First Knights – A New Boxed Set

My alter ego Claire Delacroix has a new boxed set available this week called First Knights. It includes four series starters, each a full-length medieval romance novel. If purchased individually, these books would cost almost $20 US – although one book, The Beauty Bride, is sometimes a free read – and the bundle is priced at just $2.99 through the end of August. What a great deal! If you like medieval romance, here’s a chance to sample four of my series.

First Knights, a boxed set of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

First Knights includes four medieval romance series starters from the Queen of Medieval Romance, Claire Delacroix. Be swept away to a realm of pageantry and chivalry, where each knight competes for his lady’s favor, each lady knows her heart’s desire—and love conquers all. Included in this digital bundle are four first-in-series medieval romances: One Knight Enchanted, The Princess, The Beauty Bride and The Crusader’s Bride.

In One Knight Enchanted—book #1 of the Rogues & Angels series—Annelise seeks refuge at a keep when she is separated from her party and pursued by hungry wolves. The price of admission is marriage to its mysterious lord, and she agrees—only to find herself in a luxurious palace, and seduced by her secretive spouse. Her new husband believes he is doomed, but Annelise knows that love can conquer all. Can she save her husband from the curse placed upon him, or will breaking her promise to him cost any chance to win his wary heart?

In The Princess—book #1 of the Bride Quest series—Brianna is obliged to choose one of three brothers as her husband. Instead, she challenges them, vowing to wed the one who brings her a gift that makes her laugh. She has no intention of laughing at all, but one brother, Luc, declines to follow her whim. Sparks fly between the willful princess and the disillusioned knight after his brothers depart, and from this battle of wills, an unexpected love dawns. When the other knights return, will Luc take up his sword again to defend the maiden who has claimed his heart, or will Brianna be compelled to wed another?

In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madeline flees her arranged marriage to the notorious outlaw Rhys FitzHenry, only to be pursued and seduced by her stubborn betrothed. Is she just a possession to this man who wants a son above all else, or can she capture his love for her own? Why does Rhys tell her so many stories, and what do they reveal about her enigmatic husband’s hidden heart?

In The Crusader’s Bride—book #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series—the widow Ysmaine makes a marriage of convenience, accepting the offer of a Templar knight in Jerusalem who is leaving the order to return to France. When their party is attacked, Ysmaine learns that Gaston carries a secret treasure in trust for the Templars, Ysmaine knows that her new husband’s survival may depend upon her assistance—and that this man of honor has stolen her heart. Can she persuade him of the merit of love and trust before it’s too late?

The First Knights digital boxed set includes four thrilling series starters by Claire Delacroix, bursting with medieval romance, adventure, suspense, and love everlasting. Be swept away to Claire’s medieval world in this introduction to four of her medieval romance series today!

Available Today!

A Mistake

On Friday, I made a mistake and have the email replies to show for it. I set up my first contemporary romance newsletter for Spanish editions of my books and, instead of sending it to the Spanish newsletter subscribers, I sent it to the English newsletter subscribers.


This is actually a bit too easy to do with a suite of newsletters like mine. In a newsletter service account, the subscribers are all in one pool, so to speak. They’re divided into groups: any subscriber can belong to multiple groups or just one group. Subscribers are added to groups in different ways: for my lists, the subscribers choose to subscribe to a list. That’s the only way they get added – I never ever add people to my list without their consent, or add subscribers to different lists than the one(s) they’ve chosen. So, the newsletter service puts subscribers in the right group, based on the sign-up form they used or the link they followed. That all makes sense, doesn’t it?

For example, Heroes & Happy Endings is the newsletter for my Deborah Cooke contemporary romances in English. If you follow that link and sign up, you’ll be added to that group for my contemporary romances in English.

You could also subscribe to the newsletter for my historical romances, or the one for my paranormal romances, or for any of those in specific languages for which I have translations. You could have signed up for a guided toour of the Ravensmuir books, which is a newsletter sequence for my historical romance readers. There are a lot of groups on my newsletter dashboard and many subscribers belong to more than one.

Last week, I ticked the box for the Spanish contemporary romance readers group, but I didn’t un-tick the box for the English contemporary romance readers group. It was ticked because I copied the English newsletter to make sure the Spanish one was consistent, then changed out all the copy and links and images – but not the recipient list. It was that easy. I couldn’t call back the emails but I fixed the setting for future Spanish newsletters.

