The Bride Quest I Boxed Set New Edition

The Bride Quest 1 Boxed Set by Claire Delacroix

Be swept away by the classic fairy tale medieval romance trilogy by the “Queen of Medieval Romance”! Three brothers set out on a Bride Quest at the behest of Princess Brianna and each find love of legendary power…

In The Princess, Brianna challenges three knights to compete for her hand, declaring that she will marry the one who brings her a gift that makes her laugh. She hopes to avoid the king’s dictate and marry for love, but Luc has no interest in surrendering to a beauty’s whim. He has abandoned his life as a knight and put down his sword forever—or so he thinks, until Brianna tempts him to fight for her love.

The Bride Quest 1 Boxed Set by Claire DelacroixIn The Damsel, Burke returns to Ireland in the hope of claiming the hand of Alys, the beauty who haunts his dreams. Consigned to the custody of her cruel relatives, Alys has lost hope in any happiness, but Burke lays siege to her assumptions with resolve, restoring both her faith and her love. But when the secrets of the past threaten the couple’s future, will their love be enough to defend them?

In The Heiress, Rowan takes his brothers’ challenge and vows to win the hand of the richest heiress in Ireland. There is no place for love in this charming rogue’s heart—until he finds himself buying a beautiful slave girl, one who provokes him into reconsidering all he knows to be true, and daring him to win her heart, if he can.

This digital boxed set includes all three medieval romances in the original Bride Quest trilogy: The Princess, The Damsel and The Heiress.


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The Bride Quest continues with The Countess.



Revised Pub Date for One Knight Enchanted

One Knight Enchanted, book #1 of the Sayerne series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe publication date for One Knight Enchanted is moving to January. Essentially, I miscalculated the amount of work required to revise this book and get it ready for publication so I need a little more time.

The new publication date is January 9.

If you pre-ordered the book, it will be delivered in January instead of December. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book, you can do that today!

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Black Friday Sale

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance and romantic comedy by Claire DelacroixThere’s going to be a sale on selected ebooks in my online store for Black Friday. The sale will start on Wednesday and run through Cyber Monday.

You’ll be able to save 50% on selected ebooks when you buy them in my online store.

You can have a peek at what titles are on sale in the store, right here. (Although I might add more titles.)

You’ll need a discount code to save 50% on the selected titles. That code will be included in my newsletter which goes out Wednesday the 22nd for the publication of the new edition of the Bride Quest I Boxed Set.

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, you can do that right here.

New Time Travel Covers

My two time travel romances, The Last Highlander and The Moonstone, have new covers!

These two books were originally published by Berkley in their Time Passages line. Here are the original mass market covers – these are digital photographs of the actual books, so the colors aren’t as saturated as on the real book covers. (Imagine. We didn’t get jpegs of our covers in those days!)

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire Delacroix (writing as Claire Cross), out of print mass market edition The Moonstone, a time travel romance by Claire Delacroix (writing as Claire Cross), out of print mass market edition

These were the first books that I republished in new editions when I started to go indie. They were also the first covers that I had a cover artist design. These are the covers they’ve had since 2011:

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire Delacroix The Moonstone, a time travel romance by Claire Delacroix

I thought they were due for an update, so Kim and I went back to the drawing board. We decided to return to the “guy alone”, since these books aren’t that sexy, and to get rid of the clock. The time travel would be shown by the two locations, one modern and one medieval, behind the guy. Here are the new covers:

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix The Moonstone, a time travel romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix

The new editions have been uploaded to all of the various portals. If you bought the books before, you should be able to download the new edition free. That might even happen automatically. If you can’t get it, please contact customer support at the portal.

Wyvern’s Angel Cover Reveal

Wyvern's Angel, #9 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThe next book in the Dragons of Incendium series will be Wyvern’s Angel and the pre-order is live at iBooks, Kobo, and Nook.

Bond is a secret spy for the Gloria Furore space pirates, a former member of Princess Anguissa’s crew, and a fallen angel with a taste for forbidden pleasures. He can’t resist the temptation of bad choices. He knows he should disappear from Incendium before Anguissa discovers his deception, but he isn’t counting on her enticing younger sister. Bond should know better than to get involved with a dragon shifter princess, but Percipia knows how to get exactly what she wants from him. She offers him a challenge, with irresistible side benefits, and Bond finds himself snared. He should walk away and he knows it, but Percipia’s brand of persuasion feels too much like heaven for Bond to ever want to stop…

Coming April 24, 2018.

