Book List

This page lists all of the books published as Deborah Cooke books. The best place to start each series is listed in bold and red.

If you’d like to download a checklist of my contemporary romances and paranormal romances to print out, here’s the link.

Contemporary Romances
The Coxwell Series:
Third Time Lucky
Double Trouble
One More Time
All or Nothing
Christmas with the Coxwells

Flatiron Five Fitness:
Just One Fake Date
Just One More Time (previous title: Addicted to Love)
Just One Night Together (previous title: In the Midnight Hour)
Just One Hometown Hero (previous title: Some Guys Have All the Luck)
Two Weddings & a Baby (previous title: Going to the Chapel)
Just One Second Chance (previous title: Bad Case of Loving You)
Just Home for the Holidays
Just One Silver Fox

Flatiron Five Tattoo:
Just One Snowbound Night (previous title: Snowbound)
Just One Vacation Night (previous title: Spring Fever)
Just One Unforgettable Night (previous title: One Hot Summer Night)
Just One Christmas Night (previous title: Under the Mistletoe)

Paranormal romances:
The Dragonfire Novels
Kiss of Fire
Kiss of Fury
Kiss of Fate
Winter Kiss
Harmonia’s Kiss
Whisper Kiss
Darkfire Kiss
Ember’s Kiss
Kiss of Danger
Kiss of Darkness
Kiss of Destiny
Serpent’s Kiss
Firestorm Forever
Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Novel Companion

The DragonFate Novels:
Maeve’s Book of Beasts
Dragon’s Kiss
Dragon’s Heart
Dragon’s Mate

The Dragons of Incendium
Wyvern’s Mate
Nero’s Dream
Wyvern’s Prince
Arista’s Legacy
Wyvern’s Warrior
Kraw’s Secret
Wyvern’s Outlaw
Celo’s Quest
Wyvern’s Angel
Nimue’s Gift

Urban Fantasy Romances:
The Prometheus Project:

Paranormal Young Adult
The Dragon Diaries

Flying Blind
Winging It
Blazing the Trail

For a complete list of
Claire Delacroix Books
please visit my website for Claire

15 thoughts on “Book List

    • Hi Sonia –

      Drake has cameo roles so far. He first appears in Kiss of Fate, but has more of a lead role in “Harmonia’s Kiss”. He also has a cameo role in each of the Dragon Legion novellas (Kiss of Danger, Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Destiny). We’ll see him again in Sloane’s book, Firestorm Forever.


  1. Hi Ms Cooke,

    I contacted you recently about “Crusader’s Kiss” book 3 of Saint Euphemia series. Just to remind you, I am KU subscriber. Thank you for making this wonderful series available on KU.

    The reason why I contacted to was that when I downloaded “Crusader’s Kiss” the text is actuall “Crusader’s Bride.” You kindly responded to me that I should return this book and redownload bec another reader contacted you about this and you and amazon fixed the problem.

    I have downloaded, returned and redownloaded the book and it still has the text of Book one of the series, Crusader’s Bride.”

    I contacted amazon rather than bug you a second time. “Angelia P of Kindle dept (a very long phone call) would forward to kindle content team to look into the issue. As of today, I downloaded Crusader’s Kiss for the nth time and it is still text of Crusader’s Bride.

    I really want to read this series before it is removed from KU.

    Can you help?

    I hope my message is not too confusing. I’ll admit written communication is not my strong suit.




    • Hi Andrea –
      How strange. Thanks for letting me know. The correct file is there. Amazon said they would push the corrected content out to everyone who had bought the book. It’s a bit different for KU, but Amazon has assured me that KU subscribers can get the correct file by contacting customer support and requesting it. I heard from another KU subscriber on my Facebook page that this worked for her, so maybe you just need to try again. I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help. If it reassures you at all, the book will be in KU at least until August. I hope you have better luck this time with Amazon support.


    • Thanks Andrea for posting about this. I have both Crusader’s Bride and Crusader’s Kiss and they were both Crusader’s Bride when I opened them up. The book title on each page of books is Crusader’s Bride and when I went further in to books just to make sure it was Crusader’s Bride for both. I am just going to cross out this series on my list of books I want for this author and delete both books. Sounds like this problem will never be fixed.


  2. Which date is right 24th of April or 29th of may for the release of wyverns angel because you have both on your website was it 24th and it’s changed to 29th for some reason


    • Hi Dylan – I’m not sure. Two things happened: first I realized that at least two of the Incendium stories would occur at the same time and be entwined, which means I need to write them at the same time. Wyvern’s Wizard is Nero and Peri’s book, but Bellatora and Celo will be a part of their story. I suspect that Arkan and Enigma will also be involved, so that’s three stories to write instead of one. My second realization was that Incendium would tie into DragonFate – I need to write the next two DragonFate novels, which will be published this year, to have a better idea of how that all works out. I do apologize for the delay, but am very excited about how my ideas are evolving. Thanks for reading my books!


    • Hi Leah –
      I just published a new series starter for the Flatiron Five series, and in it, Tyler has a different partner and a different love story. I’ve updated all of the subsequent books to reflect that change (and others) so if you’re reading the older version of Cassie’s story, there will be a discrepancy. You should be able to download the current version as an update from your portal of choice. You can see the new covers on the page for the series here.


  3. I was wondering if “Just One More Time ” is a simple title change from “Addicted to Love” or if it is a rewrite?
    Same question for “Just One Fake Date” that was titled “Simply Irresistible”.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Maria –
      Just One Fake Date is a new story for Tyler, with a new heroine and story. It’s a different book.
      The other books in the series have new titles and covers, but also some updates to make them consistent with Just One Fake Date. The name of Tyler’s partner had to change throughout the series, for example. Also, Shannyn is more involved in the running of Flatiron Five Fitness, so there are some new scenes with her. Kyle’s book (now Just One More Time) has the most changes – they’re not huge, but they’re throughout the book. Just One Night Together (Damon’s book) has fewer overall changes but a new epilogue. After that, the changes are minor.
      Just One Fake Date, because it’s a new book, is a new product. If you bought the other books, though, you can download the new versions as free updates at your portal of choice.
      The books in the spin-off series, Flatiron Fitness Tattoo (formerly Secret Heart Ink) have new covers and titles but the content is the same. Similarly, you can download the new editions of any of the books you bought as updates from your portal of choice.
      Thanks for reading my books!


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