Don’t Be Fooled #2

My Lady's Desire by Claire Delacroix in German January 2017 edition

This week, Harlequin has published a German edition of one of my books. You can see it at left. They have the right to do this, and that’s not my concern. What troubles me is that it looks like a new book, but it’s not.

This book is a German translation of My Lady’s Desire, which was originally published in English in May 1998.

The book was already translated and published in the German market in 2001.

My Lady's Desire, book #3 of the Sayerne trilogy of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, German edition

The previous German cover is on the right.

The two editions aren’t linked on – which is what usually happens when there’s a new edition of a previously published title.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking this is an entirely new book.

The original English edition of My Lady’s Desire, btw, had a lovely cover illustration by Judy York, as shown below. Judy’s artwork was used in several other markets, too, but not Germany.

My Lady's Desire, book #3 of the Sayerne trilogy of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix ClaireDelacroix_MyLadysDesireIT1 My Lady's Desire, book #3 of the Sayerne trilogy of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, first Japanese edition

New Paperback Editions

The Renegade's Heart, book #1 of the True Love Brides Series of Scottish medieval romances, by Claire DelacroixOne of the interesting things about indie publishing is that there are lots of experiments an author can try. Some work and some don’t, but having the option (and seeing the possibilities) is pretty exciting. So, this post is about an experiment that didn’t work, but two new options that just might. 🙂

When I originally started indie-publishing my titles, I made print editions available through Createspace, which is an Amazon company. That meant the print issues were listed for sale on the Amazon website. Theoretically, since I’d chosen the Extended Distribution option, they were available for other bookstores to order, but a lot of bookstores don’t like to order anything from Amazon.

The Highlander's Curse, book #2 of the True Love Brides series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixSo, a few years ago, I made my print editions available through Ingrams as well as Createspace. This meant some tweaking to the files – the covers need to be adjusted because the interior paper is a different thickness – but was a good thing. Print editions of my books were available to libraries and also at chains other than Amazon. The less-good thing was that the cost of all that extra distribution makes the book prices a bit higher. My books are still all available from Ingrams, because I think wide distribution is a good thing, but I’m always looking for ways to get you a better deal.

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixAbout a year and a half ago, I spoke to a publishing company that had a lot of ideas for improving distribution for print titles. I met with them at a conference to continue our discussion, and ultimately decided to license my two newest Claire Delacroix series to them in print. They took over the print distribution of The True Love Brides series and of The Champions of St. Euphemia series. Two of the Champions titles were only ever published through this company.

Companies change, employees leave and some experiments just don’t work out that well – like this one. This company and I agreed to part ways in December 2016, and control of the print editions of those books has returned to me. They are still distributed through Ingrams, but a very cool thing happened last summer—both Amazon and B&N created portals to publish print books directly through them. The Amazon option is a lot like the older Amazon option (Createspace) but I like that everything is tracked in one place when I publish through KDP. The B&N option means that B&N stores can more easily order stock of books. Both portals allow for better pricing on the books, because the distribution is exclusive to each company and not wide.

Simply Irresistible, a contemporary romance by Deborah Cooke and first in the Flatiron Five series.The first book I pushed through these two new portals was Simply Irresistible, which is also available through Ingrams. The cover designer has to do some modifications for the cover spine, but it’s a pretty easy process. So far this month, I’ve published The True Love Brides series through both of these portals—it means that the retail price is lower for the print titles at both portals. The Ingrams distribution ensures that the titles are available beyond Amazon and B&N.

The Warrior's Prize, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix and book #4 in the True Love Brides SeriesWe’re trying to work out one glitch at Amazon with The Warrior’s Prize, but I expect that will be resolved shortly. The other three books in the series are available at Amazon in print and all four are listed at B&N—you’ll know which are the new editions because the retail price is $9.99 or $10.99US instead of $14.99 or more.

Next, I’ll be publishing print editions of the  Champions of St. Euphemia series through these two portals.

Since I now have the rights back, I’ll do a Collectors’ Edition of The True Love Brides series later this year, with all of the books in a single hardcover volume. (I don’t think I can do one for The Champions of St. Euphemia – with five books in the series, the page count will exceed the maximum. I’m thinking about that puzzle, though!)

Review for The Warrior’s Prize

The Warrior's Prize, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix and book #4 in the True Love Brides SeriesEileen (Booktalk with Eileen) has posted a wonderful review of The Warrior’s Prize. She reviewed the audiobook edition, which was narrated by Saskia Maarleveld.

Here’s part of the review:
“I could not put this listen down, truth be known.  It was highly suspenseful, layered with themes Malcolm, Elizabeth, and Raphael are struggling with — the meaning of honor, how a person’s character drives choices made, and how events change how life is perceived. It also highlights the angst a person deals with in changing who they are, and accepting the challenge to be better.”