But here’s the wrinkle: if you thought you had been added to another newsletter list without your consent, you might have clicked on the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the Spanish email. That would be a reasonable thing to do – except it won’t quite work out the way you might have expected. Because the newsletter went to the wrong list, if you unsubscribed from that Spanish newsletter Friday or Saturday, you actually unsubscribed from the English newsletter list. I know. It was a simple error with quite spectacular ramifications.

So this post is just to let you know – if you unsubscribed this past weekend in response to that newsletter, you won’t get any more English newsletters unless you sign up again.

Look up, way up, for that sign-up link.

Managing A Big List – 1

One of the tasks that becomes increasingly more time-consuming as an indie author publishes more books is managing his or her backlist. Today, we’ll talk about tracking the ebook files that reside at the various portals. Books might require corrections or new information – like the addition of new titles to the series – or they might have new covers or changes to the front or end matter. A newsletter link or website url might need to be changed or updated. A new version of the book might be available (like audio) and you might want the link in the ebook. All of these options require the files to be uploaded to the portals again. Some authors update their ebook files on a regular schedule. I’m not nearly that organized anymore: I tend to update all books in a series when there’s a new release in that series. I try to update the end matter in completed series every one to two years. That’s a slippery objective which doesn’t always happen.

One thing I do is track my uploads and (you guessed it) I use a spreadsheet.

No matter how you generate your ebook files, it’s good to practice version control. This means that when you update the file, it has some info in its name to identify which version of the book it is. The easiest way to do this, IMO, is to add the date to the file name. I use Vellum to generate my ebook files, and it does not show the version automatically in the name. Once the files have been generated, I change the file names like this:


Vellum generated this file name without the date and I added the part in bold. (And yes, I create portal-specific editions with my English books, and yes, I upload an epub to Amazon. If you want to learn more about that, check out this blog post from Vellum.)

Some of the portals will preserve the file name, so that when you look at the book’s metadata on your dashboard, you can see it. Others don’t – GooglePlay, for example, always changes the file name to the ISBN, although it does list the upload date.

When you upload a new version of a book file, it will be handled differently at different portals. All portals will deliver the current book file for new purchases. Some portals will push out the updated version to existing customers or (Apple) offer them the choice of updating their version. Amazon defaults to not delivering the new version to existing customers. You can ask them to push out the new version to all customers, but they may not agree to do as much. There’s only a chance of their agreement if the new file is 10% different from the old file or more. This can be frustrating if you’re only uploading a new version because you received a quality warning from Amazon about half a dozen typos: while fixing them isn’t perceived as a major update or one worth delivering to readers, that quality flag could result in the book being removed from sale if left unaddressed. The other wrinkle is Kindle Unlimited – when a KU reader adds a book to their library, I’m not sure the version can ever be updated.

To keep track of uploads without needing to click into the metadata for each book on each dashboard, I have a spreadsheet. To create a similar one, create a new workbook. You can call it Uploads or EbookVersions or something that makes sense to you. Add the year to the file name.

Call Column A “Title”. Make that column as wide as necessary to display your titles completely. Then, across the top and starting with Column B, name the columns with all the portals you use. I put the ebook portals first, then the aggregators. I have a column for BookFunnel, so I know the date of the version loaded there. It’s often an ARC, so having the date here is a good reminder to update it whenever I’m going to sell directly or give a book away in a BF promo. Last, but not least, I list the portals that serialize fiction, mostly because these are newer to me. List the portals in an order that makes sense to you.

I have a vertical line before the POD portals. In that section, I track the covers separately from the book interiors, so each format at each portal has two columns. I list all the various format options there, too, since many of my books are available in multiple print formats.

After another vertical line, I list the audio editions of the books. ACX is first, then Findaway Voices, then KOBO and BookFunnel – because I upload my non-exclusive audio at those portals.

There may be other outlets that make sense for you to add. If you have a Patreon and provide content there, for example, it might make sense to list it there.

Then, fill Column A with the titles of your books. I list them by author brand (which is sub-genre) and by series. Add horizontal dividing lines where it makes sense to you. I have them between author brands, then to delineate translations – which are listed by language.

