’s old apartment since Theo is still trapped in Fae and Thorolf participates in the attack on the Fae in Dragon’s Mate.

The Others

Adrian – a vampire and member of the Coven of Mercy. He is said to hear the anguish of broken children and is mentioned in Coven of Mercy.

Augustine – a vampire and member of the Coven of Mercy who hunts where there are outbreaks of plague.

Bella – a vampire and member of the Coven of Mercy. Bella is blond and petite, and looks like a teenager. She pretends to be young and foolish when she hunts human sexual predators, as she does in Maeve’s Book of Beasts. Sebastian has known her for almost five hundred years. Her black and pink Hello Kitty bag is already gaining a life of its own. Bella is first mentioned in Coven of Mercy.

Beatrice – a vampire and member of the Coven of Mercy. Beatrice is sensitive to victims of abuse because of her own history. She is mentioned in Coven of Mercy.

Blazion – one of the twin princes of Incendium accompanied to earth by Eithne. He was killed by Siegfried with Brianna’s help, as we learn in Dragon’s Kiss.

Brianna (Bree) – a Valkyrie who agrees to pose as a fake mate to lure a Pyr into the realm of Fae in exchange for the release of her sister, Kara, in Dragon’s Kiss. She shared her knowledge once with Siegfried to help him slay a dragon, and hates all dragons. Kristofer feels and follows the light of the firestorm to the woman he sees as his awesome and kick-butt mate, and steadily erodes her assumptions. Bree works as a mortuary assistant in her human guise, and is tall with auburn hair. She’s a loner with centuries of secrets – including her original name, Sigrdrifa – and is surprised when Kristofer steadily uncovers them all.

Caleb Davison – a wolf shifter and alpha of the Lucans. Caleb has silver hair and is a silver wolf in his other form. He has one silver eye and one blue one, and limps slightly in his human form. He moves into unit 2F at Eithne’s townhouse in Gramercy Park in Maeve’s Book of Beasts, saying he has a dog named Loki (but no one ever sees him and the dog together.) He works as a security guard at the Circus of Wonders.

Kraw's Secret, a short story and #3.5 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Eithne – a witch from Regalia who was entrusted by Narkam to watch over the twin princes from Incendium (Embron and Blazion) who had been condemned to death by their brother, King Flammos. This story is told in Kraw’s Secret. Eithne has guarded Embron since Blazion’s death: she brought the stone sarcophagus in which he was sleeping, to New York in the 19th century and placed it in the cellar of her brownstone in Gramercy Park. Eithne is ageless, tall and slender with silver hair, and first appears in Maeve’s Book of Beasts where she is introduced as Sylvia’s aunt. At the end of that story, Eithne awakens Embron. She travels to Edinburgh with him in Dragon’s Kiss and dies in Dragon’s Heart after explaining the history of magick to the Pyr.

Embron – the second of the twin dragon princes from Incendium who were accompanied to earth by Eithne. Embron has slept since Blazion’s death, protected by Eithne, but she awakens him in Maeve’s Book of Beasts. In human form, he is tall, handsome and charming, with green eyes, an aquiline nose and a regal bearing. In dragon form, he is black, both larger and more primitive-looking than the modern Pyr. He dies in Fae in Dragon’s Heart and his magick is released by Uther and the darkfire.

Ignatius – a vampire and member of the Coven of Mercy who favors war zones.

Kara – a waitress at Bones and one of the last two Valkyries still active in this sphere. Brianna calls her “sister” and Sylvia sees her “aura” as a raven. Kara is introduced in Maeve’s Book of Beasts and her call for help from Fae is what draws Brianna into that realm in Dragon’s Kiss.

Lila (Dr. Lila Isbister) – a selkie with the power to heal. She can see auras, which aid in her diagnosis of injuries and illnesses. Lila has dark hair and dark eyes, is tall and slender, and has a Scottish accent. Lila and Rhys’ story is told in Dragon’s Heart. Lila recounts the history of the gem of the hoard and the Isle of the Blessed, with its thirteen kinds (selkies, the mer, centaurs, unicorns, medusas, pegasus, minotaurs, griffins, satyrs, chimeras, basilisks, phoenix and aqrabuamelu) most of which have been hunted to extinction by Maeve.

Lucinda – a vampire and member of the Coven of Mercy. She is said to share her kiss with the old and infirm and is mentioned in Coven of Mercy.

An Elegy for Melusine: A Medieval Fairy Tale by Claire Delacroix

Melusine de Lusignan (Mel) – a Fae half-breed cursed by Maeve 900 years ago to shapeshift once a week: every Sunday, Mel’s legs change into a serpent’s tail. She hides for this transformation, retreating to her bath. The curse can be broken by her winning the true love of a mortal man. She was married to Raymond in the Middle Ages, who vowed never to look at her while she bathed but broke his promise. Now he haunts her, trying to make it right, and interfering in any new relationship she tries to establish. She uses him, though, when Maeve summons her for an interrogation, shoving her memory into Raymond so Maeve can’t discover what treason Mel’s been plotting. She’s small with dark hair in this series, tends bar at Bones and lives in an apartment rumored to contain a portal to Fae. Melusine and Raymond’s story is told in An Elegy for Melusine.

