Incendium Characters

This list will be updated as more books are added to the series.

Acion—an android developed by the Hive and dispatched from Cumae to deliver the ShadowCaster to King Ouros in Arista’s Legacy.

Anguissa—seventh daughter of Ouros and Ignita, and a star pilot in command of the ship, the Archangel. In her dragon form, Anguissa is black with a mane of writhing snakes. She is rebellious by nature and inclined to challenge assumptions. She distrusts and dislikes robots and cyborgs. The Carrier of the Seed for Anguissa is the umbro, Ryke. Their story is told in Wyvern’s Outlaw.

Ardeo—fourth dragon king of Incendium and founder of the Royal University of Astrologers in the imperial city. He married his HeartKeeper Aethera of Carrera in a double wedding, in which his twin brother Incandos married his HeartKeeper, Preciosa of Regalia. Ardeo and Aethera had a son Dracon, followed by another son and two daughters.

Arista—a Warrior Maiden of Cumae as well as best friend and Sword Sister of Gemma. She was assassinated by Troy, who was then a slave of the Gloria Furora, and subsequently sentenced to penal labor on Xantos. The kill was ordered by Prince Urbanus because Arista had failed to kill Venero when hired to assassinate him on Regalia. She couldn’t fulfill her mission because she fell in love with Venero. Arista had short dark hair, dark eyes and a blue tattoo on her neck—unbeknownst to Gemma, Arista was an android. Venero guessed the truth when he couldn’t send her a dream. Arista appears in Wyvern’s Prince and in Arista’s Legacy.

Astrum—the oldest and grumpiest of the royal astrologers on Incendium, and a senior member of the Royal University of Astrologers.

Audax—fourth son of Queen Arcana

Bakiel—Ryke’s custo. Captured by the Gloria Furore along with Ryke and Ryko Primus, Bakiel was secured in the cold storage of the freighter, the Magnetawan, when Ryko Primus was ransomed back to his grandfather on Centurios. Bakiel is the one to guess that Anguissa is Ryke’s luxa, is adept with repairs to electronic devices and is also an excellent cook.

Bellatora—sixth daughter of Ouros and Ignita, Mistress of the Hunt. At the end of Celo’s Quest, she smells the Seed on Celo, who has just arrived at Incendium.

Bello—eleventh son of Queen Arcana

Bond—a navigator who served Anguissa for years on the Archangel. Anguissa discovers in Wyvern’s Outlaw that Bond betrayed her by planting a worm in her ship’s navigational system for Hellumut, thus sending Anguissa and the Archangel back to the same quadrant. Anguissa believes that Bond is a native of Incendium with a family there and friends in every port, but Hellemut tells her that he’s a spy for the Gloria Furore. In fact, Bond is a fallen angel, one who can’t resist temptation, and the Carrier of the Seed for Precipia. Their story is told in Wyvern’s Angel.

Callida—eighth daughter of Ouros and Ignita

Canto—The oldest son of Queen Arcana and the favorite, Canto was betrothed to Drakina, the oldest daughter of King Ouros of Incendium, to ensure the alliance, but broke off the wedding at the altar. He sent a clerk to deliver the news and was subsequently hunted down and eaten by Drakina. A tribunal court exonerated Drakina, saying her reaction was justified. Canto was given the magical ability to win by his mother and was successful at jousts and tournaments as a result. He was never told that a gift reliant upon magic had (by necessity) a weak spot—his was that he could never defeat Drakina. Canto’s demise is told in Nero’s Dream.

Celo—twelfth son of Queen Arcana. The youngest of the princes, Celo was exiled to the distant forest to live alone in a rustic hut. He retains the ability to read the thoughts of others given to him by his mother and to understand the animals of the forest. He doesn’t want anything to do with his family, but accepts a summons in Celo’s Quest which give him new purpose. He embarks on a search for dragons with his raven, Nix.

Draco—an earth dragon (not a dragon shifter) enchanted to become Mount Draco on Regalia. In Celo’s Quest, Celo breaks the curse earning a story from Draco as reward. Draco tells Celo that the Fiero-Four system was named because four dragons came to colonize Incendium when their survival was threatened on their home planet. They bred rarely because of a curse from the High Priestess of Nimue. On Incendium, they mingled with the current inhabitants, creating the species of shifters, Draconis Mutatis. Draco insists that the dragons of Incendium are inclined to science and study because their forebear was the mist dragon, the one of the original four attuned to the element of air. Draco challenges Celo to find the other three founding dragons in Fiero-Four, then to find the four who settled Excandesco. Draco tells him there were four groups of four that originally set out after the dragons were cursed by the High Priestess of Nimue.