Once you have all the books and portals listed, you can start to fill the form.

Here’s a peek at the top of mine:

Deborah Cooke's spreadsheet for tracking ebook version uploads

Just looking at these dates makes me want to update all of those files! (Although actually, this is the 2020 spreadsheet and most of these files have been updated this year.)

Whenever I know that a specific version needs to be updated, I use the highlight option and make that cell highlighter yellow. That way, I won’t forget to go back and update it. This can happen if I’m uploading a new version and one of the portals is having server issues. (That happens more often than might be ideal.) The yellow cell reminds me that I haven’t done that bit yet. You can add extra fields or columns for things that you tend to forget. I have a price column, for example, because I sometimes change prices at the end of the year, up or down, and this column reminds me to do every book at every portal.

Overdrive has a column because I used to upload directly to that portal. Now I use Draft2Digital to deliver to them, which is why it says “via D2D” in that column. I could remove it completely now, but it lingered while I made sure I changed the distribution on every single book. If you could see way over to the right, I have a similar column for NookPress POD’s – I had uploaded a few there, but now the bulk of those files get to B&N from Ingrams. The POD’s are available for sale at B&N but they go “via Ingrams”. This year, I decided to use D2D for distribution of all my translations (part of my ongoing quest to simplify) so there are a lot of “via D2D” entries further down the spreadsheet.

Since you’re going to fill dates into the spreadsheet, this can also be a good way to track exclusivity. I tend to take my audiobooks out of exclusivity after a year at ACX. This way, I can see the publication dates on them at a glance. Similarly, I have a column for KU in my Amazon section where I can list the date a book will finish its current term in KU. You see there’s a column for removing the books from wide distribution, too, as that can take some time before the KU enrollment. My translations that are published through Babelcube are licensed there for five years. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to know the date a book was uploaded.

Although this is a perpetual spreadsheet, I do create a duplicate each January and rename it with the current year. That way, I have an archival version in my files. That can be helpful for looking at the timing of previous enrollments in Kindle Unlimited or past pricing strategies.

Next time, we’ll talk about another handy spreadsheet to keep updated on your desktop. Happy publishing!

July Update

Since we’re in the lull before the storm – as I move to having new releases finished several months before publication – I thought it would make sense to start giving you a monthly update of my progress. This way, you’ll see that things are happening, even though there aren’t covers etc. to share just yet. I’ve been less active on social media this year, which is great for my writing but not so great for visibility. Writing makes me happier, so I’m going to continue on this path.

Let’s have a look at what’s in the works.

A Baron for All Seasons, book three of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romances by Claire Delacroix

I’ve been writing several projects simultaneously, which is always a happy situation when I can make it happen. I have nearly finished A Baron for All Seasons, which is book #3 of my Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romance novellas. (It might be done by the time you read this.) The plan is for it to be included in a holiday anthology this fall – details to come – then it will be published on its own, probably in March or so. This is Anthea and Rupert’s story – we met them both in book #2, A Duke by Any Other Name. Novellas always take me longer than I expect: even though they have a lower word count, I have to be more careful with the structure to fit everything in.

I’ve also written about half of Eurydice’s story, which will be book #4 and the final story in the series. Details on that to come, though it will probably have a simultaneous (or close to it) publication with book #3. It’s interesting to me how different the two stories are in some ways: Anthea’s book is a second chance romance with elements from previous books to resolve, too, while Eurydice’s book is straightforward fun. Moving between the two stories helps me make progress.

The Pinterest board is still in work.

There will be a boxed set of this series available in ebook and trade paperback, likely in time for Christmas 2022. (It felt odd to type that date!)

Just the Wrong Twin, book nine of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

I’ve also been working on Sonia and Nate’s story, Just the Wrong Twin, which is a lot of fun. The first third of a book always involves a lot of back and forth for me, and reconsideration of the structure, as well as getting to know more about the characters. You can see some of my ideas about Nate and Sonia on the Pinterest board for the book. This story will be published in October.

In the Flatiron Five world, there’s a new boxed set for Flatiron Five Tattoo, available in both ebook and trade paperback. I’m debating how to break up the main series into boxed sets (two or three?) and you should see some thing available soon.

