Just One More Time

Just One More Time, book two of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Kyle wants it all…
Kyle Stuyvesant doesn’t believe in love and romance. His parents taught him there’s no such thing as forever, and he took the lesson to heart. After all, there’s only one woman who ever tempted him to want more than one hot night together. Fortunately for his convictions, she’s married to another guy. Problem solved—until Lauren’s husband cheats and Kyle isn’t just the bearer of bad news, but the man she calls for comfort.

Lauren demands his all…
After Lauren’s marriage implodes, she wants to lose herself in pleasure. Who knows that territory better than Kyle, who once seduced her completely? Lauren never forgot that wonderful night and, now that she’s suddenly single, Kyle’s rule of no love or romance has a new appeal. All she wants is satisfaction, but when Kyle realizes he needs more, will he be able to convince Lauren to take a chance on forever again, this time with him?

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“Loved every second of it. It has the kind of character development rarely seen in romance novels. Everything happens within a few days, maybe a week or two, but this one started twelve years ago when they first met, then flash-forward to present day and he is her brother’s best friend, their past is a secret, she is married and he is the bearer of bad news. From that moment on it is a slow burn and a strong build up to a great relationship. It spans months and Cooke does it seamlessly with no dull parts. It was great. I loved the slow build. I loved that Kyle had to work for it and that Lauren refused to settle. The progression of the book was great and the conflicts were strong. I loved how Lauren set her cheating ex-husband straight in front of a group of strangers, and I love how Kyle grew from a man who wanted nothing but one night stands, to one who wanted forever and how he grew as a character. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about this book.”

—Rendezvous with a Romance

Addicted to Love, a contemporary romance by Deborah Cooke
Addicted to Love

An earlier version of Lauren and Kyle’s story was published under the title Addicted to Love. This version includes changes made for consistency with the new series starter, Just One Fake Date. You might still be able to find print copies of the previous edition online.

If you bought Addicted to Love in ebook, you should be able to download Just One More Night as an update from the portal where you made your purchase. The update will replace the old book on your reading device.

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An excerpt from Just One More Time:

A little more than three weeks after Kyle had given her the news about her husband’s infidelity, Lauren stood in Times Square, letting the city flow around her. For the better part of a month, she’d felt raw, but now she felt empty.


Lonely. Marriage had turned out to be an exercise in futility and she felt stupid for her optimism. It was bad enough to have wasted five years on a man who didn’t deserve her respect, and to have tied up her dreams with a husband who clearly didn’t share them, much less intend to fulfill them. It was a slice of hell to be alone and single again on a perfect summer evening in New York.

But the worst part was that she felt like an idiot for believing in happily-ever-after in the first place.

Weren’t dreams supposed to come true if you believed?

Lauren couldn’t stay in the apartment. She didn’t want to eat alone in a restaurant. She didn’t want a date, a walk, a coffee, or a gossip with a girlfriend. She’d thought she might go to a movie alone but hadn’t been able to choose from the ones playing at the multiplex. She didn’t want to spend the money on a show, given that she might not really see it.

She supposed it wasn’t an accident that she ended up standing across the square from the enormous poster of Kyle. Twenty stories high, he was more gorgeous than in real life. Lauren wouldn’t have believed it possible, but she’d checked on the billboard multiple times in the past few days, just to be sure. He looked like the perennial surfer boy, his hair tousled and his skin wet, a laugh just beginning to curve his lips. Honestly, she could see the twinkle in his eyes even from here.

Get wet at F5F.

Didn’t she wish.

Lauren remembered the weight of those hands on her skin as if it had been yesterday, not more than twelve years ago.

She thought again of the fury underlying Kyle’s words when he’d told her about Mark. She hadn’t believed that Kyle could be impassioned by much of anything. It seemed to be his personal policy not to care about anyone. She hadn’t thought he even remembered her much.

She wouldn’t think of that day at F5F when he’d turned away, as if she was a stranger. How could recalling that instant still make her heart break?

How could his recent confession be true? She’d replayed his words in her thoughts a thousand times since he’d spoken them.

That night was the very best night of my life, and you were the very best thing to ever happen to me.

She wanted to believe him, even though she knew better.

She wanted to call him.

Lauren knew what to expect. She knew what Kyle could give—and what he wouldn’t give. It would be sex. Good sex. Probably even great sex. But there wouldn’t be any romance. He wouldn’t engage emotionally. It wouldn’t be forever.

It would only be for now.

But the more she thought about it, the more she was convinced that might be enough.

Lauren pulled out the business card that she’d worn to softness and turned it over. She didn’t really need to look at the number. She’d memorized it weeks ago. She liked the way Kyle wrote. Every stroke of the pen was filled with his confidence and vigor.

She wanted some of that.

She needed some of that.

Lauren punched his number into her cellphone before she could change her mind, and her heart leaped when he answered.

“Kyle here. What can I do for you?”

“You didn’t look at who was calling,” Lauren accused and felt his shock when he recognized her voice.

He recovered well, of course. Kyle always did. “No. I would have answered faster if I had, Lor. Where are you? It sounds noisy.”

“Times Square.”

“Oh.” It had to be the first time ever that she’d heard Kyle at a loss for words. Of course, he knew where the billboard was. He must have been in that marketing meeting at F5F. For all she knew, he’d suggested the location.

He’d almost certainly suggested the slogan.

Could he be embarrassed? It was an unlikely possibility.

“I’ve just been thinking that sometimes one thing of beauty isn’t quite enough to provide joy forever,” she said, her voice husky. “I’ve just been thinking that another one would be good.”

His voice dropped low and she wondered where he was. “You know I can’t give you what you want, Lor.”

“I know that tonight you can give me what I need,” she replied. “I feel dead, Kyle. I hate it. I want to be alive again.”

Again there was a pause, and she hoped he decided to do what she asked. She was gripping the phone too tightly, her heart in her mouth, but she didn’t care.

“Your place?” he suggested and relief flowed through her.

“No. Mark is circling like a dog, double-checking where he crapped.”

Kyle laughed as if she’d surprised him. “Not my place. No one comes there.”

“Maybe it’s time to change that,” she said, pushing him just a little. Her pulse was fluttering. “I’m taking a chance. How about you?”

He didn’t think about it long, much to her relief. He immediately gave her an address on the west side. Hell’s Kitchen, probably. She’d bet it was that shiny new building south of the Javitz. “I’ll be there in twenty minutes,” he said, some of her own urgency in his tone. “And if you change your mind, Lor, it’s okay.”

“I’m not going to change my mind,” she said. “I’ll be there.” She ended the call and looked up at the billboard, welcoming the flicker of excitement in her veins. Simmering. She hadn’t even seen Kyle yet, but she already felt herself coming back from the dead.

She knew that was just a hint of what was to come during the night ahead. Lauren smiled for the first time in weeks as she stepped to the curb to flag down a cab.

An excerpt from Just One More Time
Copyright ©2017, 2020 Deborah A. Cooke

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