Dracon—“the Just”, fifth dragon King of Incendium. He met his HeartKeeper Captiva on Advocia while studying law and married her. They had a son Torris, then two daughters. He came to the throne as a mature dragon and his reign was a period of prosperity.

Drakina—the oldest daughter of Ouros and Ignita. Drakina is outspoken and feisty,with red hair and green eyes. When she discovers that a Terran is the Carrier of the Seed who can create a child with her, she resolves to stalk him, seduce him, and then kill him. Her conquest of Troy, a MindBender and Terran, is told in Wyvern’s Mate—although it might be considered Troy’s conquest of Drakina.

Ector—the Captain of the Guard in Incendium palace.

Enigma—fourth daughter of Ouros and Ignita

Farquon—commander of the regiment assigned to defend the royal family on Incendium, trained by Gemma when she led the elite corps of commandos on Incendium and formerly Gemma’s lover. They were friends first and lovers later, and the trust between the royal princess and the commander is complete. Farquon is introduced in Wyvern’s Prince.

Felice—the pavofel given to Gemma by Arista. Felice has a role in Wyvern’s Prince.

Flammara—the eleventh daughter of Ouros and Ignita, and the outspoken one. Thalina reveals in Wyvern’s Warrior that Flammara is smitten with Thierry, knight and champion of Ouros. At the end of Celo’s Quest, Ouros is sending her to Terra to visit Drakina and Troy, but Flammara knows it’s to get her away from Thierry and resents it.

Flammos—“the Tyrant”, son of Rubeo and third dragon King of Incendium. His reign is known as a period of darkness. He established the sirens in Incendium city, married the Carrier of the Seed, Educta, although their match wasn’t a happy one. They had twin boys, Ardeo and Incandos.

Fortis—eighth son of Queen Arcana

Gemma—the second daughter of Ouros and Ignita, Gemma is a fighter first. She trained on Cumae with the Warrior Maidens, became the Sword Sister of Arista, then returne to Incendium to train a corps of elite commandos. She is blond with blue eyes, so pretty that she’s often under-estimated outside of her family. She keeps her thoughts to herself and is acknowledged by her sisters to be the one with the longest memory and the strongest battle skills. She decides to keep the betrothal to Prince Urbanus to secure the alliance between the two planets and because of a prophecy (known only to her) that the Carrier of the Seed for her will be the crown prince of Regalia. The prophecy proves to mean something other than she expects. Gemma’s story is told in Wyvern’s Prince.

Gravitas—the son of Drakina and Troy.

Hellemut—Captain of the Armada Seven, a ship in the service of the space pirates, the Gloria Furore. She is described in Wyvern’s Outlaw as a triped with yellow skin and green eyes—she also is attracted to Ryke. She has multiple doppelgangers so Anguissa and Ryke are uncertain whether she’s really dead, no matter how many times she’s apparently died.

Ignita—Queen of Incendium. “In her dragon form, Ignita was a thousand hues of mauve and pale blue, as ethereal as a morning mist. She liked to disguise her will of iron behind her feminine wiles.”

Incantos—twin brother of King Ardeo, murdered on Regalia by his wife and HeartKeeper, Preciosa.

Intrepio—fifth son of Queen Arcana

Kraw—viceroy of Incendium, said to be Ouros’ right talon. He has served the royal family since his own father’s retirement and prides himself upon his elaborate mustache.

Mareeqa—the princess hired on Centurios to concieve and bear Ryke’s son, Ryko Primus. This is a typical Centurion transaction, in which the woman is paid for her role but has no future connection with the child or its father. Unbeknownst to Ryke, Mareeqa was also his father’s concubine.

Nero—an astrologer from Mola, trained by Sapior, whose prediction and dream sent him to the imperial city to warn the royal family of danger ahead. On arrival, Nero is immediately smitten with princess Peri. His story begins in Nero’s Dream.

Ouros—King of Incendium, collector of stories, father of twelve princesses. In his dragon form, Ouros is imperial gold and blue.

Percipia—fifth daughter of Ouros and Ignita

Pericula—the youngest daughter of Ouros and Ignita, called Peri by her sisters. Peri has copper hair and blue eyes and meets Nero in Nero’s Dream.

Rubeo—son of Scintillon and second dragon King of Incendium. His HeartKeeper and wife was Bellica, and they had five children: Flammos, two daughters who died young, and twin sons subsequently exiled by Flammos.

