Nimue’s Gift

Nimue's Gift, #10 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

The birth of three royal babies in rapid succession calls for a celebration! King Ouros and Queen Ignita invite the best and the brightest to share their joy in the arrival of their grandchildren from daughters Thalina, Anguissa, and Percipia.

But the ritual of esteemed guests granting each child a gift brings a surprise that will cast a long shadow…

“Two chapters overflowing with so much change, foreshadowing of events to come, hints of the Pyr coming to join the Incendium dragons, and just so much more! This is one of the few novella’s in this series that definitely had to happen as a stand alone story. Being it is so short, the review will also be short because I am not going to give anything away; but know this, the Incendium series is about to get even more intense!”

—Rendezvous with a Romance

“NIMUE’S GIFT is a short story that opens up a realm of possibilities for both the Dragonfire series and the Dragons of Incendium with a potential cross-over between characters and back stories. A revealing and intriguing instalment NIMUE’S GIFT is a well-written narrative wherein the story is told through observation as the reader is up close and personal with the author as she begins to weave endless possibilities for the dragons we love.”

—The Reading Cafe

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