Book List

The best place to start each series is listed in bold and red.

Paranormal romances:
The Dragonfire Series
Kiss of Fire
Kiss of Fury
Kiss of Fate
Winter Kiss
Harmonia’s Kiss
Whisper Kiss
Darkfire Kiss
Ember’s Kiss
Kiss of Danger
Kiss of Darkness
Kiss of Destiny
Serpent’s Kiss
Firestorm Forever

The Dragons of Incendium
Wyvern’s Mate
Nero’s Dream
Wyvern’s Prince
Arista’s Legacy
Wyvern’s Warrior
Kraw’s Secret
Wyvern’s Outlaw
Celo’s Quest
Wyvern’s Angel (2018)

Urban Fantasy Romances:
The Prometheus Project:

Paranormal Young Adult
The Dragon Diaries

Flying Blind
Winging It
Blazing the Trail

Contemporary Romances
The Coxwell Series:
Third Time Lucky
Double Trouble
One More Time
All or Nothing

Flatiron Five:
Simply Irresistible
Addicted to Love
In the Midnight Hour (2018)


For a complete list of
Claire Delacroix Books
please follow this link to Claire’s website

2 thoughts on “Book List

    • Hi Sonia –

      Drake has cameo roles so far. He first appears in Kiss of Fate, but has more of a lead role in “Harmonia’s Kiss”. He also has a cameo role in each of the Dragon Legion novellas (Kiss of Danger, Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Destiny). We’ll see him again in Sloane’s book, Firestorm Forever.


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