When I get stuck on Just the Wrong Twin, I’ve been diving into Aidan’s book – again, this is a similar dynamic. Sonia and Nate’s story has a lot of elements to carry forward from previous books, some that need to be resolved in this book, and I need to ensure consistency with the existing world of Flatiron Five Fitness. Aidan’s book, in contrast, will be the launch of a new series with new characters. There aren’t that many details about that corner of my fictional world that have been defined. There’s a Pinterest board for the new series, as well, but I haven’t made it public yet – I’ll do that when the book has a title, cover, and publication date. For the moment, though, I’m loving how sparks fly between Aidan and Meredith. Talk about opposites attracting! My hope is to have the first two books at least publish next summer, so we can have a more rapid publication schedule. That means getting them written and edited ahead of time.

My other project in the works is the next book in my Blood Brothers series, The Hunter & the Heiress, which I’d like to see published in December or January. (Fingers crossed.) I’ve booked the narrator for the audio already and am trying to have a simultaneous audio-ebook-print publication for the first time.

Book #1, The Wolf & the Witch, is available now. Here’s the Pinterest board for the series:

First Knights, a boxed set of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

I have a new boxed set from Claire of series starters called First Knights, which will be published in August. This sampler is a good deal and a chance to see which of my medieval romance series you like best.

I’m also looking at updating some covers. My time travel romances have come out of Kindle Unlimited and are due for a fresh look. I’ll wait on the new covers before republishing them at the other portals. My cover designer is really busy this summer!

Translations are continuing, too. I have two new Spanish editions each month and the pre-orders are available for them through the end of the year. So far, my team has completed the Champions of St. Euphemia series and Flatiron Five Tattoo. We’re working on the Jewels of Kinfairlie and Flatiron Five Fitness now. The full-length romances are available in both ebook and trade paperback in translation.

I also have German, Italian and Portuguese translations of my medieval romances available and more in the works.

DragonFate is also being translated, which is quite cool. Maeve’s Book of Beasts is available in Italian now, as well as in Spanish, and I expect Dragon’s Kiss to be available in both languages in August or September. Maeve’s Book of Beasts should be available in Portuguese then, too.

And that’s where I’m at for the end of July. 🙂 I’ll keep writing (and weeding my garden) and will give you another update in a month. I hope you’re well!

Just One More Time in Spanish

Just One More Time is available in a new Spanish edition!

Just One More Time, book two of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke, Spanish edition

Kyle lo quiere todo…
Kyle Stuyvesant no cree en el amor y el romance.  Sus padres le enseñaron que no existe la eternidad y él se tomó la lección en serio.  Después de todo, solo hay una mujer que lo tentó a querer más que una noche caliente juntos.  Afortunadamente para sus convicciones, ella está casada con otro hombre.  Problema resuelto, hasta que el esposo de Lauren la engaña y Kyle no es solo el portador de malas noticias, sino el hombre al que ella llama para que la consuele.

Lauren lo exige todo…
Después de que el matrimonio de Lauren se derrumba, ella quiere perderse en el placer.  ¿Quién conoce ese territorio mejor que Kyle, quien una vez la sedujo por completo?  Lauren nunca olvidó esa noche maravillosa y, ahora que de repente está soltera, la regla de Kyle de no tener amor ni romance tiene un nuevo atractivo.  Todo lo que ella quiere es satisfacción, pero cuando Kyle se dé cuenta de que necesita más, ¿podrá convencer a Lauren para que vuelva a arriesgarse de nuevo, esta vez con él?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

Flatiron Five Tattoo Boxed Set

Today, all four of the contemporary romances in the Flatiron Five Tattoo series are availalble in a single digital boxed set!

The Flatiron Five Tattoo Boxed Set, including all four contemporary romances in the series by Deborah Cooke

The Flatiron Five Tattoo Boxed Set includes all four emotional contemporary romances in the Flatiron Five Tattoo series.

