Just One Hometown Hero

Just One Hometown Hero, the new edition of Cassie and Reid’s story, is now available. If you bought Some Guys Have All the Luck as an ebook, you’ll be able to download the new edition as an update. There are very few changes in this new edition, just a few tweaks and updates.

Just One Hometown Hero, book four of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeCassie has everything she wants…
Cassie Wilson’s life is pretty much perfect, with a dream job, great partners—and the freedom to do as she pleases. The last thing she wants is to go back to Montrose River, the town she couldn’t wait to leave, and revisit the past. But when her oldest friend asks her to be a godmother, Cassie sees an opportunity to make a difference in Emily’s life. Maybe teaching Emily to dream big will be her legacy. Besides, one weekend in the Midwest won’t kill her. She’ll be back in Manhattan so quickly that they won’t have time to miss her at Flatiron Five Fitness.

Reid knows what he wants…
Reid Jackson is convinced that luck has to be made. Keeping his eyes open has been the secret to his triumph over his past, along with a lot of hard work. He might have come from the wrong side of the tracks, and he might have the reputation of being bad to the bone, but he’s built his own brand of success. When Cassie Wilson comes breezing back into town, Reid is ready to find out if she really is different from everyone else. Cassie turns his expectations inside out, fulfilling his dreams and shaking up his routine. But when Cassie decides she wants more than a fling, Reid knows he’s not the man she wants him to be—can Cassie convince him to hope for more?

“I truly love this series. If you have read any of Deborah’s other series or genres, it is amazing how different they are and how different her style of writing is with F5 versus her historical, for example. Such a diverse author. Out of all the series I have read of her’s, this is definitely my absolute favorite series….Loved every second. Loved that they took their time. Loved that the book had plenty of passion and romance and emotional tension and just great plot elements that came together to create a great story. Loved also getting to witness Kyle and Lauren’s wedding, which was so beautiful. Just. Plain. Loved. It.”—Rendezvous with a Romance

“The premise is heart breaking, emotional and entertaining; the characters are broken, animated and embittered; the romance is sensual, spicy and hot… A raw, gritty and sensitive story.” —The Reading Cafe

5 stars! Loved this new story, it has the usual smooth flow and the organic unfolding of the story I love in Ms. Cooke’s books…Loved the chemistry between [Reid and Cassie], hot and sweet and real without the angst and drama so prevalent these days. It is true in real life too, we only get to know somebody as far as they allow us to see or sometimes as far as we are willing despite having all the clues in front of us. I can’t recommend this series enough.” —SEELK Fire & Ice

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Just One Night Together

The new edition of Damon and Haley’s story is available! If you bought In the Midnight Hour as an ebook, you can download Just One Night Together as an update. The one change in this new edition is that there’s now an epilogue, showing Damon and Haley’s return to New York.

Just One Night Together, book three of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeDamon has a secret…
Every Friday night, the F5F partner who is the quiet powerhouse leaves on the dot of five without explanation. Where does Damon go? What does he do? His partners want to know, but Damon can’t bring himself to share the truth about his mom’s battle with cancer. She’s the anchor in his life and he doesn’t know how he’ll go on without her. In the middle of the night, when he’s most alone, he wants to control all the variables for someone, to prove he’s not completely powerless. He doesn’t expect to find such a willing, or seductive, volunteer. 

Haley loves solving mysteries…
Especially ones like the gorgeous guy who visits her favorite patient every Friday night. He must be Natasha’s son, but is he also the model on the billboard for that fitness club downtown? Where did he learn therapeutic massage? Even though she’s a nurse, Haley’s interest in him and his skill isn’t just professional. She wants to feel those hands on her own skin, for as long as possible. One night, she takes a chance and asks for a lesson from him, only to discover that she has a hunger for the sensation only Damon can satisfy.

“Book three in the Flatiron Five series was passionate, with a well developed plot and great characters. Book 2 is definitely still my favorite in the series, but this one is a close second….I really like how the characters in this book, and in book 2, were honest and straightforward. They didn’t play games. They didn’t say one thing but mean another. Haley was straight up honest with Damon and it was that which pulled him in, just like Lauren and Kyle. Loved it and am definitely now looking forward to more in this series. So good.” —Rendezvous with a Romance

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Just One More Time

The new edition of Kyle and Lauren’s book is available! If you bought the ebook of Addicted to Love, you’ll be able to download Just One More Time as an update. The biggest change in this new edition is that Tyler and Shannyn’s wedding takes place in Harte’s Harbor instead of Brooklyn.