The Amazon link will be live around the end of January, and the GooglePlay link will be live on the on-sale date. Visit the landing page on the Dragons of Incendium website to see a larger version of the cover.

Book + Main Site

Book + MainThere’s a new social media site for romance readers called Book + Main which is free for readers. The idea is that you can browse (or search for) “bites”, which are samples from author’s books. You’ll find everything from meet-cutes to sparkling dialogue to steamy scenes in these bites. You can comment on the bites, bookmark them or share them, and you can click through to buy the book in question on Amazon or iBooks. You can follow specific authors and you can look for new ones—you can search by genre, by trope or by hashtag. I think it will be a fun way to find new authors in your favorite sub-genres.

You can sign up here.

There’s a blog post here by one of the founders of Book + Main on how to use the site.

I like how the site looks and am giving it a try. I haven’t been approved to post bites yet, but you can find me and follow me right here.

In the Midnight Hour Sample

In the Midnight Hour, book #3 of the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeI’ve updated the free downloadable sample from In the Midnight Hour in my online store. It’s now two complete chapters, which gives you a much better introduction to Haley and Damon. It’s also available in the iBookstore.

You can download the MOBI here and the EPUB here.

Remember also that the Flatiron Five series has a dedicated newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a sequence of emails bringing you up to date on the series so far. This newsletter is separate from my monthly newsletter, Knights Dragons and Heroes. You can belong to either or both.

You can subscribe to the Flatiron Five newsletter right here.

Wyvern’s Outlaw Sample

Wyvern's Outlaw, book #4 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThere’s a new free sample in my online store for Wyvern’s Outlaw, coming later this month. It’s the entire first chapter. The same sample is also processing for download at iBooks and should be available this weekend there.

Ryke wants nothing more than to escape the space pirates of the Gloria Furore and go home to his young son. He’s pretended to share their views and has worked his way up the ranks to co-pilot of the Armada Seven, commanded by the most vicious space captain of all. The capture of Princess Anguissa and her ship, the Archangel, is a moment of triumph for his superior—except that Anguissa never plays by anyone’s rules. In a flash of dragon fire, she incinerates most of the crew and takes command of the Armada Seven. Ryke is spared, but he’s not sure why—what plans does the beautiful dragon princess have for his future? And what will she demand to grant his wish of returning home?

Download the free sample of Wyvern’s Outlaw:
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There’s also a pre-order link for signed print copies of Wyvern’s Outlaw (which includes Celo’s Quest) in my online store. The store will charge you right away, but the books will ship from me as soon as I receive the ordered copies. That will probably be next week. The link to buy the print edition will go live on Amazon on the on-sale date. This is the same format as the other books in the series, the “mini-book”, which is only available at Amazon or from me.
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Celo's Quest, a short story and #8 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

The buy links are also live for the next short story in the Incendium series. It’s called Celo’s Quest.

In this short story, Celo, the hidden prince who understands the language of wild creatures, unearths a forgotten secret. He accepts a challenge and embarks on a quest, seeking the solution to the riddle beyond the forests of Regalia.

Coming December 26.

Pre-order Celo’s Quest at these portals.

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Remember that I have a dedicated series newsletter for the Dragons of Incendium. Subscribers receive a newsletter only when there’s a new release in the series. They’ll get one next week, with the above information and a sneak peek of the cover for the next Dragons of Incendium story, coming in April. This newsletter list is maintained separately from my monthly newsletter list—you can subscribe to either or both.

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New Distribution

There are some new distribution portals for my books that I want to share with you today. This comes of updating book interiors and having another look at where the books are for sale, how they’re getting there, and where things can be tweaked. As a result, I made some changes and additions.

(FYI – None of the buttons below are linked, although they are linked to the appropriate product page on the book pages here on the site.)

Buy at Buy at at Amazon.caBuy at Amazon.deOn many of my historical romance pages, you’ll find only Amazon links for digital content. This is because my medieval romances are all being enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, which means the digital editions can’t be available anywhere else. Right now, the Rogues of Ravensmuir, the Jewels of Kinfairlie, the True Love Brides and the Champions of St. Euphemia are enrolled in KU.

One Knight Enchanted, book #2 of the Sayerne Series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixI’ll be moving the time travel romances over before the end of the year, the Bride Quest II books in December and the Bride Quest I books in January. All new medieval romance releases, like One Knight Enchanted, will be published directly into Kindle Unlimited. I’m also participating in some multi-author boxed sets which are in KU. You can check the status of any of these books on the new Kindle Unlimited page here on the website.

