Kiss of Enchantment Advance E-books

It’s been quiet here because I’ve been writing a lot this year. This is my favorite part of the process and I’m loving it – but it means my social media tend to be quieter. I’m still here!

Kiss of Enchantment, book one of the Darkfire Chronicles, a series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shifter heroes by Deborah Cooke

This week, I’m finishing up Kiss of Enchantment, book one of the Darkfire Chronicles. This book has been a lot of fun to write, as the storyline has intersected with a lot of the established history of the Pyr. Everything had to fit together! I also love Orion and Francesca together: he’s such a romantic while she’s very practical. There’s nothing like a dragon shifter determined to fulfill his fate to heal old wounds and steal a woman’s heart away. 🙂

In my Kickstarter campaign for the Dragonfire Omnibus HardCover editions, it was possible to order an advance copy of Kiss of Enchantment. These books will be delivered by May 6. Orion and Francesca’s book is also available for pre-order at the major portals – it will deliver in November.

If you didn’t order an advance copy of Kiss of Enchantment through the Kickstarter campaign and would like to change that, you can order a copy from me now. I’ve also added the Complete Dragonfire Series ebook to the form, in case you missed that. Prices are in $CA and the form will be available through April 30. I’ll charge you by Paypal when the book is ready to ship, and the ebooks will be delivered by BookFunnel after you pay. This will happen by May 6.

You’ll find the order form right here.

Originally, I’d thought to offer this advance ebook through Patreon, but that’s not working out as expected. 🙂 We’ll do it this way and keep things simple.

My next campaign at Kickstarter will launch in May, once this one is all finished up. It will be for new commemorative editions of my Bride Quest series of medieval romances – it’s 25 years since The Princess, book one of that series, was published, which is kind of astonishing. These new editions have new cover illustrations – that image is the cover of the commemorative mass market edition. The commemorative hardcover editions have a dust jacket like the current trade paperback and are case laminated with the new illustration. 

In this image below, you can see the original mass market paperback at the left (now out of print), then the new commemorative mass market paperback (coming to Kickstarter in May and portals in November). Next is the current trade paperback, and finally at the right, is the new commemorative hardcover (coming to Kickstarter in May and portals in November.) If you click through to the blog post, you can see the case laminate on the new hardcover.

The Princess, book one of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, all print editions.

Read more about the new editions of The Princess in this blog post on my Delacroix website. The other five new covers will be revealed over the course of the Kickstarter campaign. It won’t have a very long pre-launch and there will be early bird specials, so keep your eyes open!

I will also have a campaign later this year for an illustrated hardcover omnibus edition of The Dragon Diaries YA fantasy series. (Initially, this was going to be before the Bride Quest one, but the illustrations are taking longer.) This series is currently available only in ebook, though there are used copies of the NAL trade paperbacks floating around. The campaign will launch new print editions, both individual books in trade paperback and the hardcover omnibus. Like the Bride Quest campaign, the print editions will be available earlier through Kickstarter, as well as signed, and there will be special swag at Kickstarter.

I’ll do a cover reveal in my monthly Dragons & Angels newsletter for my paranormal romances before posting it here on the site. If you haven’t yet subscribed, here’s the sign-up link.

The Dragon Diaries series is a spin-off from Dragonfire, so the Dragonfire hardcover omnibus editions will be available in this campaign as add-ons. My books are only available signed the first time they’re offered through Kickstarter, so the Dragonfire omnibus editions will be available personalized in the Dragon Diaries campaign and there won’t be any changes to the acknowledgements. (They’ll be a bit cheaper, too, as a result of that.) I’ll post a link here when the pre-launch goes up, or you can follow me on Kickstarter to make sure you don’t miss out.

Kiss of Fire in Portuguese

Kiss of Fire, book one of the Dragonfire Novels, is now available in a Portuguese edition!

Beijo de Fogo is the Portuguese edition of Kiss of Fire, book one of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Um beijo pode mudar o rumo do destino…

Quando a bem sucedida contadora Sara Keegan decide se estabelecer e administrar a livraria New Age de sua tia peculiar, ela não está procurando aventura. Ela não acredita em destino ou na magia das cartas de tarô, mas quando é salva de um ataque cruel de um homem que tem a habilidade de se transformar em um dragão cuspidor de fogo, ela questiona se está perdendo a cabeça – ou prestes a perder.