Three friends on a girls’ weekend in New York City attend Chynna’s gala opening of her Flatiron Five Tattoo shop – where Liv wins a free tattoo rumored to bring true love to the recipient. Liv doesn’t believe in magic (or maybe even love) but her friends encourage her to get her first tattoo from the legendary artist. When they get back to Honey Hill, Maine, that little tattoo heart starts to work its magic…

In Just One Snowbound Night, encouraged by her new tattoo and her friends, Liv takes a chance and seduces Spencer, her best friend’s brother and long time crush. It’s just one night of temptation before she leaves for England, but Spencer immediately realizes the identity of his secret lover—and wants more than one night with Liv. When they’re stranded in his cabin by a snowstorm, can he convince Liv to give them a chance before the weather turns?

In Just One Vacation Night, Reyna is sure that once will be enough with Kade, the cop on vacation in the sleepy town of Honey Hill, Maine. But Kade not only realizes that Reyna is the woman he’s been waiting for—he’s prepared to do whatever is necessary to earn her trust. Reyna finds herself falling when her past returns to haunt them both. Can Kade banish Reyna’s ghosts and ensure that they have a future together?

In Just One Unforgettable Night, Lexi surrenders to a night with Gabe, only to discover that he’s the mystery lover who changed her life years before. Gabe has always hunted for Lexi and has been waiting for her to realize their shared past—this time, he wants a shot at forever and doesn’t care how many secrets have to be revealed to make it happen. Can Lexi and Gabe create a life together in this second-chance romance?

In Just One Christmas Night, Chynna attends Lexi and Gabe’s Christmas wedding in Honey Hill, never expecting a hot hook-up with an irresistible stranger. Chynna knows she was lucky to have known a great love once, even though she still mourns her husband’s loss, and is sure she’ll never love again. When Trevor is convinced that she’s the one, will she be able to move past her pain to fall in love again? Will Trevor, who has always focused on his career, be able to make room in his life for a partner?

Is Chynna’s full moon tattoo really magic—or does it open the recipient’s eyes to the love that was waiting for her all along? In the small town of Honey Hill, Maine, love makes happily-ever-after possible, with the help of a heart tattoo.

Available Today!

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Just One Fake Date in Spanish

Just One Fake Date is available in a new Spanish edition today!

Just One Fake Date, book one of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke, Spanish edition

Tyler McKay tiene un plan…
Y no incluye una relación seria en el corto plazo.  Entre su trabajo diario y ser socio de Flatiron 5 Fitness, está ocupado invirtiendo en el futuro.  Pero Ty sabe que ir soltero a la boda de su hermana animará a los casamenteros de la familia: él necesita una cita falsa, rápido, en defensa propia.  Cuando la única mujer que lo odia entra en F5F, Ty sabe que ha encontrado a la candidata perfecta, que Shannyn no siga las reglas de nadie, solo deja a Ty con ganas de más…

Shannyn Hawke ha terminado con sus planes y sueños…
Ella tenía planificada toda su vida, pero todo salió mal.  Ahora, ella se está ocupando del número uno y vive el momento, sin preocuparse por el futuro.  Si su enamorado de la universidad quiere negociar una cita falsa para una boda por satisfacción física, Shannyn está de acuerdo. Pero solo una noche demuestra que Tyler es todo lo que ella cree que un hombre debería ser, y además él se toma como un desafío hacer que ella cambie de opinión sobre él.  Shannyn  no quiere que le vuelvan a romper el corazón, pero se está enamorando fuerte y rápido.  ¿Podrá ella recordar que es solo para aparentar?  ¿O Tyler convencerá a Shannyn para que vuelva a arriesgarse para siempre?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

Building a World Guide

This past week, I’ve been talking in my reader group on Facebook about keeping track of fictional worlds. Since compiling the world guide for Dragonfire – which was a seemingly endless job – I knew I needed a better system. I’ve been using a new tool this past year, mostly for DragonFate, and am pleased with it. Since people were interested, I thought I’d share that here, as well.

I’ve tried a lot of methods for keeping track of my worldbuilding and character lists. The tried and true is a stack of index cards. Each character gets a card with his or her pertinent details. Locations that recur get a card, again with any mentioned details. I still use index cards for Flatiron Five Fitness and Flatiron Five Tattoo. I use a highlighter to mark the side of each card with that character or place’s first appearance in the series. (The index cards are lined. On the right edge, I colour between the first and second line for anything in book one. Between the second and third line means that element or character is introduced in book two, etc.) This means I can easily grab all pertinent cards, and also helps me find the first written description of any given element in the book manuscript.