Buy at Scribd, Tolino, 24Symbols, InkteraThe Books 2 Read button is supported by Draft 2 Digital. Whenever it appears on a book product page, it’ll take you to a landing page for that book with links to Tolino, Scribd, 24Symbols, and Inktera.

Buy at OverdriveThis button will take you to an Overdrive product page. I have my books available there only for libraries, not for consumer sales. You can ask your library to add my books to their catalogue.

Buy at GooglePlayI’ve been using an aggregator called Pronoun to distribute my books to GooglePlay. On Monday, Pronoun announced that they were closing, so I’ve reloaded the books directly to GooglePlay. The links will change, once the books are processed and made available for salea again. I’m hoping that will be later this week.

Buy at AudibleBuy at iBooksBuy at Amazon.comMy audiobooks originally were distributed by Audible, which ensured that they were for sale at Audible, Amazon, and iBooks. Remember that Audible has a new romance subscription program for romance: the Jewels of Kinfairlie audiobooks are enrolled in that.

Buy at BlackstoneBuy at DownpourBuy at Barnes&NobleBuy at KoboMy audiobooks continue to be available that the above portals, but I also have them distributed through Blackstone now. This means that my audiobooks are available more places and also as physical CD’s as well as digital downloads. Blackstone’s own portals are Blackstone for libraries and Downpour—you’ll find audio rentals at Downpour, too. Blackstone’s distribution is how my audiobooks are getting to Barnes & Noble and also to Kobo – remember that Kobo has a subscription plan for audio, similar to Audible’s regular subscription plan, but I think the pricing works out a little better for Canadians.

Buy MOBI e-book from DeborahBuy EPUB e-book from Deborah When possible, I sell digital editions directly to you from my Selz store. There are also free downloads in the store—like colouring pages, book lists, book charms, downloadable samples, and family trees. You’ll find the store right here. All the digital books are in this category.

Buy at Amazon.comBuy at Barnes&NobleBuy at The Book DepositoryBuy at Chapters IndigoBuy at IndieBound Print copies of my books are available at many portals. Amazon, B&N, the Book Depository, Indigo, and IndieBound are only a few of the portals. If these aren’t your favorite places to shop, search on your portal of choice for the title in question. Because I use Ingrams for print distribution, any bookstore can order a copy of any of my books for you.

Buy Signed Print Book from DeborahYou can also order signed print copies of my books from my online store. Although the store calculates postage, the calculator needs a bit of refinement – I always charge the actual postage, so you might get a refund. I have some older editions for sale as well as the current ones, and I offer special pricing on entire series. You’ll find all the print books for sale in my online store, right here.

The Coxwell Series on Sale at iBooks

The Coxwells Boxed Set by Deborah CookeSince The Coxwells Series Boxed Set is on sale at Amazon, I decided to also discount it to $2.99US (or equivalent) at iBooks, in select territories.

Buy at iBooks

The iBooks sales starts today and ends the 27th of November.

This digital boxed set includes all four books in The Coxwell Series. Three brothers and a sister find themselves on the adventure to romance and happily-ever-after in this bestselling series of contemporary romances and romantic comedies by Deborah Cooke.

When Philippa’s high school crush turns up on her doorstep, she knows better than to trust the bad boy who broke her heart. Nick proves that he’s determined to fix his past mistakes in Third Time Lucky – does Philippa dare to give him another chance?

In Double Trouble, self-reliant Maralys breaks her own rules to help out her twin sister’s husband and kids when her sister walks out forever. If it’s because she has a soft spot for James—or unfinished business with him—she’s not going to admit it. But James is better at understanding Maralys than she realizes, and he soon realizes that their second chance at love is their best shot at happiness.

In One More Time, Matt walks out of his marriage to Leslie, his mother-in-law unexpectedly moves in while he visits an old girlfriend, their teenage daughter shows even more attitude and a pair of resident poodles add mayhem to Leslie’s quest for the magic that once made their marriage work. Can they find the balance again?

In All or Nothing, bad boy Zach meets a cute waitress who isn’t easily charmed and (even)  turns him down. A cancer survivor, Jen knows better than to get involved with guys who will only disappear when it matters. When her mother decides to play matchmaker, though, Jen decides that Zach would make a great fake date, only to discover that he has a lot more to offer than a good time.

The boxed set includes Third Time Lucky, Double Trouble, One More Time, All or Nothing and also an excerpt from Simply Irresistible, book #1 of the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances.

A USA Today Bestseller!

Buy The Coxwell Series Boxed Set Now:

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