New Apple Links

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3, including the final four contemporary romances in the series by Deborah Cooke

For a whole bunch of reasons, I’ve changed how I deliver content to Apple. This means that the links for my books at Apple have changed. All of the books are still there, and any that you’ve purchased will remain on your device of choice. There are just new links for any that you buy in future.

The first change is for my upcoming releases. If you have pre-ordered the Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3 at Apple for December delivery, your pre-order has been cancelled (because I unpublished that edition). Please re-order again with the new link so you get your book.

When my paranormal romances come out of Kindle Unlimited, they’ll be republished at Apple with new links.

Also, the links in the Reading Guide that was available at Apple won’t work anymore. I’ve unpublished that volume so there’s a generic edition availalble in the Apple store. (You can tell it’s the new one, because I updated the copy to say “Updated for 2022”. The Apple edition said “2020” because I forgot that update.) If you downloaded yours from Apple, I suggest you delete it and either download the generic version from BookFunnel or Apple. The links in the generic version bring you back here to the website.

The other (horrible) thing that happens with this change is that all of the reviews on my books vanish in the Apple bookstore. This is because Apple doesn’t link various editions of a book together. This is what the product page for Just One Fake Date used to look like:

Just One Fake Date on Apple

Nice reviews at the bottom, and new ones, too. 🙂

But here’s the painful detail:

Just One Fake Date on Apple with 1100+ reviews

Over 1100 reviews, a rating of 4.4 overall, and those reviews are all gone. 😦

So, if you reviewed any of my books on Apple before, I’d love if you posted your review again on the new edition. I’ve updated all of the links here on my site so you can follow the Apple link on the individual book page to Apple for the new edition of the book. Thank you!

I apologize for the inconvenience. Like most of these changes, all will be better once the transition is done. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Fall into a Book Giveaway

Fall into a Book giveaway at Isn't it Romantic BookClub, September 2022

Over two-hundred and fifty authors have signed up to take part in Isn’t It Romantic Book Club’s Fall Into a Book Giveaway on Facebook. This fantastic and fast-paced event is your chance to meet authors, play games, and win lots of prizes, including books! It’s one day only, but the group lets readers interact and talk romance all year long. Isn’t It Romantic Book Club’s monthly meetings are livestreamed, so readers can chat and ask questions with their favorite romance authors!

Visit the bookclub.

Dragons First, a digital bundle of three paranormal romance series starters by Deborah Cooke

I’m giving away my paranormal romance bundle of series starters, Dragons First. You can download your copy free at Amazon today through Sunday.

This bundle includes Kiss of Fire, Wyvern’s Mate, Dragon’s Kiss and two bonus reads, Maeve’s Book of Beasts and Nero’s Dream.

The bundle is also currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

Romance Bookworms One Day Freebies

Bookworms one day sale June 2022
Just One Fake Date, book one of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Today’s the day for a massive multi-author free book blast! Shop the landing page at and discover a new series or author to love. This is a one day sale so don’t delay!

You’ll find Just One Fake Date included in the promotion. It’s the series starter for Flatiron Five Fitness and is free at all portals – the series is complete and there are two boxed sets available now, too.

Shop the September 16 Free Book Blast at Romance Bookworms right here.

Kiss of Fire in Spanish

Kiss of Fire, book one of the Dragonfire Novels, is now available in a Spanish edition!

Beso de fuego is the Spanish edition of Kiss of Fire, book one of the Dragonfire Novels by Deborah Cooke

Un beso puede cambiar el curso del destino…

Cuando la contadora estrella Sara Keegan decide sentar cabeza y dirigir la librería de la Nueva Era de su extravagante tía, lo que menos busca es una aventura. No cree en el destino ni en la magia de las cartas del tarot, pero cuando es salvada de un violento ataque por un hombre que tiene la habilidad de convertirse en un dragón que escupe fuego, se pregunta si está perdiendo la cabeza… o si está a punto de perder su corazón.

El solitario y autosuficiente Quinn Tyrrell ha desconfiado por mucho tiempo de sus compañeros Pyr. Cuando siente la tormenta de fuego que señala a su pareja destinada, está decidido a proteger y poseer a Sara, sin importar el costo. Entonces, el destino verdadero de Sara es revelado y Quinn se da cuenta de que debe arriesgar todo… incluso el amor de Sara para cumplir con sus destinos entrelazados.

Updating eBooks

This is a behind-the-scenes post, since things have been pretty quiet on this blog lately. It’s busy in my office!

As you know, I write contemporary romances and paranormal romances as Deborah Cooke, and historical romances as Claire Delacroix. This year, I amalgamated my PNR websites into this one, leaving me with two websites instead of four, which means the urls for all the book landing pages changed. I also moved my three English newsletters to a new service, which meant the sign-up links changed. Both of these changes meant updating my ebook interiors with the new links.

My historical romances have been in KDP Select since last fall, so I did the updates only at Amazon. My PNR went into KDP Select in the spring, so again, I did the updates only at Amazon. Now (haha) the books are coming out of KU and going into wide distribution again, which means updating the ebook files at the other portals. I load directly to Apple, KOBO, GooglePlay, Nook, Draft2Digital, Smashwords and PublishDrive. I also sell some books directly with delivery via BookFunnel. That’s 7 or 8 uploads per title. Some portals process uploads quickly. Some take forever to chew through each one.

In August, 22 of my medieval romances came out of KDP Select and were republished wide. There’s a blog post about that on the Delacroix site, right here.

In September, 22 more of my Delacroix romances (medievals, time travels and boxed sets) come out of KDP Select to be republished wide. The one hold-out will be The Beauty Bride, which leaves KDP Select in October. (It was enrolled later.) I’ve already updated the files at most portals and just need to republish them when the time comes—with the exception of the time travels, which will get new covers first.

In October, 45 of my paranormal romances and boxed sets come out of KDP Select and will be republished wide.

Also in October, the Spanish editions of 15 contemporary romances come out of KDP Select and will be republished wide. These are delivered to the non-Amazon portals from an aggregator, Draft2Digital, so that will save me some uploading time.

The Countess, book #4 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

Taking the books wide again also means setting first-in-series free and booking promotions for it. The Countess is free this month, and by November, The Beauty Bride will be a free series starter for my historical romances again. Also by November, Kiss of Fire will be a free series starter for my PNR. Of course, Just One Fake Date remains a free series starter for my contemporary romances. I’ll probably book a sale on the two bundles of series starters, First Knights and Dragons First, as well. As I write this, I realize that Claire didn’t have a new trope boxed set this year. Oops. I’ll add that to my To Do list.

But by November (when I stop to catch my breath!) over 100 of my backlist books will have beautifully updated interiors at all of the portals and some will even have new covers. At the end of the year, I’ll be able to unpublish the two paranormal romance websites, and discontinue my former newsletter service. It’s been a big transition and is a job I’ll be glad to see done.

Next year, I’ll be able to focus on writing, which is the most exciting part of all!