This works well for contemporary romances but I find that paranormal romances have too many elements. This index card system gets overwhelmed quickly and doesn’t offer me enough ways to search for details.

I’ve tried other systems like Scrivener but have settled on this one, called Plottr, for the moment. I don’t want to create in the software, as I’m perfectly happy to use Word for that — actually, I’d be happy with a typewriter or writing longhand. I prefer as little interference from tech as possible when I’m writing.

Plottr is intended for plotting a new work, but I don’t plot in such detail in advance. I use it as a worldguide. I compile the timeline for each book after it’s written. This is kind of backwards, but it works for me. Let’s have a look.

Here’s the series page from Plottr for DragonFate. I need to update the covers since the second two now have gold type instead of grey, but here you can see the series at a glance. Each book has its own detail page but I like being able to see the series. (And yes, there are more books below this, but you can’t see them yet!)

The DragonFate Novels tracked in Plottr by Deborah Cooke

Here’s the plotting page for Dragon’s Mate.

Dragon's Mate by Deborah Cooke, timeline in Plottr compiled by Deborah Cooke

The timeline is a grid, almost like a spreadsheet. You can add as many columns to the right as you want and as many rows at the bottom as you like. The default is for each column to be a chapter, and the scenes to cascade below that, presumably in order. I have more than one plotline in the series, and want to track them in order of events. I also don’t plot by chapter. There are a number of templates included in the software for plotting, but for me this is more about tracking the series once each book is written than plotting in advance.

The timeline is more important to me, so I put it in the top line. The chapter line is a reference to the book manuscript, in case I want to double check any detail. The green line is the main plot: in this case, Hadrian and Rania’s firestorm and romance. There are two longer slow-burn story arcs in this series, and they’re tracked below: Sebastian and Sylvia, then Theo and Mel. There are a lot of magickal elements and items in this series and I track them on the next line. Finally, I track mentions of the rest of the Pyr. (Ignore that box with the dotted outline on the last line: it thought I wanted to add an item when I was taking the screen shot.)

Each box is a scene, and I list them in order from left to right. I end up with 70 columns or so for each book, but I can find anything later and quickly.

If I click on one of those scenes, like the very first Fae Attack, that opens a detail card:

Opening scene of Dragon's Mate by Deborah Cooke in Plottr

Here I can add a more detailed description of events, plus I can choose the characters in the scene from my character list, and choose the location from my list of places. This means that later, I can filter the timeline by character or location. This is hugely useful when cross-checking what secondary characters have witnessed or heard. (I don’t use the tags as yet.)

Of course, I can look at characters or places and get a similar card for details. Here’s the card for Arach.

Arach Knights, one of the Pyr in DragonFate by Deborah Cooke, tracked in Plottr

The character list is sorted into groups – this is the list of main characters, but there are secondary and other characters. I’ve added a field for “kind” so I can keep track of my shifters. On the Character page, I can filter by kind or by specific words, which helps me track (for example) the selkies that I’ve specifically named already in the series. I put unnamed characters here as well – “Nameless Wolf Shifter” – and they often get names later.

I like the sort and filter functions. If I forget the names of Rania’s twelve brothers, for example, I can just sort by name and scroll down to “Rania’s brother”.

Rania's brothers in Dragon's Mate by Deborah Cooke, documented in Plottr

There are other options to display your plot as well. I use the timeline, but here’s the outline that can be compiled from the timeline.

Dragon's Mate by Deborah Cooke outlined in Plottr.

The colored boxes indicate which storyline the scene is from.

You can see on the menu bar that there’s a display for Places, which is similar to the one for Characters that I showed you above with Arach’s listing.

Bones from the DragonFate novels by Deborah Cooke, documented in the places list in Plottr

In my version of the software (which is older) the book list isn’t automatically populated for each location. It seems this feature could be easily added and it may have been since I updated my version.

When I set up a new book in Plottr, the next one in the series, I copy the plotlines – they’re the same for each book. In the first column, I list the outstanding items or status of each and also the goal for that line in the next book. So for the next book on the Magick line, I’ve noted that the gem of the hoard is destroyed and that Maeve is a lizard, Fae is no longer a separate realm, the Fae weapons that slice between realms are destroyed, and the Regalian magick is gone. One question is how earth magick has reasserted itself. Another is what happened to Bryant. A third is what happened to the earth magick charms mentioned in Dragon’s Heart that were given to species of Others. And on and on. This will be modified when the book is done and I create the final timeline for it, but gives me a snapshot of what I need to address (or can consider) in the next book.