Coven of Mercy, a short story and vampire romance by Deborah Cooke

Micah – a vampire and leader of the Coven of Mercy. To his thinking, vampires should prey upon the sick and the weak. He has dark hair and dark eyes and a soothing presence. Mortals can only see him when they are about to die, but Sylvia is an exception. We first meet Micah in the short story, Coven of Mercy.

Murray – the owner of Bones, the bar in Hell’s Kitchen that the Others use as a meeting place. Murray is short and stocky with lots of tattoos and even more attitude. He’s a dwarf and inclined to be solitary – he joined forces with the Others because the love of his life, the last mermaid, was killed by Maeve. Murray first appears in Maeve’s Book of Beasts. In Dragon’s Heart, we learn that the mermaid’s name was Sheila and that she was a friend of Lila’s. Murray joins the attack on Fae in Dragon’s Mate.

Nereus – a selkie and King Under the Seas, he is pale with a flowing white beard and long fair hair. He has a silver trident that can cause earthquakes and a fondness for ensuring that all female selkies are pregnant, and thus ensuring the future of their kind. He appears in Dragon’s Heart.

Nyssa Macleod – a selkie and friend of Lila Isbister who first appears in Dragon’s Heart. Nyssa’s partner, Aquinas, was killed at Maeve’s command in 2018 and their three daughters, Melita, Galena and Ondine, were killed in 2019. Rhys and Lila speculate this is why she joined the Others to fight against Maeve. In Dragon’s Heart, Nyssa conceives the child of Nereus, the King Under the Seas, and by the end of the book, she is herself Queen Under the Seas.

Petronella – a vampire and member of the Coven of Mercy who hunts in areas experiencing famine.

Rania Hingston – a swan maiden in the service of Maeve at the beginning of Dragon’s Mate. Surrendered to the Dark Queen as a tithe when she was born, she is Maeve’s assassin. She has stalked and killed twelve victims when Hadrian is supposed to be her thirteenth when their firestorm sparks – Maeve has made a deal with Rania to release her and her twelve enchanted brothers with the thirteen kills, but (of course) has no intention of keeping her word. Rania and Hadrian’s story is told in Dragon’s Mate.

Raymond de Lusignan – a medieval knight and a ghost with regrets. Raymond haunts his beloved Melusine, wishing he could undo his betrayal of her—and doing his best to keep her from finding a new love. He can only be seen by Mel, the target of his regrets. Melusine and Raymond’s story is told in An Elegy for Melusine.

Rosanna – ringleader and ticket seller at the Circus of Wonders and a demon.

Rosemary Taylor – a former oncologist, now vampire and the partner of Micah. Rosemary has long blond hair which she wears loose for Micah. She was turned by him in Coven of Mercy after she diagnosed herself with cancer. A loner since the death of her own parents, Rosemary was also estranged from her brother, Rick, since her mother’s death.

Sebastian – a vampire and reluctant member of the Coven of Mercy, called “the watcher” by Mel in Maeve’s Book of Beasts. Sebastian has trust issues and prefers solitude. His sole reason for cooperating is to retrieve the key to his sanctuary, which is the only lock he can’t pick (thanks to a Fae spell). He defends both Sylvia and the book at Micah’s command, and finds Sylvia enticing. In Dragon’s Mate, Maeve makes Sebastian the proverbial offer that he can’t refuse – but does he?

Sheila – the last mermaid, lover of Murray and friend of Lila, eliminated by Maeve in 2013.

Ulrik – a swan shifter and prince, and the father of Rania. He appears in Dragon’s Mate.

Wynter Olson – sister of Kirk, the alpha of the Alaskan pack, who was killed in the Fae attack in Dragon’s Mate. Wynter is the only surviving wolf shifter from that pack and leads the bereaved mates to New York to demand vengeance. At Bones, her firestorm sparks with Arach Knight. She accuses the Pyr of having made a deal with Maeve to ensure their own survival and takes Arach hostage. Wynter has short dark hair and grey-blue eyes: she becomes an arctic wolf when she shifts.

Yasmina – a djinn and a healer, whose magick was stolen by Maeve, leaving her without the ability to heal her kind. She has dark hair and dark eyes, and Alasdair thinks her beautiful when she appears in Dragon’s Mate. She offers to try to heal him.

The Fae

Bryant – a Fae warrior who is a devoted servant to Maeve, and works as her cameraman in the human realm. He’s cheerful, tall, buff, and has blond hair and blue eyes.