Read the rest of the review on Eileen’s blog.

You can buy The Warrior’s Prize at these portals:
Buy Signed Print Book from Deborah Buy at iBooks Buy at Buy at Barnes&Noble Buy at GooglePlay Buy at Kobo Buy at Buy at Chapters Indigo Buy at Buy at The Book Depository Buy at IndieBound Buy at Buy at Overdrive Buy at Walmart

Listen to a sample of the audio edition:

Buy at Audible Buy at iBooks Buy at



Something Wicked This Way Comes

Spellbound, a Regency romance anthology by Claire Delacroix, Jane Charles and Claudia DainLast fall, my Regency romance novella, Something Wicked This Way Comes was published in the Spellbound anthology, which is part of The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor Collection.

On March 22, Something Wicked This Way Comes will be available in a digital edition all by itself.

It’s also the first story in my Brides of North Barrows series. The series will continue with Daphne’s story, coming this fall.

Here’s the new cover!

Something Wicked This Way Comes, a Regency romance novella by Claire Delacroix and #1 of the Brides of North BarrowsSeven years ago, Sophia Brisbane lost everything—her father, her brother, her family fortune—but worse, was rejected by the man she loved. She’s determined not to yearn for the past and its pleasures—until she encounters Lucien de Roye again. Although he knew Sophia could never be his own, Lucien vowed to retrieve her squandered inheritance—even wagering his very soul to a demon. When Sophia learns what he has done, no force on heaven or earth will convince her to let him pay the demon’s due, no matter what the cost to herself.

Something Wicked This Way Comes will be published in a digital edition on March 22, 2017. Pre-order is available at some portals (B&N link will be up soon) Spellbound and the other Haunting of Castle Keyvnor anthologies remain available, too.

Order Something Wicked This Way Comes Now!

Buy at iBooks Buy at Buy at Kobo Buy at Buy at Buy at

Read an excerpt from Something Wicked This Way Comes, or download the prologue free from my online store in either EPUB or MOBI.

Kinfairlie Knights Promotion

On Sunday, I had a BookBub ad for my Kinfairlie Knights boxed set of medieval Scottish romances. Today, let’s look at the results. (I hope you find this as interesting as I do.)

Overall, this promotion was pretty amazing.

At Amazon US, Kinfairlie Knights reached #129 overall paid in the Kindle store, as well as #1 in Medieval Historical Romance and #1 in Scottish Historical Romance. Just as with the list for Wyvern’s Mate, there are a lot of Kindle Unlimited titles, but this time, they all seem to be the kind of books I’d expect to find in the bestseller list for the category.

Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017

















At At Amazon UK, my bundle rose to #656 overall paid  in the Kindle store, as well as #2 in the Scottish Historical romance and #2 in the Medieval Historical romance categories. Let’s look at my list neighbours there:

Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon UK January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon UK January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon UK January 9, 2017

At Amazon CA, Kinfairlie Knights rose to #22 overall paid in the Kindle store (wow!), as well as #1 in Scottish Historical romance, #1 in Medieval Historical romance and – a surprise ranking – #1 in Supernatural Mystery. Maybe that’s because The Rogue is a Gothic romance with suspense elements, and The Renegade’s Heart has paranormal elements.
Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon CA January 9, 2017Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon CA January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon CA January 9, 2017

At Amazon AU, the rankings were different again. The book rose to #58 overall paid in the Kindle store, and #2 on the Historical Romance list. (Yay!)
Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon AU 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon AU January 9, 2017

I was pretty much shocked when I visited B&N to find Kinfairlie Knights sitting on the index page for the Nook store, at #4 overall! That’s fabulous!

Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017

I dug in a bit more to that, because it’s good news. Here’s the same data displayed on the B&N Top 100 Nook books page:

Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017

You might have noticed that #1-#3 aren’t romances, so it’s not a huge surprise that my book was at #1 in the romance section. Hi, Nora!Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017

And there’s Kinfairlie Knights again, at #1 in the Historical Romance section at Nook. Nice company there. 🙂

Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017


Next, I went to Kobo to check on results there, and found more good news – #1 in Historical romance and #1 in Paranormal romance.
Kinfairlie Knights at Kobo January 9, 2017

I hopped into those two bestseller lists to check out my company – I don’t know Lecia but we sure were neighbours on historical romance lists this past weekend.

Kinfairlie Knights at Kobo January 9, 2017

And these two books don’t show up in all the screenshots, but they were both list neighbours for Kinfairlie Knights in multiple places.


Kinfairlie Knights at Kobo January 9, 2017

Kinfairlie Knights at the iTunes store US on January 9, 2017

And finally, at Apple, Kinfairlie Knights was #13 on the Romance bestseller list.

