Flatiron Five in Hard Cover Editions

The Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke in hard cover editions

Yesterday, I received copies of the Flatiron Five books in their new hard cover editions! They really look nice.

I just added these editions a few weeks ago, in the hope that they’ll make their way into some library collections. You can also buy them at your portal of choice.

I’ve added the links to the book pages, but here they are all in one place:

Buy Simply Irresistible in hardcover:
Barnes & Noble

Buy Addicted to Love in hardcover:
Barnes & Noble

Buy In the Midnight Hour in hardcover:
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Buy Some Guys Have All the Luck in hardcover:
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Theo’s Book

Bad Case of Loving You, book #6 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeLast night, I changed the publication date for Theo and Lyssa’s book, Bad Case of Loving You. Instead of coming out next week, it’s now scheduled for publication on July 23. If you had a pre-order at Amazon, it’s been cancelled.

This doesn’t make me happy but it was necessary.

This winter in Romancelandia, there’s been a lot of discussion about the depiction of people of color in romance novels. In fact, I think this discussion changed Theo’s story, because I was trying to get it right. To be sure, I asked two writers to do a sensitivity read on the final book. They both said there were issues with the book – and they identified the same issues, which is a good thing. What was interesting to me was that they said I’d made race a bigger issue in the book than it would be in real life, which means that my initial instincts were right.

One Knight's Return, book #2 of the Sayerne series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe book needs to be revised, so it can’t be published next week. There are some other elements of the story that I want to change as well, so I’ll put the book aside while I finish One Knight’s Return, then revise it.

I apologize for the delay and hope you understand. 🙂


Pricing on Print Editions

Wyvern's Outlaw, book #4 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’ve made some changes to the distribution details of my print editions from Ingrams, which means that you’ll see better prices at your portal of choice than has been the case to date.

I publish print editions directly through Amazon for Amazon of most titles, and to date, those have had the best prices. l publish print editions for everywhere else from Ingrams. They’ve been priced slightly higher, but these changes will make the prices the same in most cases as the Amazon-direct prices.

As an example, many of my trade paperbacks were $9.99 US on the Amazon direct version but $14.99 US if distributed by Ingrams. In most cases, they’re now $9.99 US from Ingrams, too. I have uploaded some print titles directly to Nook as well – Dragonfire, Flatiron Five, the Champions of St. Euphemia and the True Love Brides – which have similar pricing to the Amazon editions. All the other series come to B&N from Ingrams, and they will all do so in future.

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixSimilarly, the hardcover editions which come from Ingrams – Dragonfire and new ones for Flatiron Five – have dropped in price from $32.99 US or so to $24.99 US or so. The prices vary slightly from book to book – because the length of the book determines the production cost – but you’ll see an improvement.

The new prices were effective yesterday, so they should be live at your portal of choice now.

A Tiara for a Dragon Queen

I’ve been playing around with beads and charms, making some shiny trinkets to take to Romancing the Capital in August. I decided to try to make a tiara fit for a dragon queen.

Here’s my first attempt.

Bead and crystal tiara made by Deborah Cooke

I used a metal hairband as a frame. The crystals are dyed quartz and have been drilled, which made it a lot easier to secure them in place. I used 24 gauge wire for the wrapping. I arranged the crystals in order of size first, with the biggest ones in the center, then attached them to the frame. Once they were in place, I added glass beads of various shapes and sizes.

Detail of bead and crystal tiara made by Deborah Cooke

The result is quite sparkly. What do you think?

I’ve also been making some necklaces with gemstone beads, using wire. Here’s one of Dragon’s Eye Agate, with matching earrings:

Necklace and earrings of dragon's eye agate and beads by Deborah Cooke

And here’s one of Fire Agate – the agate has been dyed to enhance the colour, but it is quite spectacular. The black beads are onyx:

Fire agate necklace and earrings made by Deborah Cooke

I’ve been making earrings, too. Here’s a selection with the fun dragon claw drops:

Dragon claw drop earrings with glass beads made by Deborah Cooke

I’m going to make another tiara in different colours – if not two – and will show you them when they’re done.

What do you think? Would you or your favorite dragon queen wear any of these?

Buying Signed Copies

Addicted to Love, a contemporary romance by Deborah CookeSince closing my online store, I’ve been looking for a way to sell signed print books and ebooks directly to you. Today’s solution is for signed print books. I’m using a feature called Simple Payments, which lets me set up Paypal buttons on this site. It’s pretty easy to use, but it doesn’t include a shipping calculator. :-/ So, I’ve made a guess at postage on each item, and guessed high.

You’ll find buttons to buy signed books directly on the series pages for Flatiron Five and Secret Heart Ink, as well as for the individual F5 titles and Christmas with the Coxwells. You’ll also find one on the Dragons of Incendium page, and a few of them on Claire Delacroix’s Knights page. Of course, there are also buttons on the Dragonfire page for the whole series in paperback or hardcover.

Going to the Chapel, a short story and #5 in the Flatiron Five series by Deborah CookeLet me know what you thnk about this, or if there are any obvious omissions. I have many (MANY!) more print books, but this seemed like a good start.

Wild Grass Pullover

It’s Friday! Let’s talk about knitting.

