February Print Book Giveaway

Each month, I give away a signed print copy of one of my books. Last month’s print book giveaway was a copy of Highland Heroes. Our winner is Josée Giroux. Congrats Josée!

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire Delacroix (writing as Claire Cross)This month’s print book is The Last Highlander, my Scottish time travel romance and romantic comedy. I think it’s a perfect winter read.

For your chance to win, please comment on this post. Tell me your ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day—whether that actually happens or not is your secret!

The giveaway is open to readers in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and NZ.

I’ll draw a winner on March 1. Good luck, everyone!

Edited to Add – we have a winner! Congratulations to Michelle W!

Thanks to everyone who commented. It sounds as if you all know how to celebrate love and romance. There’s a new book giveaway posted for March with another chance to win.

34 thoughts on “February Print Book Giveaway

  1. My perfect Valentine’s Day date would be a romantic dinner and a walk along the ocean shore while the sun is setting. Perhaps a bottle of Champaign would be waiting while we watched the sun set.


  2. A cozy fire, some wine and the man of my life. It would not matter where it was, just that we were together. Cheers! to my husband, William, of 33 years.


  3. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It has become a retail holiday. Besides, I believe that you should show someone how much you love them all year round.




  4. Valentines Day is a bitter-sweet holiday for my husband and I.  He gives me one red rose, a stuffed animal, and a box of chocolates, and a very mushy card, I give him a box of chocolates, a very funny card, and a funny trinket of some kind.  We strive for love, and laughter as his only son and my step-son who was only 20 years old was killed in a car accident on Feb 14………  Take care and God bless. Judie


  5. My favorite Valentine’s was when my husband surprised me by taking me to an very nice hotel for the evening. He bought me my favorite bottle of Amaretto to drink, a very sexy nightie to wear, tasty goodies to enjoy and then proceeded to make me feel like his girlfriend again by doing all those things I love. Then after spending many hours together we had to check out about 2 in the morning to go back home, which was just about a mile away, because I had to be up early for our kids that morning. I kinda felt like a hooker, so much fun and so special.


  6. My ideal Valentine’s celebration begins when we leave the children at a (fictional) babysitter or a their grandparents’ house for the entire night. Then, my husband and I, dressed beautifully, would go for a candlelit dinner, followed by a couple of drinks and dancing. Then, we return home to a wonderfully chilled bottle of my favorite bottle of champagne, and a night of kissing, cuddling, and quality adult time (even if it’s only watching a movie together while snuggling on the couch). We could even skip the drinks and dancing and come straight home. I’d still be perfectly happy. 🙂


    • Congratulations, Michelle! You’re this month’s winner! Please check your inbox (or your spam folder) for a message from me. I’ll need your mailing address to get the book to you. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who participated! Please check for the March book giveaway for another chance to win.


  7. Valentine’s day! Perfect for dreaming of romance! We went out for a nice dinner then a romantic movie with lots of soft kisses and hand holding then on home where I got a box of my favorite chocolates and a dozen red roses. We took a hot bath together and climbed in a bed covered in real rose petals of red white and pink. It was perfect! Risa johnston


  8. I don’t like the crowds on Valentines Day, and I enjoy cooking, so I make a nice dinner and my husband splurges on a nicer bottle of wine than we would normally have and we just have a quiet evening at home. Then, we go out for un-Valentines Day to a nice restaurant on some other random night of the month when we won’t have to contend with all the people!


  9. Thanks for the giveaway! My husband is Scottish so a perfect way to celebrate with him would be exploring a Scottish castle overlooking a loch, with mountains and heather-clad moors. In the evening we’d sit down to a banquet of local game with a pine log fire, with lassies singing Gaelic songs, and sip some local brews before retiring to a four-poster bed with the hangings pulled to keep the chill out – well it is cold there in February! But the Valentine’s Day we just had was very cosy at home, so I am not complaining about having a good thing.


  10. My perfect Valentine’s Day celebration would be a picnic on a remote hillside with my true love. Watching the sunset and starting a little campfire then cuddling up to watch the stars come out…


  11. I still mail Valentines to my friends, even married couples and I receive a lot of thanks for them. It seems that special cards surprise folks more than Christmas cards which seem to be the only Holiday cards that folks mail out. Out of town recipients seem the most-appreciative, since we don’t get to see them as often. Our immediate family exchange Valentines and special gifts. The gifts don’t have to be expensive….just something we feel the person will like.


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