What an absolutely terrific promotion this was! Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy of Kinfairlie Knights for just 99 cents. If you didn’t do that yet, it’s still on sale.

Also, you might want to look for Highland Heroes, another bundle of three medieval Scottish romances of mine, which is also 99 cents right now.


Wyvern’s Mate Promotion

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeOn Friday, I had a BookBub ad for Wyvern’s Mate at its 99 cent promotional price. So, on Saturday—as usual—I tabulated the first day’s results. This is the first promotion for my Dragons of Incendium series, so the results were particularly interesting to me.

At Amazon, Drakina and Troy’s book rose to #436 overall paid in the Kindle store, which is pretty cool. It was #5 on the Science Fiction Romance list, #9 on the Kindle Science Fiction Romance list, and #19 on the Werewolves and Shifters PNR list.

Wyvern's Mate at on Saturday January 7, 2017

Let’s look at what else was on those lists. Here’s the Science Fiction Romance list:Wyvern's Mate on the Science Fiction Romance list at on January 7, 2017

What’s interesting to me is that Wyvern’s Mate is the only book that isn’t enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. The other interesting thing is the difference in the books—Ivoth features dragon shifters in space, so I have something in common with that book, while Bella Forrest’s series is tagged as YA. #6 is a thriller, so this list is more of a mixed bag than I might have expected.

Here are the bestsellers in Science Fiction romance, the Kindle list. (And no, I don’t understand the difference between the two lists, but there is a difference since different books appear on this second one.) Wyvern's Mate on the Bestseller list in Kindle Science Fiction romance on January 7, 2017

Again, the majority of the books are enrolled in KU – it’s just me and Nora on our own little non-KU team, which isn’t bad company at all! Riddle’s books appear to be more action/adventure, and Nora’s book has a wolf-shifter heroine. What you can’t see here is that #10 is Outlander. Again, more of a  mixed bag than I’d expected.

My screen isn’t big enough to capture the entire list for Werewolves and Shifters, but the same pattern is shown there. It’s me and Nora and Ilona Andrews who are non-KU, and those are the only three books that aren’t in KU out of the top 20. This list looks how I expected—lots of man-chest, familiar author names in PNR and SFR, titles with “mate”, vampires, bear-shifters, wolf-shifters and dragon-shifter protagonists, just mostly KU.

Wyvern's Mate on the bestseller list for Werewolves and Shifters in PNR at

And away to the other portals. At B&N, Wyvern’s Mate was #67 overall in the Nook store.

Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Bestseller list at B&N on January 7, 2017

It was #19 on the Romance bestseller list:

Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Romance bestseller list on January 7, 2017

And #2 on the Paranormal Romance bestseller list. You can see that the other books making the list are ones you might expect, from authors you might expect. (Hi Eve!)
Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Paranormal romance bestseller list on January 7, 2017

Wyvern’s Mate was also #4 on the Science Fiction and Fantasy bestseller list at Nook.

Wyvern's Mate on the SFF bestseller list at Nook on January 7, 2017

Let’s visit KOBO next. Wyvern’s Mate was #4 in Paranormal romance, #5 in Science Fiction romance and #24 in Contemporary romance. (Okay, that last one surprised me.)

Wyvern's Mate at Kobo on January 7, 2017

And the individual lists look like this. Here’s the PNR bestseller list at Kobo:

Wyvern's Mate on the PNR bestseller list at Kobo on January 7, 2017

Look at all those dragon shifters!

And the SFF list:
Wyvern's Mate on the SFR bestseller list at Kobo on January 7, 2017

Hello again, Eve. 🙂

Wyvern's Mate on the top 100 bestselling romance list at Apple on January 7, 2017And away we go to Apple, for our last stop. Wyvern’s Mate was #85 on the Top 100 Bestselling Romance list at Apple, which makes me pretty happy. Contemporary romance pretty much owns that list and I don’t think there are subordinate lists specific to various sub-genres, so being on that list was pretty cool.

So, there’s my summary of first-day results. Some interesting details there, and things to think about. THANK YOU to everyone who grabbed a copy of Wyvern’s Mate during the sale. It’s still 99 cents, so you have time to pick up a copy if you haven’t done so yet.

Buy Wyvern’s Mate:
Buy EPUB at Deborah's online store Buy MOBI at Deborah's online store Buy Signed Print Copy from Deborah's online store Buy at Amazon US Buy at iBooks Buy at Createspace Buy at Barnes & Noble Buy at Kobo Buy at Amazon CA Buy at Amazon UK Buy at Amazon DE

99 cent SFF Promo

Patty Jensen's January 2017 promotion - 100 ebooks for 99 cents each

Today and tomorrow, I’m participating in a multi-author promotion run by Patty Jensen. There are over 100 SFF ebooks on sale for 99 cents each – scroll down on the landing pages to find the section for science fiction romance and paranormal romance to see Wyvern’s Mate and more. What I really like about this promotion is that it’s for all major retailers, not just Amazon.

