The Crusader’s Vow Pre-Order at Amazon

I’ve put The Crusader’s Vow up at Amazon for pre-order.

Those of you who are sharp-eyed will notice two things: first, the delivery date at Amazon says March 30 instead of March 23. This is because Amazon locks the file about ten days before publication and I wanted a little more wiggle room. When I upload the final file, probably a day or two before the 23rd, I’ll change the delivery date. Secondly, if you Look Inside, you’ll see that the book interior is for The Crusader’s Kiss. Amazon requires a book file and I don’t like uploading a working file, just in case it gets delivered by mistake. If you get The Crusader’s Kiss on March 23rd, you’ll know right away that there’s been a mistake and can contact Amazon for the right file. If I uploaded a working version of The Crusader’s Vow, you might realize you have the wrong file (if you get the wrong file). Trust me on this one.

Truth be told, this is up a little earlier than I would have made it available, but I know there are many of you who want to pre-order Fergus and Leila’s tale so you don’t miss it. Amazon is fixing the Champions of Saint Euphemia series page to include The Crusader’s Vow and The Crusader’s Handfast now, too.

So, now you can pre-order the book!

The Crusader's Vow by Claire Delacroix, book #4 in the Champions of Saint Euphemia series of medieval romances.Returning home to Scotland triumphant after his military service, and entrusted with the precious relic of the Templars, Fergus is more than ready to wed his beloved Isobel and begin their life together. To his dismay, Isobel has wed another in his absence, and he believes all of merit is stolen from his life—until Leila resolves to win the valiant highlander’s heart for her own. She is convinced of her own success, until Isobel tempts Fergus anew.

Coming March 23, 2017.

Available for pre-order at these portals:

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2 thoughts on “The Crusader’s Vow Pre-Order at Amazon

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Pre-ordered immediately! Just finished reading all the rest and have to say not surprisingly, your story telling talent is beyond compare! Love love love your books. You have brought me endless hours of entertainment and happiness. While reading your tales I dream about the characters every night and when I finish one of the books my dreams continue their story which is so great! This only happens with two authors I read, you and Eliza Knight. I am so happy you are one of them! I am in awe of your talent 😍😊


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