Just One More Time, book two of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeKyle wants it all…
Kyle Stuyvesant doesn’t believe in love and romance. His parents taught him there’s no such thing as forever, and he took the lesson to heart. After all, there’s only one woman who ever tempted him to want more than one hot night together. Fortunately for his convictions, she’s married to another guy. Problem solved—until Lauren’s husband cheats and Kyle isn’t just the bearer of bad news, but the man she calls for comfort. 

Lauren demands his all…
After Lauren’s marriage implodes, she wants to lose herself in pleasure. Who knows that territory better than Kyle, who once seduced her completely? Lauren never forgot that wonderful night and, now that she’s suddenly single, Kyle’s rule of no love or romance has a new appeal. All she wants is satisfaction, but when Kyle realizes he needs more, will he be able to convince Lauren to take a chance on forever again, this time with him?

“Loved every second of it. It has the kind of character development rarely seen in romance novels. Everything happens within a few days, maybe a week or two, but this one started twelve years ago when they first met, then flash-forward to present day and he is her brother’s best friend, their past is a secret, she is married and he is the bearer of bad news. From that moment on it is a slow burn and a strong build up to a great relationship. It spans months and Cooke does it seamlessly with no dull parts. It was great. I loved the slow build. I loved that Kyle had to work for it and that Lauren refused to settle. The progression of the book was great and the conflicts were strong. I loved how Lauren set her cheating ex-husband straight in front of a group of strangers, and I love how Kyle grew from a man who wanted nothing but one night stands, to one who wanted forever and how he grew as a character. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about this book.” —Rendezvous with a Romance

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New Cover for Holly And Drew

As you know, my Christmas romance novella, A Berry Merry Christmas, is available in a digital edition on its own now. I originally thought that a cartoon cover would work for this story, but we had a tough time choosing the image from the available stock.

It took two steps to launch this new cover idea.

First, Debbie Barao told me when we met in Florida how much she loved the story and that it reminded her of a Hallmark movie. What a wonderful compliment, but also one that got me thinking about the cover. Hmm.

Second, I saw that my cover artist, Kim Killion, had done covers for the new Hallmark e-books. You can see the first few on the Hallmark website right here. I love these covers, as they have that Christmas-magic feel that I wanted for Holly’s book. I emailed Kim about changing the cover image and we got to work.

A Berry Merry Christmas, a holiday romance novella by Deborah CookeIt still took time to find the right photographic stock—and many discussions about magic-y bits. We followed a few false leads and ideas that didn’t get us where we needed to be, but the result was worth the effort. I love it to bits and Kim does, too.

A new edition of the novella has been published to all portals with the new cover art. The interior is the same as before, but you can download the new edition to have this cover image on your device.

What do you think?

The Heiress New Edition

The Heiress, book #3 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixNo woman can resist the charms of Rowan de Montvieux. But the dashing rogue is in no hurry to marry—until his family dares him to find a bride…or risk losing his inheritance. So Rowan sets out on a Bride Quest, vowing to wed only The Heiress.

But his journey is interrupted when a slave merchant offers to sell him a ragged peasant girl who carries herself like a queen. Intrigued and never imagining she is the sought-after Bronwyn of Ballyroyal, an heiress in disguise, Rowan buys her, offering her his protection if she will lead him to the bride he seeks.

Never has he met a woman so proud, so beautiful, so defiant. He suspects she is no commoner and vows to uncover her secrets and melt her fiery resolve. But the perilous voyage to Ireland kindles passions that risk both their lives, as the slave girl who would not be mastered slowly takes possession of his wary heart.


“This twelfth century romance is as good as they come!”
The Dallas Morning News

USA Today Bestseller


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The Damsel New Edition

The Damsel, book #2 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixOnce upon a time, the legendary knight Burke Fitzgavin galloped into Kiltorren Castle and fell in love with Alys, the lord’s orphaned niece. But her uncle was determined that Burke marry one of his homely daughters instead. Through tricks and lies, Burke was sent away believing that Alys wanted nothing of his heart.

Pledged to a Bride Quest, Burke has vowed not to return home until he finds his long-lost love. He returns to Kiltorren to discover that the fiery young innocent has become a woman, a servant on her uncle’s estate. Paying penance for Burke’s long-ago embrace, she wants nothing to do with him. Burke knows he must earn her trust again.

Even as he slowly rekindles her desire, Alys’ family attempts to thwart their romance—determined that Alys should not marry before her cousins do. But Burke is a warrior and this battle to win the hand and the heart of his one true love will be his greatest challenge ever…

“A gem of a book!”