Here’s the landing page. Have a visit and stock up!

Knit, Knit, Quilt

We haven’t had a Fibre Friday in a while, so let’s fix that today.

First of all, I finished that pair of socks, the ones I cast on so I could tell my niece how to knit socks in Patons Kroy Jacquard. (You might remember that blog post. I wrote out my sock pattern for her, once I figured out what I do.) Here they are:
Socks knit by Deborah Cooke in Kroy Sock Jacquard

You see that the toes don’t match exactly. I had a lot of knots in one of the balls, so did a bunch of joins. I decided just to use one of the little balls up to finish the second toe, instead of winding through what was left to find a match. That was the lower sock – it also had some sections where the yarn wasn’t dyed as much. See the white bits on that pink and purple stripe above the heel?

I have been knitting away on my Bohus-inspired pullover and am almost done the ribbing at the bottom of the body. About sixteen rows to go! The stockinette from the bottom of the yoke to the hip ribbing seemed endless but it’s done. I can’t wait to cast it off and try it on. I should be able to show you next week. The yarn is lovely. Then I’ll knit the sleeves, which have the treat of a little bit of colour detail at the cuff. I’m thinking of that as a reward for slogging through all the stockinette. 🙂

And, because I have the attention span of a flea when it comes to knitting projects, I cast on another sweater at Christmas. It’s been an addictive knit, so I’ve completed the back. This is Wilhelmina in Rowan Colourspun, a yarn I’m already missing. (It’s discontinued.) I was waiting for a brighter day to take pictures but it’s still snowing and still dingy, so the pix are a bit dull.

Wilhelmina knit by Deborah Cooke

Oh, so many modifications on this one! First, I’ve substituted colours. The pattern calls for a different red that is more rosy—Giggleswick—but I used Jervaulx, which is more blue. Because of that, I switched out the contrast colours. The pattern called for a taupey gold and a blue-green. I’ve switched those to two shades of grey, and for the fourth colour, I used Rowan Felted Tweed in Seasalter. The Bute cardigan used Felted Tweed and Colourspun together, even though Felted Tweed seems much thinner (It’s less fluffy.) Seasalter is the exact shade of the blue thread in Jervaulx, but in the knitting, it’s a bit too close to the value of the darker grey to stand out as much as would be ideal. In this pattern, it also seems thin. It’s just an accent colour, though, so I’ll carry on with it as the fourth shade.

Yarn choices for Wilhelmina knit by Deborah Cooke

I also modified the shape of the sweater. It’s hard to see in the picture on the Rowan site, but the body is very wide on this sweater and the shoulders actually slope down, almost to the elbows. (You can see it in some of the project photos on Ravelry, which are pictures from knitters who have made the sweater. I think it’s funny how many of them take the same pose as the Rowan model for at least one of their pictures.) I didn’t think this would be very flattering, given my pear shape, so I used the stitch counts from Bute, which is the knitted at the same gauge, but the fair isle pattern from Wilhelmina. It will fit like Bute but have reindeer, which sounds ideal to me. I’ll make a round neck at the front, too, instead of the v-neck on Bute.

It is interesting to see how muted and muddled the fair isle is—I would never have guessed that the grey and the red would blend as much as they did. I do like it, though, and have cast on the fronts.

A couple of weeks ago, I promised to show you some things I rediscovered in the reorganization of my fabric stash. Here are my little batik dragon blocks, which were forgotten in the stash. It looks as if I ordered them from Keepsake Quilting but it was a long time ago. I have to find a good use for them.

Batik dragon blocks

And here’s a partially pieced quilt which I totally forgot about. The turquoise border is a length of fabric from Africa, which I won in a raffle at a romance writers’ conference in British Columbia probably twenty years ago. It’s so pretty, but very stiff. I have no idea where or why I came up with this palette and this design, but I like it. I need to get this one finished.

Quilt top pieced by Deborah CookeI cut the border fabric to piece this center for the quilt and set in squares at the corners, too. There’s a wider piece of border, as well, which I’ll use for an outer border. It looks as if I intended to put more little squares in between the two borders, as I’ve made up some 9-patch blocks from the fabrics used in the center. It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle as the amount of border is limited. I’ll have to do something else in the corners. In the picture below, I laid the wide border against the narrow one so you can see what it looked like before I cut it.

border fabric from Africa

It is such pretty fabric. The gold is metallic, and that medallion in the black border says GCA. It seems to me (hmm) that there were two African fabrics in the raffle, that another quilter won the other one and we decided to split them both in half so we each had a piece of each print. I’m going to have to go looking for that second fabric in my stash!

What have you been crafting lately?