The Coxwells

The Coxwells is a four-book series of contemporary romances and romantic comedies, originally published under my pseudonym Claire Cross. When I republished the books in 2012, I decided to make them Deborah Cooke titles. The first four books in the original series each features each of the four siblings in the Coxwell family in turn.

In 2018, I added a short story set at Christmas to bring us up to date on the family: there will be new books coming in the series, featuring the next generation.

Third Time Lucky, book #1 of the Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, by Deborah Cooke
1. Third Time Lucky
Philippa & Nick
Double Trouble, book #2 in the Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, by Deborah Cooke
2. Double Trouble
James & Maralys
One More Time, book #3 in the Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, by Deborah Cooke
3. One More Time
Matt and Leslie
All or Nothing, book #4 of the Coxwell series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke
4. All or Nothing
Zach & Jen
The Coxwells Boxed Set by Deborah Cooke
The Coxwells Boxed Set
Christmas with the Coxwells, a short story featuring the characters in The Coxwell Series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke
5. Christmas with the Coxwells

6 thoughts on “The Coxwells

  1. I just finished reading this series. I was so upset with Zach and his immaturity throughout the second and third book, that I was not sure I wanted to read his story. I mean, really, he was just so stupid. But Jen is the perfect balance for him. Having vicariously (barely, because really, how can I) lived through the C thing with my sister, I had a real soft spot for Jen. It was hard to read, yet poignantly lovely and I still cannot stop thinking about it.


    • Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed All or Nothing.

      As for Zach, it seems that I like the challenge of redeeming unlikely heroes. I knew there was good in Zach, even though he was annoying, and believed that the right woman would bring that goodness to the fore. I really love their story, and love to hear from readers who enjoyed it too. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts!


  2. Will you continue this series with the next generation? (Jimmy, Johnny, Annette, etc) or with Jen`s siblings or a book from Beverly`s POV with her new date? I would love to here more from the Coxwell family.


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