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1. You can download a free printable bookmark listing my books. There are two versions, one in colour and one in black and white. Each PDF is sized to print on an 8.5″ by 11″ page – then you can fold it in half to make a bookmark. The art is updated every year, and the PDF’s are in my store.

Deborah Cooke B&W Bookmark

Deborah Cooke Colour Bookmark

2017 Reading Order Guide for books by Deborah Cooke and Claire Delacroix2. You can download my free reading order guide, either from my online store, or from the major book portals.

This little volume is thick with links. There are links to product pages (there’s an Amazon and an iBooks version with links to their portals specifically) as well as links to other content on my site that you might have missed—an out-take scene, family trees to download, audio samples, swag, upcoming booksignings. There are also suggestions for reading order. It’s a jam-packed little volume.

My plan is to update it annually: this is the 2017 edition. (The 2016 edition was red.)

You can download it free at:
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3. You can either bookmark or print out this page. The hotlinks here to go the specific book pages here on my site.

Complete Book List
Claire Delacroix Books

The Rose Trilogy:
The Romance of the Rose
The Sorceress
Roarke’s Folly

The Unicorn Trilogy:
Unicorn Bride
Pearl Beyond Price
Unicorn Vengeance

The Moorish Series:
Honeyed Lies
The Magician’s Quest

The Sayerne Series:
My Lady’s Champion
My Lady’s Desire

The Sayerne Series New Editions
One Knight Enchanted
One Knight’s Return
One Knight’s Desire

The Bride Quest:
The Princess
The Damsel
The Heiress
The Countess
The Beauty
The Temptress

The Rogues of Ravensmuir:
The Rogue
The Scoundrel
The Warrior

The Jewels of Kinfairlie:
The Beauty Bride
The Rose Red Bride
The Snow White Bride
“The Ballad of Rosamunde”

The True Love Brides:
The Renegade’s Heart
The Highlander’s Curse
The Frost Maiden’s Kiss
The Warrior’s Prize

The Brides of Inverfyre:
The Mercenary’s Bride

The Champions of Saint Euphemia:
The Crusader’s Bride
The Crusader’s Heart
The Crusader’s Kiss
The Crusader’s Vow
The Crusader’s Handfast

The Brides of North Barrows:
Something Wicked This Way Comes
A Duke By Any Other Name
A Baron for All Seasons (2018)

Time Travel Romances
Once Upon a Kiss
The Last Highlander
The Moonstone
Love Potion #9

Short Stories and Novellas:

Deborah Cooke Books

Paranormal romances:
The Dragonfire Series
Kiss of Fire
Kiss of Fury
Kiss of Fate
Winter Kiss
“Harmonia’s Kiss”
Whisper Kiss
Darkfire Kiss
Ember’s Kiss
The Dragon Legion Novellas
(includes “Kiss of Danger”, “Kiss of Darkness”, “Kiss of Destiny”)
Serpent’s Kiss
Firestorm Forever

The Dragons of Incendium
Wyvern’s Mate
“Nero’s Dream”
Wyvern’s Prince
“Arista’s Legacy”
Wyvern’s Warrior
“Kraw’s Secret”
Wyvern’s Outlaw
“Celo’s Quest”
Wyvern’s Angel (2018)

Urban Fantasy Romances:
The Prometheus Project:

Paranormal Young Adult
The Dragon Diaries

Flying Blind
Winging It
Blazing the Trail

Contemporary Romances
The Coxwell Series:
Third Time Lucky
Double Trouble
One More Time
All or Nothing

Flatiron Five:
Simply Irresistible
Addicted to Love
In the Midnight Hour (2018)

2 thoughts on “Complete Book List

    • Hi Sonia –

      Drake has cameo roles so far. He first appears in Kiss of Fate, but has more of a lead role in “Harmonia’s Kiss”. He also has a cameo role in each of the Dragon Legion novellas (Kiss of Danger, Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Destiny). We’ll see him again in Sloane’s book, Firestorm Forever.


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