O solitário e autoconfiante Quinn Tyrrell há muito desconfia de seus companheiros Pyr. Quando ele sente a tempestade de fogo que indica sua companheira destinada, está determinado a proteger e possui-la, independentemente do custo. Então o verdadeiro destino de Sara é revelado e Quinn percebe que deve arriscar tudo – até mesmo o amor de Sara – para cumprir seus destinos entrelaçados. E isso pode significar entrar em uma guerra com todos os outros dragões espalhados pelo mundo, a milhares de anos, sem que a humanidade se dê conta disso.

The Next Kickstarter Campaign

I’m still finishing up the fulfillment for the Dragonfire Omnibus Kickstarter campaign – which will only be completed when the ebook of Kiss of Enchantment is delivered to those who ordered an advance copy through the campaign – but am already planning my next campaign.

My next Kickstarter will feature new print editions of The Dragon Diaries trilogy. Since there were still some of Penguin’s trade paperbacks out in the marketplace when I republished the books, I haven’t done new paperback editions yet. That will change in May. There will be new trade paperbacks of the three books, available first at Kickstarter. They’ll be available at the various portals in the fall.

There will also be a hardcover illustrated omnibus edition of The Dragon Diaries. This will have a new cover and interior illustrations, and will be available only at Kickstarter. If you order a copy during this campaign, you’ll be able to get your copy signed by me, but you’ll also be listed in the acknowledgements of this edition. I’ve wanted to do an omnibus for a while and am excited about this edition. I’ll show you the cover when I can. (It’s getting close to completion.)

There’s a cumulative effect at Kickstarter, especially in the add-on tiers. So, you’ll be able to order the omnibus Dragonfire editions as add-ons in The Dragon Diaries campaign. The acknowledgements in those books are fixed now, and you’ll be able to get them personalized instead of signed, but they’ll also be a bit cheaper than they were before. (Less postage for one thing. The signed copies have to be shipped to me in Canada before being shipping to you, and our postage is expensive.)

Of course, there will be special swag. I’ll offer a swag box with each Kickstarter, since that’s fun and means that you can buy just the swag if you already have the ebooks.

Now you know the plan! You can keep watching here for more details, and/or follow me on Kickstarter to be notified of new campaigns.

Kiss of Enchantment Cover Reveal

One of the things that shook out of my Kickstarter campaign was the decision to write a new paranormal romance about the Pyr called Kiss of Enchantment. I’ve since realized that this is the first book in a new series called The Darkfire Chronicles.

Let’s go back a bit to put this story in context. In the Dragon Legion Novellas, the darkfire crystal takes Drake and the Dragon’s Tooth Warriors on a whirlwind trip through time and space. Alexander returns to his mate in Kiss of Danger, Damien encounters his mate again in Kiss of Darkness and Thad has his firestorm in Kiss of Destiny. Over the course of their journey, individual Pyr leave the company. There are nine named warriors who vanish over the course of the adventure: Lidio, Aeson, Cletus, Milo, Ignatio, Ashe, Tyrone, Peter and Orion. (There were seventeen who collected the darkfire crystal from Lorenzo, but the other four aren’t named.) In the end, only Drake returns to the present time and the darkfire spark goes dark in the crystal.

The Darkfire Chronicles begin with Orion’s firestorm.

When Orion leaves the company in Kiss of Darkness, he is following what appears to be the spark of his firestorm. Damien and Drake believe they are in Rome, in the 1970’s, when Orion feels that spark. They then conclude that each warrior who has left the company has been left in the right time and place to experience his firestorm. We can guess that these aren’t going to be ordinary firestorms: Alexander and Thad had to battle a time-travelling Slayer in their firestorms, while Damien entered Hades for Petra, and Thad followed Aura to the Garden of the Hesperides and bargained with a goddess for his firestorm’s future.

Each book in The Darkfire Chronicles is a complete paranormal romance. The series should be read in order, and it should be read after The Dragonfire Novels.

The ancient magic of darkfire scorches the history of the Pyr, dragon shifters sworn to defend the treasures of the earth, spreading chaos in its wake. Periodically commanded by Pyr with the rare ability to hold it in thrall, blue-green darkfire burns with relentless power through the centuries, shattering boundaries and provoking change. The Darkfire Chronicles tell the stories of those Pyr illuminated by darkfire’s spark.

