Wyvern’s Angel Cover Reveal

Wyvern's Angel, #9 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThe next book in the Dragons of Incendium series will be Wyvern’s Angel and the pre-order is live at iBooks, Kobo, and Nook.

Bond is a secret spy for the Gloria Furore space pirates, a former member of Princess Anguissa’s crew, and a fallen angel with a taste for forbidden pleasures. He can’t resist the temptation of bad choices. He knows he should disappear from Incendium before Anguissa discovers his deception, but he isn’t counting on her enticing younger sister. Bond should know better than to get involved with a dragon shifter princess, but Percipia knows how to get exactly what she wants from him. She offers him a challenge, with irresistible side benefits, and Bond finds himself snared. He should walk away and he knows it, but Percipia’s brand of persuasion feels too much like heaven for Bond to ever want to stop…

Coming April 24, 2018.

The Amazon link will be live around the end of January, and the GooglePlay link will be live on the on-sale date. Visit the landing page on the Dragons of Incendium website to see a larger version of the cover.

Wyvern’s Outlaw Sample

Wyvern's Outlaw, book #4 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThere’s a new free sample in my online store for Wyvern’s Outlaw, coming later this month. It’s the entire first chapter. The same sample is also processing for download at iBooks and should be available this weekend there.

Ryke wants nothing more than to escape the space pirates of the Gloria Furore and go home to his young son. He’s pretended to share their views and has worked his way up the ranks to co-pilot of the Armada Seven, commanded by the most vicious space captain of all. The capture of Princess Anguissa and her ship, the Archangel, is a moment of triumph for his superior—except that Anguissa never plays by anyone’s rules. In a flash of dragon fire, she incinerates most of the crew and takes command of the Armada Seven. Ryke is spared, but he’s not sure why—what plans does the beautiful dragon princess have for his future? And what will she demand to grant his wish of returning home?

Download the free sample of Wyvern’s Outlaw:
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There’s also a pre-order link for signed print copies of Wyvern’s Outlaw (which includes Celo’s Quest) in my online store. The store will charge you right away, but the books will ship from me as soon as I receive the ordered copies. That will probably be next week. The link to buy the print edition will go live on Amazon on the on-sale date. This is the same format as the other books in the series, the “mini-book”, which is only available at Amazon or from me.
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Celo's Quest, a short story and #8 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

The buy links are also live for the next short story in the Incendium series. It’s called Celo’s Quest.

In this short story, Celo, the hidden prince who understands the language of wild creatures, unearths a forgotten secret. He accepts a challenge and embarks on a quest, seeking the solution to the riddle beyond the forests of Regalia.

Coming December 26.

Pre-order Celo’s Quest at these portals.

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Remember that I have a dedicated series newsletter for the Dragons of Incendium. Subscribers receive a newsletter only when there’s a new release in the series. They’ll get one next week, with the above information and a sneak peek of the cover for the next Dragons of Incendium story, coming in April. This newsletter list is maintained separately from my monthly newsletter list—you can subscribe to either or both.

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New Dragonfire Covers

Along with renumbering the Dragonfire series, I’m updating the covers of my indie-published titles to make the branding consistent.

Here are the updated covers:

Kiss of Danger, a Dragonfire novella and #10 in the paranormal romance series by Deborah Cooke Kiss of Darkness, a Dragonfire novella and #11 in the paranormal romance series by Deborah Cooke Kiss of Destiny, a Dragonfire novella and #12 in the paranormal romance series by Deborah CookeThe Dragon Legion Collection, a Dragonfire bundle, by Deborah Cooke

The interiors have just had the series numbering updated, as well as my booklist. If you bought them before, you can download the new editions free at your portal of choice.

Instead of the Dragon Legion Collection being #9 and the novellas being #9.1, 9.2 or 9.3, the numbering now is whole numbers only (because that’s what Amazon likes best). Kiss of Danger is now Dragonfire #10, Kiss of Darkness is now Dragonfire #11 and Kiss of Destiny is now Dragonfire #12. (The jump happens because Harmonia’s Kiss is #5 now instead of #4.5.) The collection is outside of the series as a bundle because I can’t see another way around it.

You’ll see the new covers on your portal of choice before the series numbering gets fixed. That always takes longer!

Harmonia’s Kiss also has an updated interior, although the cover has remained the same. You can tell the difference between the editions by the book list—the updated one includes the Dragons of Incendium.

Next up, we’ll update the interiors of Serpent’s Kiss and Firestorm Forever. Since those covers won’t change, I’ll let you know when the new interiors have been uploaded.

Vampires for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween – my vampire short story is available in a new digital edition, with a cover that suits Micah perfectly.

Coven of Mercy, a short story and vampire romance by Deborah CookeA disheartened doctor finds hope—and an unexpected future—with a sexy, mysterious stranger.

Meet a new breed of vampire guardians in this romance and short story.

Buy Coven of Mercy today.

