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Addicted to Love, a contemporary romance by Deborah CookeI like to use Pinterest to gather inspiration for my stories, but I don’t log in and play there regularly – it’s too easy to lose half a day there! But recently, I logged in to reorganize my Dragonfire images and ended up sorting other boards out, as well. It’s now possible to create sections within a board, so there are boards for each of my series with sections inside for each book in the series. Most of those boards also have extra images in them, which either are inspiration or apply to the entire series.

So, there’s a board for Flatiron Five, which has subsidiary boards for each book in the series. The extra images on this board are of Manhattan.

There’s also a board for Secret Heart Ink, again with subsidiary boards for the individual stories.

There’s a new board for Dragonfire, which you can find right here. You might also like my Dragons board which is just for dragon eye candy.

Snowbound, #1 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeMy alter-ego Claire has lots of boards on Pinterest. Here’s Medieval Eye Candy, which started out with images from illuminated manuscripts but has become a catch-all of interesting images. The Ravensmuir board has a section for each book in that world, from the Rogues of Ravensmuir through the Jewels of Kinfairlie, the True Love Brides and the Brides of Inverfyre. The Champions of St. Euphemia have their own board, and there’s also one for the eye candy of Castles.

Do you use Pinterest? What kind of images do you like to collect there?

Covers for New Editions

The other day, I had an email from a reader who wasn’t happy that the Dragonfire covers would be changed for the new editions of the books. I’m not changing the covers to create confusion: I have to change the covers because the original publisher holds the rights to the original covers. When the rights to the book revert to the author, it’s only the book itself (the inside bit) that reverts because that’s the part the author created.

The interesting thing is that sometimes the publisher contracts with an illustrator or photographer for the image for the outside cover. (Other times, people working at the house create the cover art.) When an outside artist is commissioned, the rights to the illustration or photograph can revert to the artist, just the way the book can revert to the author. When this happens, it’s possible that the artist might license the rights to the image to the author for a new edition of the work. The cover won’t be exactly the same, but it can be similar.

The first time I did this was for Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance originally published under my pseudonym Claire Cross. I loved Judy York’s cover art, because it was actually a scene from the book, and was very excited when she agreed to license it to me. Here are the two covers, my edition on the left and the original Berkley edition on the right:
Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix  Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix (writing as Claire Cross), out of print mass market edition

The next time I was able to do this was with the Prometheus Project covers. I licensed the original art for the first three books from the artist Larry Rostant. I love these illustrations, so was pretty excited about that. Here’s Fallen, first book in the series, my edition on the left and Tor’s edition on the right:
Fallen, #1 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Deborah Cooke  Fallen, book #1 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Claire Delacroix, out of print mass market edition

That’s what’s happened with Dragonfire, too. Tony Mauro, the artist who created the illustrations for the first eight books, has licensed those images to me to be used on the new editions. I don’t think you’ll be very confused about which book is which, as a result.

For example, here’s the new cover for Kiss of Fire on the left, and the original mass market cover on the right. We have a new little dragon logo for the series, too.

Kiss of Fire, book #1 of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke  Kiss of Fire, first of the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke


Snowbound, #1 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeFlatiron Five has a new tattoo shop—run by the enigmatic and legendary tattoo artist Chynna. When the moon is full, Chynna creates one tattoo to set two hearts afire and gives it away, with the goal of making romantic dreams come true. Who will be next?

Samantha has always idolized her best friend Lexi’s big brother Spencer. He’s not just gorgeous but a guy who goes after what he wants and gets it. Outgoing, a chef, a creative genius and half-owner of a popular restaurant, Spencer is about as different from a research lab nerd like Sam as a guy can be. Then Sam’s picked out of the crowd on a girls’ weekend away and given an amazing tattoo by Chynna. A tattoo filled with love magic sounds too good to be true. With the help of her two best friends, Samantha secretly seduces Spencer—only to learn that one magical night isn’t going to be enough for either of them.

Book #1 of Secret Heart Ink
Coming March 20.

Pre-order available at some portals:
• Amazon
• GooglePlay

Books, Books, Books

In the Midnight Hour, book #3 of the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeThis past weekend, I received the trade paperback print editions of In the Midnight Hour, so Damon and Haley’s book is now available for sale in my online store. You can check out the listing in my Selz store right here.

And there’s something new!

Since I have the link to BookFunnel for delivering digital content, I’ve added a feature to the online store: if you buy a print copy of a book from me, you’ll get the ebook of that same title for free. I’m pretty excited about this: I’ve wanted to offer this since I originally set up the store, but there was no easy mechanism to make it happen. Now there is! I’m still setting up the files for this, but right now, the Flatiron Five books are done.

You can browse all the print books in the store right here.

Finally, I’m adding more hard cover Collectors’ Editions. There’s a hard cover edition of Kiss of Fire available for pre-order in the store right now. This option includes the hard cover signed edition of the book, the postage (to US or Canada) and a copy of the ebook, delivered by BookFunnel. Please comment here if you’re outside the US and Canada and interested in this book – I’ll need to figure out some postage costs. Also, I may put together a second version – it would be $10 more and include dragon swag. What would the swag be? Beaded bookmarks, maybe book charms, maybe temporary tattoos. I can think of lots of fun dragon-themed goodies! If you’re interested in that, please let me know. I’ll list that option when I can show you the swag. These kinds of bundles work best if there are at least 50 people interested. Talk to me about it!



