Princes of Regalia

Arcana, the Queen of Regalia, the current monarch of a long line of champions, bore twelve sons.

• Canto
The oldest and the favorite, Canto was betrothed to Drakina, the oldest daughter of King Ouros of Incendium, to ensure the alliance, but broke off the wedding at the altar. He sent a clerk to deliver the news and was subsequently hunted down and eaten by Drakina. A tribunal court exonerated Drakina, saying her reaction was justified. Canto was given the magical ability to win by his mother and was successful at jousts and tournaments as a result. He was never told that a gift reliant upon magic had (by necessity) a weak spot—his was that he could never defeat Drakina. You can read more about Canto in Nero’s Dream.

Betrothed to Gemma, he has never accepted the tribunal’s ruling in his brother’s death and insists that Drakina murdered Canto, and should be punished accordingly. He is believed to be a sorceror, trained by his mother. Urbanus is handsome and confident, with dark hair and blue eyes, and is fond of making bets. His father was a visiting wizard from Nimue and his mother gave him the magical ability to Spellcast. His weak spot was powerlessness against his mother. Learn more about Urbanus in Wyvern’s Prince.

Twin brother of Urbanus, the light to his brother’s dark, Venero has chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes that often appear golden. His father was a diplomat and lawyer from Advocia, part of the same delegation as Urbanus’ father. After his training in Advocia, Venero criticized his mother’s choices as monarch and was exiled for three years to Sylvawyld. He is said to have disappeared, though many believe he was killed to ensure the succession to the throne for Urbanus. Venero actually was cursed to take the form of a toad for helping Arista steal from Arcana and exiled to the forests of Regalia. His magical gift from his mother was the ability to Dreamcast, with the weak spot being a lack of power over his mother. Venero finds his happily-ever-after in Wyvern’s Prince when he helps his twin brother’s new wife, Gemma, escape her wedding night.









The youngest of the princes, Celo has been exiled to the distant forest and lives alone in a rustic hut. He doesn’t want anything to do with his family anymore. He retains the ability to read the thoughts of others given to him by his mother and plays a role in Wyvern’s Prince. He has a vision in Celo’s Quest that compels him to leave Regalia’s forest.