Under this tab, you’ll find all the free stuff. 🙂

• I always have a free book (if not two). It’s usually a series starter. You can find my currently free books on the home page, Next & New. You can also be notified of free reads by subscribing to my Heroes & Happy Endings contemporary romance newsletter.

• You can download and print a book list to keep track of which books of mine you’ve read. You’ll find it under Book List.

• I have a Reading Guide which is updated annually. It includes series information as well as a lot of other details about my books. Find out about the current one and where to download a copy here.

• I always have a stash of SWAG, which is free for the asking. It includes bookmarks and/or postcards. Right now, there are Dragonfire temporary tattoos, too. Check the SWAG page for details.

• I create free online puzzles at Jigsaw Planet. You can find my puzzles on that site here.

• Bonus scenes! Oh, we have bonus scenes and deleted content. Again, these live on or near the books in question, but there’s a full linked list:

• I love character lists and include them on many of my series pages. There are other bits and ends of free content, including the Incendium world guides. Here’s a full list of those lists.

• I also love family trees. Again, they live on the tab for their series, but here’s a compiled list of all of the family trees.