Dragonfire Chronicles

The Dragonfire Chronicles is a series of standalone books set in the world of Dragonfire. These stories fill in some of the gaps in the stories of the Pyr. They don’t have to be read in order, but they should be read after the Dragonfire Novels. Many of them are set in the past – historical Dragonfire! – and some include time travel. Because it’s an open-ended series, I have no firm idea of how many books there will ultimately be in the series.

First of these books is Kiss of Enchantment: Orion is one of the Dragon’s Tooth Warriors and a follower of Drake. That company were cast through time by the darkfire crystal and renamed themselves the Dragon Legion. In Kiss of Darkness, Orion left his fellows to follow the spark of his firestorm. Kiss of Enchantment is the story of Orion’s firestorm and is set in Italy in 1972.