Contemporary Romance

Under this tab, you’ll find my contemporary romance and romantic comedy series. I originally wrote romantic comedy and chick-lit under the pseudonym Claire Cross—those books have been repackaged as Deborah Cooke books.

All of my contemporary romances are set in the same fictional world. You can read each series in order, and read series in the order they were written (which is how they’re listed here).

There’s also a link here for the landing page with my contemporary romance boxed sets. The series-based boxed sets live on the appropriate series pages: these are trope-based or first-in-series bundles that include a combination of books from different series.

The Coxwells

Flatiron Five Fitness

Flatiron Five Tattoo

Heroes of Harte’s Harbor

Contemporary Romance Boxed Sets

There begin to be more intersections between the stories and series over time. (As I write more books, I play more.) The timeline of F5F and F5T overlap, for example, so if you want to read the books in chronological order in terms of story, check this page.

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12 thoughts on “Contemporary Romance

  1. Where do the dragonfire legion fall in the series? I have to say I have really enjoyed this series over the years and it has stood up to the test of rereading over the years many many times. Thank you so much for your wonderful imagination it is very much appreciated.


  2. Have loved reading your Dragonfire series but have come to a complete halt at Book 4 Winter Kiss as I cannot find it anywhere to purchase as an epub for my ereader. It says Kobo has it but cannot find it anywhere…Not sure how Onedrive works but you need a library card as such but I don’t live in the States..any suggestions as I would like to finish the entire series and hate leaving out books


    • Hi Kelly –
      Actually, books 2 – 8 are no longer available in digital because the rights have reverted to me. Once the rights for Kiss of Fire revert to me, I’ll be republishing the first eight books in new editions. There’s no telling how long that will take. If you don’t want to wait, you might be able to find mass market copies still, as the publisher has the right to sell their remaining print stock.
      Thanks for reading my books!


    • I have been trying to find your email address, without success – so (sorry) I have ´stolen´ ´reply´ from someone else´s message. Just to say I am reading for the THIRD time ´Enchanted´ – absolutely love it and really FEEL every time for Rolfe as a wolf when he looks at Annelise. Thank you SO much – sure I will read it yet again. I have read 7 of your other books – but ENCHANTED is the best for me. Many thanks and regards. I live in Madeira, a Portuguese island. Jenny (Russell)


      • Hi Jenny – You can comment on any page on the website or on any blog post and I will see it. It’s the most reliable way to contact me, since spam filters mean that I don’t always receive emails from people I don’t already know.
        I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy Rolfe and Annelise’s story so much! I’m in the midst of revising it for republication in a new edition and had forgotten myself how much I liked their book. Thank you so much for your message. You made my day!
        All my best –
        Deborah (aka Claire)


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