New Cover for Holly And Drew

As you know, my Christmas romance novella, A Berry Merry Christmas, is available in a digital edition on its own now. I originally thought that a cartoon cover would work for this story, but we had a tough time choosing the image from the available stock.

It took two steps to launch this new cover idea.

First, Debbie Barao told me when we met in Florida how much she loved the story and that it reminded her of a Hallmark movie. What a wonderful compliment, but also one that got me thinking about the cover. Hmm.

Second, I saw that my cover artist, Kim Killion, had done covers for the new Hallmark e-books. You can see the first few on the Hallmark website right here. I love these covers, as they have that Christmas-magic feel that I wanted for Holly’s book. I emailed Kim about changing the cover image and we got to work.

A Berry Merry Christmas, a holiday romance novella by Deborah CookeIt still took time to find the right photographic stock—and many discussions about magic-y bits. We followed a few false leads and ideas that didn’t get us where we needed to be, but the result was worth the effort. I love it to bits and Kim does, too.

A new edition of the novella has been published to all portals with the new cover art. The interior is the same as before, but you can download the new edition to have this cover image on your device.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “New Cover for Holly And Drew

  1. Love the new cover…and I realized over the weekend that I had this book, with the original cover, on my Kindle, so I read it. I thought it was really sweet and perfect for the holidays.


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