Maeve, Queen of the Fae – Maeve was tutored in the magickal arts by Eithne the witch before her skills surpassed those of her teacher. She has a human identity as Maeve O’Neill, a reporter, and works out of Philadelphia. She also has a townhouse in Dublin where she keeps her trophies of extinct species. Her quest is to eliminate all those species she considers to be abominations because they are neither mortal humans or immortal Fae. Maeve’s Book of Beasts is her inventory of the survivors and a To Do list. Maeve appeared first in Firestorm Forever, where she seduced and enlisted Jorge the Slayer, then gave Kade a stylus that opens a portal to Fae. Maeve can read minds.

The Humans

Abigail – the housekeeper at the big house, who used to take care of the swans when there were captive ones there. She appears in Dragon’s Mate.

Argenta – Notus’ mate and Hadrian’s mother, she could spin ice into silver. Her older sister, Dora, could spin straw into gold. Her story is told in Dragon’s Mate.

Carlos – the tenant who abruptly moved out of 2F of Eithne’s townhouse in Gramercy Park, complaining of a ghost. Eithne insists no one has ever died there. Caleb rents the empty unit.

Celeste – the nosy widow who is a tenant in 4F of Eithne’s townhouse in Gramercy Park.

Darian – the blacksmith who befriended Notus, husband of Loreena. He was trapped in Fae for 25 years and subsequently raised Hadrian, until Boreus came to teach Hadrian about being Pyr. His story is told in Dragon’s Mate.

Edred – the oldest of Rania’s twelve brothers. He and the eleven others are cursed to take the shape of swans, until Rania and Hadrian break the curse and they become mortal men again. The other brothers are Cnut, Oswy, Betlic, Athelstan, Sherard, Willan, Gimm, Modig, Isen, Deman, and Trymman. Their story is told in Dragon’s Mate.

Eliza – the textile artist who is a tenant in 4B of Eithne’s townhouse in Gramercy Park, the unit said to be haunted by a ghost. Sylvia knows Eliza is home when she can hear the sound of her sewing machine and/or National Public Radio in her apartment.

Emily – Sylvia’s best friend who takes her to Bones for her birthday in Maeve’s Book of Beasts. Emily is the opposite of Sylvia – adventurous, talkative, impulsive, outgoing – and works as an assistant to the reporter Maeve O’Neill. She is married to Mike and lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with him and the five kids they have between them.

Ethan – the student and day trader who is a tenant in 3F of Eithne’s townhouse in Gramercy Park. He wears headphones as he works and sings along, off-key.

Kylie Tate – Lila’s descendant who draws people from her dreams, including Lila, her former husband, Malcolm, and their son, Thomas. Lila and Rhys meet her in Dragon’s Heart.

Loreena – the silversmith who Notus met in Fae and helped to free. She worked the silver spun by Argenta into weapons for the Fae. She married Darian after their escape. Her story is told in Dragon’s Mate.

Lynsay Barnes – a former girlfriend of Hadrian who runs the local pub. She appears in Dragon’s Mate, has a discussion with Sebastian and finds a connection with Trymman. She has long red hair.

Miranda – Boreus’ mate and Alasdair’s mother. She’s mentioned in Dragon’s Mate.

Nolan – Sylvia’s ex-boyfriend, who broke her heart. Emily hated him.

Rachel – the tenant in 2B of Eithne’s townhouse in Gramercy Park. She plays piano and practices frequently.

Sonia – the tenant in 3B of Eithne’s townhouse in Gramercy Park. Sonja works at the Flatiron Five fitness club, and practices yoga, knits and listens to audiobooks while home. Her story is told in the contemporary romance, Just the Wrong Twin.

Sylvia Fontaine – the librarian and custodian of the book stolen from Maeve. Sylvia makes her first appearance in Maeve’s Book of Beasts. She has the ability (unexpected by the Others) to see through glamours and disguises: not only can Sylvia see the truth of the book and read it, but she identifies the true nature of the Others. She lives on the fifth floor of the townhouse in Gramercy Park owned by her aunt Eithne, works in the archives at the library, and avoids dating. Meeting the vampire Sebastian sends her thoughts straight to the gutter – even though she knows that getting involved with him will be a bad idea, she finds him irresistible and annoying, and he’s her defender. She learns in Dragon’s Heart that she’s not Eithne’s niece although she was orphaned and adopted. Eithne insists Sylvia is her heir before she dies. In Dragon’s Mate, Sylvia learns more about Sebastian’s past and decides to take a risk.

Trymman – the youngest of Rania’s brothers and the one raised in solitude by their mother. He knows all the stories of their kind and era: when the curse is broken and he takes his human form again, he asks for a job at Lynsay’s pub. His story is part of Dragon’s Mate.