Kiss of Enchantment, book one of the Darkfire Chronicles, a series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shifter heroes by Deborah Cooke

One kiss will unveil the secrets of the past…

Cast through time with his fellow Dragon Legion Warriors, Orion follows the spark of his firestorm, the sign of his destined mate’s presence. Only when he’s left behind, alone in a different time, does he discover the darkfire’s deception. His firestorm might be a feint, but the woman touched by its golden radiance is one who could capture Orion’s heart forever. When Slayers attack, Orion is determined to defend her and her secrets, no matter the price to himself.

Grad student Francesca is more interested in her career and research than in getting married. But then, she’s never met a man like Orion, a fierce protector whose presence ignites an undeniable desire within her—although the seductive power of his kiss isn’t the only thing Francesca can’t explain. Orion also creates a glow inside the vase said to contain the voice of the Cumaean Sibyl. When that light is released, Francesca hears the voice of the past and is revealed as Orion’s destined mate—making her the Slayers’ target.

On the run, Orion and Francesca join forces to solve the Sibyl’s last riddle. Will success provide the key to their shared future? Or will the unpredictable darkfire snatch Orion away as abruptly as he arrived—along with Francesca’s memories of the dragon shifter who has claimed her heart? How much will either of them sacrifice to save their their unborn son and defend their future together?

Pre-order for November 7, 2023

The Printed Dragonfire Family Trees

One of the reward tiers in my Kickstarter campaign was printed postcards with the Dragonfire family trees on them. This ended up being a set of 14 cards, each 6 x 9″ with the Dragonfire logo on the back.

They’re similar to the family trees you can download here on the site, but since the cards are smaller than a full sheet of paper, I had to rearrange some of the generations. I also took the opportunity to do some colour-coding – the Pyr are yellow, for example, while the Slayers are green. And I added cover images for the firestorms that are featured in books.

Here’s what they look like:

Dragonfire printed family trees

They all have the same printed back:

Dragonfire printed family trees

Since there are 14 of them and I didn’t want them to scatter all over the place (getting dinged corners in the mail) I tied each set up with a bow.

set of Dragonfire printed family trees

The stack of them is about 1/4″ thick – they didn’t fit into a 6.5 x 9.5″ envelope because of the number of them, and the next size envelope was too roomy. I decided to make some custom folders for them.

I was lucky enough to find some wonderful acid-free yellow paper at the local office supply store, which also has some art supplies. Here’s my template on a big sheet of that heavy yellow paper:

Custom folder template

And here’s one flat, cut from the yellow paper and scored. (A blunt point is best for scoring, so I used a knitting needle.)

custom folder cut and scored

Here’s the outside of the finished folder:

Custom folder for Dragonfire Family Trees made by Deborah Cooke

And here’s what it looks like when you open the folder:

Custom folder for Dragonfire Family Trees made by Deborah Cooke

When I close the folder for shipping, I use a matching green Dragonfire sticker to hold the cover closed. Then they go into those larger envelopes quite nicely with a multi-color Dragonfire sticker on the back flap.

I’m really happy with how these bundles look now.

These printed cards were included in the reward tiers with the signed omnibus editions in my Kickstarter campaign. They ended up being a limited edition because I ordered just enough for the campaign fulfillment, with one set left for me. 🙂

While I was creating colour versions of the family trees to have printed on 6×9″ postcards for one of my Kickstarter reward tiers, I discovered a couple of errors in these original PDFs. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the base files to edit these PDFs so I can’t update them. What was wrong? Mostly I fixed some mate’s names. In the Eastern Line, five Pyr had mates named Althea, which seems statistically improbable. I suspect that I cut-and-pasted the box from Asha (with his mate Althea) and updated only the name of the Pyr and his dates, forgetting the mate’s name. These mates have never appeared in stories. In the updated version, Ivan’s mate is Farah, Viktor’s mate is Yasmine, Felix’s mate is Natasha and Mikael’s mate is Anna. Asha’s mate is Shara.

Redoing them also reminded me that The Britannia Line and The Byzantine Line have yet to be documented, so that’s something to look forward to. The family trees for The Dragon Legion will also have additions as I write more DragonFate and Dragonfire Chronicles books.

What do you think of these printed family trees?