Ryke—an umbro captured by the Gloria Furore on a slave raid near Centurios, the son of the emperor of Centurios, and the Carrier of the Seed for Anguissa. Ryke’s expertise lies in coding the navigational systems of spacecraft. He escapes the space pirates after seven years in captivity with Anguissa’s help in Wyvern’s Outlaw, but wants to return to his home planet of Centurios to find son, Ryko Primus. Ryke is also remarkable for his determination: not only did he deny his body’s own need to feast, in order to be in command of his desires, but that denial gave him the power to survive the Gloria Furore’s torture on the moon of Formican after his abduction.

Sapior—a brilliant astrologer who was exiled from the university because of his unorthodox method of casting a chart in order to divine the location where a dragon shifter would meet his or her HeartKeeper. He lived out his life in Mola, far from the imperial city, and tutored Nero in his method.

Scintillon—“the bold”, first dragon King of Incendium, also called the spark of Incendium. His wives were Primula, Hetta of Lucrum and his HeartKeeper, Fructa. Scintillon and Fructa had five children: Torris, who died after birth, Rubeo, Diligo, and two more sons killed by androids. He established Scintillon’s Law, forbidding androids on Incendium.

Scitus—seventh son of Queen Arcana

Splendea—tenth daughter of Ouros and Ignita

Tempera—ninth daughter of Ouros and Ignita

Thalina—third daughter of Ouros and Ignita, the sister most likely to be sympathetic and the one who can be trusted to keep a secret. Thalina is fascinated by automatons and has learned from the clockmaker in Incendium city to make them. She thinks Scintillon’s Law should be overturned. Thalina’s story told in Wyvern’s Warrior.

Thierry—a knight in the service of the King of Incendium, a favored champion of Ouros, and a skilled competitor in the joust. Princess Flammara is infatuated with him and he rode into tournament with her colors at the Inter-Galactic Joust on Certamen, much to the disapproval of Ouros.

Tituscusto to Ryke’s father, emperor of Centurios

Torrio—tenth son of Queen Arcana

Torris—son of Dracon and sixth dragon King of Incendium. Named for the first son of Scintillon, Torris was also unlucky. Although he didn’t die young, his HeartKeeper Serena died in the delivery of their daughter, after having borne two sons (Ouros and Diligo). Torris never recovered from the loss. His reign was short.

Troy—a Terran and MindBender, as well as the Carrier of the Seed for Drakina. Troy is also a convicted criminal sentenced to death after hard labor in the mines of Xanto. He was harvested by the pirates of Manganus Five for his MindBending abilities, then sold on the shadow market to the Gloria Furora, who dispatched him to assassinate Arista, one of the warrior maidens of Cumae. He was caught and sentenced, then released to assassinate Drakina. Success would mean that his release would be permanent. Troy didn’t know that his release was the result of a bet placed by Urbanus to see the death of his brother Canto avenged.

Urbanus—Venero’s twin, son of Queen Arcana and crown prince after the death of Canto. Betrothed to Gemma, he has never accepted the tribunal’s ruling in his brother’s death and insists that Drakina murdered Canto, and should be punished accordingly. He is believed to be a sorceror, trained by his mother. Urbanus is handsome and confident, with dark hair and blue eyes, and is fond of making bets. His father was a visiting wizard from Nimue and his mother gave him the magical ability to Spellcast. His weak spot was powerlessness against his mother. He has a role in Wyvern’s Prince where Gemma learns he has an ability to beguile with his words.

Valens—ninth son of Queen Arcana

Venero—Twin brother of Urbanus, the light to his brother’s dark, and oldest surviving son of Queen Arcana. Venero has chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes that often appear golden. His father was a diplomat and lawyer from Advocia, part of the same delegation as Urbanus’ father. After his training in Advocia, Venero criticized his mother’s choices as monarch and was exiled for three years to Sylvawyld. After his return, he helped Arista steal the Dreamcaster from Arcana. He is said to have disappeared, though many believe he was killed to ensure the succession to the throne for Urbanus. Venero actually was cursed to take the form of a toad for helping Arista and exiled to the forests of Regalia. His magical gift from his mother was the ability to Dreamcast, with the weak spot being a lack of power over his mother. Venero finds his happily-ever-after in Wyvern’s Prince when he helps his twin brother’s new wife, Gemma, escape her wedding night.

Vigilo—the pavofel that was once a pet of Queen Arcana. It frequently tried to kill her son Venero, resulting in his dislike of pavofels. She keeps its corpse stuffed in her Citadel as an ornament.

Viril—sixth son of Queen Arcana