One of the great things is that as I move deeper into the series I can easily locate all previous mentions of the two longer arc stories. I’m compiling a timeline for Sylvia and Sebastian, for example, which includes all mentions of their interactions so far – and the gaps – with dates and locations. That will make it easier for me to see where I can fill gaps and list questions that are outstanding. I’ll do the same for Mel and Theo, as well.

Plottr also has an export function to Word which I haven’t tried yet. That would make it simpler to compile an actual world guide when that time comes.

I’m sure that I’m only using a small percentage of this software’s capabilities, but it’s working well for me. I find that many applications are almost overwhelming and tend to focus on what I need to get done instead of exploring all the options. Because it is essentially a spreadsheet, this one makes the most sense to me. (I always want to lose myself in the story, not in the tool.)

There’s a peek behind the scenes for this week! I hope you found it interesting, or, if you’re a writer yourself, that it gave you food for thought.

Just the Wrong Twin

I put up the pre-orders for Sonia’s book this past weekend. Just the Wrong Twin, Flatiron Five Fitness #9, is coming in October!

Just the Wrong Twin, book nine of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Sonia is ready to take a chance…

Broken-hearted thanks to her twin sister’s meddling, Sonia has chosen peace and quiet over drama for years—but working from home for three months leaves her hungry for more. Jacquie and Pierce’s wedding at Flatiron Five Fitness might offer the perfect opportunity to step out of her comfort zone. When boy-next-door Nate Buchanan arrives looking hot and dangerous, Sonia can’t resist her impulse to invite him home. She’s sure that a hot one-nighter with no future expectations is just what she needs—but there’s something about Nate that keeps Sonia coming back for more. She’s falling hard when her twin sister turns up to make trouble again—will Nate fall for the wrong twin? Or has he already fallen for the twin who’s wrong for him? 

Nate won’t miss his chance…

Thanks to a job offer from Pierce, ex-Marine and former weightlifting coach Nate has a chance to reinvent himself again. One last visit to F5F, the place where he rediscovered his mojo, to attend Pierce’s wedding is the perfect way to say farewell to Manhattan—but the day only gets better when gorgeous Sonia propositions him. Nate isn’t going to turn down the woman who has his undivided attention, no matter what her twin sister said to him in the past. He discovers an unexpected passion in Sonia, one that he can’t resist. With her doubts about commitment and despite the interference of her family, can Nate convince Sonia to take a chance on forever—with him?

Available October 26.

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Chynna’s Book in Spanish

Today, the fourth and final book in the Flatiron Five Tattoo series is available in Spanish. It’s pretty exciting to have a complete series available in another language. Pick up your copy today!

Just One Christmas Night, book four the Flatiron Five Tattoo series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke, Spanish edition

Chynna ha amado y perdido… 
A pesar de que han pasado años, la Navidad le recuerda a Chynna la muerte de su esposo y hace que lo extrañe aún más.  Asistir a la boda de Lexi y Gabe en Navidad suena como un recordatorio de todo lo que ella perdió, hasta que la convencieron de ir y compartir su alegría.  Una vez allí, una relación con Trevor, el guapo amigo de Gabe, podría ser otra forma de superar su dolor, y Trevor hace que tomar ese riesgo valga la pena, volviendo a despertar a Chynna la sensación y la pasión.

Trevor nunca ha tenido tiempo para el amor … 
Él siempre se ha centrado en lograr el éxito.  Pero ahora que se lograron las ambiciones financieras de Trevor, él se dio cuenta de que no tiene a nadie con quien disfrutar de las recompensas.  La boda de su amigo Gabe le hace consciente de que ya no quiere estar solo.  Chynna es la mujer más atractiva que ha conocido en años y Trevor sabe que tomará más que una noche juntos para satisfacerlo.  Chynna es la mujer que ha estado esperando; todo lo que tiene que hacer es convencerla de que vuelva a arriesgarse con el amor, con él.