Paranormal Romance

Although many of my books have a touch of magic, here you’ll find all of my paranormal and fantasy romances. My first PNR series was Dragonfire, so that’s a good place to start. Within each series, the books should be read in order since there’s always a story arc over the entire series.

There’s also a link here for the landing page with my paranormal romance boxed sets. The series-based boxed sets live on the appropriate series pages: these are trope-based or first-in-series bundles that include a combination of books from different series.

Right now, these links will take you to my DragonfireNovels website, but in 2022, all the books will be moving back here.


The Dragon Diaries


The Prometheus Project

The Dragons of Incendium

PNR Boxed Sets

In terms of reading order, the easiest choice would be to read each series in the order they’re listed here. It’s not quite the order in which they were written, though, and because my paranormal romances are all set in the same fictional world, over time, there are more intersections between series. On the landing page for each series, I’ll talk about how it fits in with my other series.

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