Wild Grass pullover knit by Deborah Cooke in Swans Island washable wool sport

I’ve been working on a pullover with a beautiful yoke. The pattern is called Wild Grass and the yarn I’m using is Swans Island Washable Wool Collection Sport. For this pattern, you make a provisional cast-on, knit a few rows, then knit up, through the yoke and the neck. Then you pick up stitches from the provisional cast-on and knit down, dividing for the sleeves then to the hems. This means that the fun part is over early. 🙂

I may re-knit the neck on larger needles. Right now, it’s more of a turtle-neck, but the pattern shows it as a cowl, which is a big part of what I liked about the design.

I bought this yarn at Swans Island when we were in Maine last summer. They make the most beautiful blankets and dye their own yarn. The colours are amazing. This is a wonderful squishy and soft yarn which is spun from merino. Here’s a link to the yarn on the Swans Island website – I’m getting a security warning because of their certificate, but maybe that will be fixed by the time you click through. Here’s a Ravelry link, too. The colours I’m using are Mallard and Pesto. The Mallard is a little darker than it looks in this picture. The yarn is also incredibly soft, so I’m not worried about having this wool next to my skin.

What do you think?


One Knight’s Return Pre-Order

One Knight's Return, #2 of the Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixOne Knight’s Return will be published May 21.

This is the second book in my Rogues & Angels series of medieval romances. Like One Knight Enchanted, it’s set in medieval Burgundy in an area we’d now call French Switzerland. You can see some pictures of the area on the Pinterest page for the series.

This is also the second of the books I originally published with Harlequin Historicals that I’ve revised for republication. One Knight Enchanted had new scenes and changes to the ending, as well as minor changes throughout from the original book, Enchanted. One Knight’s Return came out of My Lady’s Champion, but has so many changes in the first half that the second half is all new.

The rest of the books in this series will be all new works. You can meet the knights – each of whom will have his own book – in this excerpt from the prologue of One Knight Enchanted.

Download a free sample from BookFunnel

Pre-order One Knight’s Return in ebook:
Books2Read Universal Link


Dragonfire Elixir Available Now!

Dragonfire Elixir, the second Dragonfire digital bundle including Winter Kiss, Whisper Kiss and Darkfire Kiss of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke Dragonfire Elixir is the second digital bundle in The Dragonfire Novels: The Complete Series and includes three books that feature the battle between the Pyr, dragon shifters pledged to defend the treasures of the earth, and the evil Slayers, dragon shifters bent on destroying both the Pyr and the humans they protect. These three books feature the Pyr‘s mission to destroy the Dragon’s Blood Elixir which gives the Slayers the power to raise the dead.

In Winter Kiss, Delaney Shea who has been forcefed the Elixir is determined to destroy its source alone, no matter the cost to himself. On the eve of his suicide mission, he feels the spark of his firestorm and seduces Ginger Sinclair to leave a legacy for the future. But Ginger isn’t so easily abandoned, even for her own safety—she follows Delaney and becomes part of the mission to destroy the Elixir’s source, and save Delaney for herself and their son.

In Whisper Kiss, Niall Talbot has vowed to hunt down and eliminate the remaining shadow dragons, then is targeted by the Slayers himself. When his firestorm ignites and his mate—the feisty tattoo artist and dragon enthusiast Rox Kincaid—is at risk, Niall will do anything to defend her—even abandon his own assumptions when opposites attract.

In Darkfire Kiss, Rafferty Powell is bent on the destruction of the Slayer Magnus, since the two old foes have exchanged challenge coins and vowed to battle to the death. He doesn’t expect his destined mate to step between them, but reporter Melissa Smith will take any risk to get the real story—even enter the dragon’s den, fight fire with fire, and fall in love with the greatest romantic of the Pyr. Will it be enough to save them both from Magnus’ vengeance?Dragonfire Elixir, the second Dragonfire digital bundle including Winter Kiss, Whisper Kiss and Darkfire Kiss of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

Available now!

Buy Dragonfire Elixir:
Books2Read Universal Link (for international stores and other Amazon stores)

Moving Dates

Bad Case of Loving You, book #6 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeThis year, I’m determined to get ahead of my publication schedule, so that books are done and loaded well in advance of publication. This will make it easier for me to plan and also to promote those books. This means I need to delay publication on some things. In future, I won’t tell you what I’m working on until it’s loaded for pre-order (and done). So, we’re in a little transition phase.

First up, the publication date for Bad Case of Loving You moved to April 16.

Next, One Knight’s Return‘s publication date moved to May 21.

Third, Some Like It Hot moved the fall – it now has an October 29 publication date. At this point, I’m thinking it will be the last Flatiron Five book, but we’ll see.

What goes in the gaps?

Under the Mistletoe, a contemporary Christmas romance and #4 in the Secret Heart Ink series by Deborah CookeUnder the Mistletoe will be a September release. It makes more sense to publish a Christmas book in the fall than in the spring, after all. I’ll give you the links once it’s loaded at the portals. Chynna’s story will be the last Secret Heart Ink book

Here Be Dragons will be a July release, one way or the other. Again, I’ll give you the links once it’s loaded at the portals.

What comes after that? I’ll tell you once the links are live! I have so many covers that I’ve already commissioned, but might do something entirely new.