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The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance II, an anthology of vampire romances including "Coven of Mercy" by Deborah Cooke

Out of print digital cover for Coven of Mercy by Deborah Cooke

Several years ago, I was invited to contribute a vampire short story to the anthology The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance II (the title was Love Bites in the UK.) I wanted to do something different from the usual vampire romance, and Coven of Mercy was the result. The Mammoth Book is still available, with the cover at right. This story was also available for a while as a digital short with the cover at the far right, but now has the wonderful new cover you see above left.

Beguiled, a collection of short stories and novellas by Claire Delacroix and Deborah Cooke


Coven of Mercy is also included in my short story and novella collection Beguiled, which is available in both print and digital formats.

I’ve been wanting to expand the world of the coven since first writing this story. Maybe the new cover will prompt me to do that.

Hunks and Howls BookFunnel Promotion

Hunks and Howls October PNR promotion
Here’s another multi-author paranormal romance promotion that you can sink your teeth into. There are 30 PNR titles featured on this landing page, and they’re all free reads through the end of October. A lot of them are series starters, too. You’ll find Wyvern’s Mate here, along with a lot of other books.

Here’s the landing page. Happy reading!

Dragons of Incendium Series Numbering

Wyvern's Outlaw, book #4 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’ve gotten one job done this week: I’ve renumbered the Dragons of Incendium series and uploaded updated versions at all the portals. They’ll still perking through to the product pages and to some new portals, too.

The order of the books in the series and the stories themselves remain the same – but there are no fractional numbers anymore.

Here’s the series now:

  1. Wyvern’s Mate
  2. Nero’s Dream
  3. Wyvern’s Prince
  4. Arista’s Legacy
  5. Wyvern’s Warrior
  6. Kraw’s Secret
  7. Wyvern’s Outlaw

I haven’t figured out the short story titles yet, but #9 will be Wyvern’s Angel. I know the title of #11, too, but that will be a surprise. 🙂

Amazon is working on correcting the series page, now that the metadata supports it. That’ll take a few days.

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeI’ve also added some additional distribution portals, which might interest you. My books are available (or becoming available) at Inktera and Tolino, as well as subscription services like Scribd, 24 Symbols and Playster.

Next up, Dragonfire will be renumbered. I’ll start with the books that are currently available (Harmonia’s Kiss, the Dragon Legion Novellas, Serpent’s Kiss and Firestorm Forever) and will let you know when they’re done.

AudioBooks at Kobo

Kobo added audiobooks to their site at the beginning of September, and also introduced a subscription program for listeners. I finally added the Kobo links for my audiobooks to my website, so am sharing them with you today in one handy post.

The Beauty Bride by Claire Delacroix in audioThe Crusader's Heart by Claire Delacroix

The Rogue

The Beauty Bride

The Rose Red Bride

The Snow White Bride

The Ballad of Rosamunde

The Renegade’s Heart

The Highlander’s CurseWyvern's Mate, book #1 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke, in audioThe Ballad of Rosamunde by Claire Delacroix in audio

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss

The Warrior’s Prize

The Crusader’s Bride

The Crusader’s Heart

Wyvern’s Mate

You can learn more about the subscription program at Kobo right here.

The Wolf Pack iPad Giveaway

The Wolf Pack iPad Giveaway October 2018

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’ve joined up with a group of paranormal romance authors led by Michelle Fox and her Wolf Pack for this great promotion. All of the books are 99 cent PNR reads at iBooks, and a lot of them are series starters. You’ll find Wyvern’s Mate amongst the available titles. You can also enter for a chance to win an iPad!

Here’s the landing page. There’s a link at the bottom of the page to enter the giveaway for the iPad. Good luck everyone – and happy reading!

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss Goes Free

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixToday’s the day!

My medieval Scottish romance, The Frost Maiden’s Kiss, will be free today through October 5. This is book #3 of the True Love Brides Series. It’s currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, along with the rest of the series, so is available only at Amazon.

I love Malcolm and Catriona’s story. Who would have thought that a dangerous mercenary would be the one to restore Catriona’s faith in men, and win her heart, too. Love conquers all in this medieval Scottish romance.

Buy The Frost Maiden’s Kiss Now!
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The Frost Maiden's Kiss audiobook


Remember that The Frost Maiden’s Kiss is also available in audio:
Buy at Audible Buy at iBooks Buy at Amazon.com
Listen to a sample on my Audio page.

A Berry Merry Christmas Available Today

This is a sweet holiday romance and romantic comedy which was originally published under my pseudonym Claire Cross. It’s just 99 cents right now through the end of September, but will be $2.99US in October. It’s a novella.

A Berry Merry Christmas, a Christmas romance novella by Deborah Cooke

A mysterious nanny has a special message to deliver to a young orphan and her uncle who long to feel the joy of Christmas in their hearts again—but it’s Drew and Natalie who make Holly’s secret dream come true.


Buy A Berry Merry Christmas now:

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