USA Today Bestseller

1999 Best Historical Romance in a Series
Romantic Times

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Cover for The Mercenary’s Bride

The Mercenary's Bride, book #1 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixThe Mercenary’s Bride is a Christmas novella and my contribution to The Nutcracker Reimagined, a 2017 multi-author anthology for Christmas. It’s also the first story in the Brides of Inverfyre series.

It’s the story of Mhairi, daughter of the Hawk of Inverfyre and his wife Aileen. (The family tree for Ravensmuir and Inverfyre is a free download in my online store, right here.) Mhairi is the middle child of five and the second daughter. She’s a crack shot with a crossbow and a bit of a tomboy, and she’s unafraid to defy her father. Her interest was why the mercenary Quentin was dismissed from Inverfyre, but when he returns, bitter and wounded, Mhairi is the only one who can see his merit. Can her love heal him? I think you can guess, but I hope you’ll join me for their adventure.

The Mercenary’s Bride will be available in a digital edition on its own in 2018. I’m excited to have the cover done already and wanted to show it off to you. Since this story is a novella, there won’t be a print edition of it – it’ll be tucked into the print edition of book #2 in the Brides of Inverfyre series instead.

What do you think of the cover? The couple are exactly perfect for Mhairi and Quentin.


The Countess New Edition

The new edition of The Countess is available!

Remember that I’ve renumbered the Bride Quest books so that they’re all in one series. Instead of The Countess being book #1 of the Bride Quest II, it’s now book #4 of the Bride Quest. If you bought the book before, you should be able to download the new edition as an update at your portal of choice.

I’m working with a new proofreader on these books and she’s doing a great job. We’re working around our vacation schedules this month. The Beauty and The Temptress are in the works. I’m hoping to publish those new editions by the end of the month, just FYI.

And now, Eglantine and Duncan. There’s an excerpt on the book page if you want to take a peek.

The Countess, book #4 of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixDriven from her late husband’s estate, Countess Eglantine de Crevy fled to wildest Scotland to claim a castle, only to find a ruin — and a clan chieftain standing guard. Kinbeath was hers, she declared, vowing to rebuild the manor and launch a bride quest so her daughters could marry for love. But Duncan MacLaren had devised a bride quest of his own, swearing to win the land — and the fiery countess — in a war of sweet seduction…

Eglantine declared she would never be captured by this barbarian. Yet Duncan awakened passions she had never known before. She promised to fight him with every weapon at her command even as he vowed to woo her for a year and a day — and make her his pagan bride.

Each thought Kinbeath the prize the most desired, a prize to be won at any price. Until passion turned to love, and the chieftain found himself fighting for the heart and hand of the woman he was born to possess.

“Master storyteller Claire Delacroix has done it again with this marvelous medieval romance. The Countess is a keeper!”
Old Book Barn Gazette


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New Cover for Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 – which is a paranormal romance and romantic comedy – is a personal favorite of my own books. (Although it has paranormal elements, they aren’t as vehement as those what we call paranormal romance now. I think of it as a contemporary romance and romantic comedy with a bit of magic.) When it was originally published by Berkley, they commissioned the cover art from Judy York. This was the first time that I had a cover illustration that was actually a scene from the book. I was pretty happy about that, and thought the image perfectly captured the tone of the story.

Here’s the original cover:

Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix (writing as Claire Cross), out of print mass market editionWhen the rights to this book reverted to me, I licensed that image from Judy for the new edition of the book, just because I liked it so well. This was the cover on my first digital edition of the book:

Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance by Claire DelacroixI was never as happy with the type as I wanted to be. Since then, Kim Killion and I have established a look for the type on my books, and particularly for Claire’s name, so recently I asked her to update the type on the cover. Here’s the new cover:Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix

New editions have been uploaded to the online portals, and the covers on the print edition have been updated, too.

Why do I love this book so much? Well, there is the story itself, which features Lilith and Mitch both having a second chance at love. I like that a lot. I like that it’s set in Toronto, where I used to live. But my favourite element of this story is that the chapters are named after the twenty-two cards in the higher arcana of the tarot deck, in order, and that what happens in each chapter is under the influence of the specified card. The higher arcana from 0 – The Fool to 21 – The World describes a journey, and I structured Lilith and Mitch’s story to follow the path of that journey. I’m ridiculously proud of how well it worked out. (Here’s the Wiki about the Major Arcana.)

If you’re curious, Love Potion #9 will be on sale for 99 cents this weekend at Amazon US and 99p at Amazon UK. 🙂