Well, this is a very happy post to be sharing with you all. The rights to Kiss of Fire, the first book in the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances, have now reverted to me. This means that the rights to ALL of the books that I sold to New York publishers are now back in my possession. (Yay!)

This also means that Dragonfire can be republished in new editions this year.

Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah CookeSo, how does this work? The digital edition of Kiss of Fire has already been removed from digital portals. The house will continue to sell their remaining copies of the mass market editions, until they are gone. They won’t reprint more, so if you really want a mass market edition, get it now. (There are still some mass market copies in my online store, which you can order from me and have signed.)

The Dragonfire Novels now have their own dedicated website, which you can visit right here. The pages for the books will remain here as a reference, but news about Dragonfire will be posted on the blog on the new website.

The next thing that needs to happen at my end is that the first eight books have to be re-edited, re-proofed and re-packaged. It’s possible that there will be some changes from the previous editions as we work through this process. I’ve also licensed the original cover art from the artist, Tony Mauro. The publication schedule looks like this:
Kiss of Fire – June 26, 2018
Kiss of Fury – June 26. 2018
Kiss of Fate – June 26, 2018
Winter Kiss – July 10, 2018
Whisper Kiss – July 24, 2018
Darkfire Kiss – August 14, 2018
Flashfire – August 28, 2018
Ember’s Kiss – September 11, 2019

Pre-orders are already listed for most of the books at iBooks and KOBO.

Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion by Deborah CookeWe’ve also been working on the Dragonfire companion volume, Here be Dragons, in anticipation of this reversion and republication. That will also be available later this year.

The Dragon Diaries will be launched in new editions, too, hopefully this year. I’m hoping that in 2019, I’ll be able to continue the stories of the next generation as they find their HEA’s. I’ll also be able to carry on with the story of the Pyr and the launch of DragonFate.

There’s a lot of work to be done, even though some of it has been started. I’m excited, though! Welcome back to Quinn and the Pyr!

Red Door Reads Valentine’s Contest

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Red Door Reads authors are hosting a scavenger hunt with a prize. To participate, find this button somewhere on my Claire Delacroix website:

Red Door Reads Valentines 2018 Contest

Click on it and you’ll be redirected to a landing page with a letter. That letter is your first clue. The landing page also has a link to the next author’s website in the scavenger hunt. Find all the buttons, collect all the letter, and unscramble the message for your chance to win!

Find all the details on the Contest page at the Red Door Reads website. Good luck!

2018 Dragonfire Editions

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeI’ve been sick this week, which means that no writing is getting done. Being under the weather is a good time to catch up on other jobs, though, like formatting, and that’s what I’ve been doing. Updated versions of Kiss of Danger, Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Destiny, The Dragon Legion Collection, Serpent’s Kiss, and Firestorm Forever are now available at all digital portals.

Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah CookeThis included updating the series information. The series is now called The Dragonfire Novels, and numbers from 1 – 14, with every story having a whole number (no more decimals).

I also updated the print interiors for The Dragon Legion Collection, Serpent’s Kiss, and Firestorm Forever. Now there are dragons inside!

POD interior of Firestorm Forever by Deborah Cooke


A while ago, I found a fun display font with dragons that I wanted to use in my book interiors – now that I use drop caps, I knew that this font would be perfect. Here’s what it looks like on the page:

POD interior of Firestorm Forever by Deborah Cooke


Buying this font meant that I got dragon-y dingbats, too, instead of the stars used in the previous edition:

POD interior of the Dragon Legion Collection by Deborah Cooke

What do you think? I’ve very happy with these updates.

There’s more Dragonfire news, too, but I’m waiting on documentation before I can share. 🙂 Stay tuned!

The Countess is FREE!

The Countess, book #4 of the Bride Quest, is free at Amazon from today through February 3.

The Countess, #4 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

Buy NowDriven from her late husband’s estate, Countess Eglantine de Crevy fled to wildest Scotland to claim a castle, only to find a ruin — and a clan chieftain standing guard. Kinbeath was hers, she declared, vowing to rebuild the manor and launch a bride quest so her daughters could marry for love. But Duncan MacLaren had devised a bride quest of his own, swearing to win the land—and the fiery countess—in a war of sweet seduction…

Eglantine declared she would never be captured by this barbarian. Yet Duncan awakened passions she had never known before. She promised to fight him with every weapon at her command even as he vowed to woo her for a year and a day—and make her his pagan bride.

Each thought Kinbeath the prize the most desired, a prize to be won at any price. Until passion turned to love, and the chieftain found himself fighting for the heart and hand of the woman he was born to possess.

“Master storyteller Claire Delacroix has done it again with this marvelous medieval romance. The Countess is a keeper!”—Old Book Barn Gazette

USA Today Bestseller

A #1 Kindle Bestseller

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The Mercenary’s Bride

The Mercenary’s Bride, book #1 of the Brides of Inverfyre series, is available today!

The Mercenary's Bride, #1 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romancesRobbed of his possessions, wounded and left for dead, Quentin de Montgomerie has lost everything except his love for Mhairi, the daughter of the Hawk of Inverfyre—and he knows who is to blame for his fate. He vows to return to Inverfyre and take his vengeance from the Hawk, but arrives to discover that the fierce maiden in possession of his heart has blossomed into a beauty, and that her kiss has the power to give him hope for the future again. Can Quentin prove himself to the Hawk and win Mhairi—or will she spurn him for being less than once he was?

The Mercenary’s Bride is a Christmas Scottish medieval romance novella which was originally published in the Christmas 2017 anthology The Nutcracker Reimagined.

Buy The Mercenary’s Bride at
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