New Covers for the Dragon Diaries

The Dragon Diaries is a paranormal YA trilogy which is a spin-off from Dragonfire. It tells the story of Zoë Sorensson’s coming of age as the next Wyvern of the Pyr. There will be new editions of all three books in September of this year – although the new editions of the first two books won’t be available in all territories.

Here are the new covers. Once again, I was able to license the original cover illustration from the artist.

Flying Blind, book #1 of the Dragon Diaries series of paranormal YA novels by Deborah Cooke Winging It, book #2 of the Dragon Diaries YA trilogy by Deborah Cooke Blazing the Trail, #3 of the Dragon Diaries YA trilogy by Deborah Cooke

The Allison & Busby Commonwealth English editions of the first two books remain available in both print and digital, exclusively in the exclusive territories and non-exclusively in the non-exclusive territories. (What does that mean? The UK is an exclusive territory, therefore only the A&B editions are available there. Canada is a non-exclusive territory, therefore both the A&B editions and my new editions are available there.) The A&B editions look like this:

Flying Blind, first of the paranormal young adult Dragon Diaries trilogy by Deborah Cooke, UK edition Winging It, second of the paranormal YA trilogy The Dragon Diaries by Deborah Cooke, UK edition

Since A&B didn’t acquire the rights to Flying Blind, the new edition of that book will be available everywhere.

Click through on the covers to my Dragonfire website, where the detail about these books resides, to find more information about each book and pre-order links (more will be added as they become available).

Sneak Peeks of Spring Fever

Spring Fever, #2 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeI’ve scheduled some sneak peeks of Spring Fever on Book + Main. They start going live today at 10AM.

Although you can’t see what the book is on the excerpts at Book + Main, all of mine that are posting today through Monday are from Reyna and Kade’s book. 🙂

Book + Main is a free site for readers.

You can find me on Book + Main right here.

There is also an excerpt on my Facebook page, in the notes, right here.

Spring Fever goes on sale Tuesday, May 22.


Spring Fever

Spring Fever, #2 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeThe second book in the Secret Heart Ink series is Spring Fever.

Reyna knows happily-ever-after isn’t in her future…
But after three years of solitude, Reyna is ready for a fling. She’s learned her lesson with bad boys and long-term expectations, so her neighbor’s visiting nephew is the perfect man to lead into temptation. But Kade has a gift for breaking her rules and ensuring Reyna doesn’t regret it, which means one night becomes two…

Kade believes in putting the past where it belongs…
Kade was always waiting for the right woman, and one night with Reyna convinces him that he’s found her. It’s more than great sex and good conversation: Reyna’s determination to shape her life inspires him to rebuild his own, and he knows they’ll be a great team. All he has to do is convince her to take a chance on him and forever. When Reyna’s past catches up to them both, will it destroy their new partnership before the future begins?

Coming May 22!

Buy ebook at:
Buy directly from Deborah
in her Selz store (The book file will be delivered by BookFunnel in either ePUB or MOBI.)
Buy a signed print copy from Deborah and get the ebook free.


Some Guys and One Hot Summer Night

Some Guys Have All the Luck, #4 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeI’ve made a little change to the publication schedule: Some Guys Have All the Luck will be published in July instead of in June.

In hindsight, I’m not sure how I thought I could manage having four books published on the same day, even if three of them were new editions of older books. In reality, these new Dragonfire editions are taking much much MUCH more time to prepare than I had expected and I’m running behind.

I want to be sure to give Cassie and Reid the attention they deserve, so I’ve moved their publication date to July 31. If you’ve pre-ordered the book at iBooks or KOBO, they may send you an update telling you of the change.

One Hot Summer Night, #3 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeI also added One Hot Summer Night to the New & Next page, tentatively scheduling it for August publication. This is Lexi and Gabriel’s second-chance romance and I’m really looking forward to digging in. There won’t be any pre-orders for this one until it’s ready to go, but now you know my plan. 🙂

There’s a post scheduled for tomorrow with links for Spring Fever, coming May 22!

New Dragonfire Print Editions

As the new Dragonfire editions are formatted for digital and print, I’ve been ordering single copies of the print books. I want to read them one more time for typos before the books are published. OCR scans leave a lot of teeny tiny typos, and we want to catch them all.

This also gives me the chance to show you all the new print books. They’re trade paperback, the same trim size as the conclusion of the series. Here are the new editions of Kiss of Fury, Kiss of Fate and Winter Kiss with the original mass market editions.

New Dragonfire trade paperback editions published by Deborah CookeThe Dragonfire editions that are in trade paperback already have the gloss covers and I can’t change that setting. (That’s The Dragon Legion Collection, Serpent’s Kiss and Firestorm Forever.) I tried Winter Kiss in the matte finish here, because pale covers look good with that finish. It looks nice, but I’m going to change it to glossy to match the others. I think the glossy finish echoes the finish of the original books, which had foil stamping and embossing too. Kiss of Fury even had a tint varnish in its original edition, which was kind of a silvery-blue and very pretty.

New Dragonfire trade paperback editions, published by Deborah CookeIf you’re looking for mass market editions to complete your collection, they’re getting pretty scarce. The rest of mine are listed for sale in my online store as signed editions. You can find them in Collectors Editions, starting here on page two of the listings. And yes, there’s a new cover of Kiss of Fire shown there, too. That’s the hardcover edition.

What do you think? I’m really pleased with them. 🙂

New Flatiron Five Bookmarks

I’m getting my swag organized this month! There are new bookmarks for Flatiron Five in the works. These ones have the Secret Heart Ink covers on the back. Here’s a screenshot:

Flatiron Five bookmark, showing the series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Ooops. Did I just show you the third Secret Heart Ink cover? 🙂 We haven’t done Theo’s cover yet, even though his book is coming in January.

As ever, if you’d like some of these bookmarks, just comment on the post and let me know. You don’t have to include your mailing information – I’ll email you to get it privately. I’ll send the bookmarks out when they come from the printer, probably in two weeks or so.

New Dragonfire Bookmarks

Here’s a day I’ve been waiting for! Since all the covers are updated, I’ve ordered new Dragonfire bookmarks. Here’s a screenshot of what they look like – they’ll be 2″ by 8″ and the finished bookmarks will have rounded corners. The screenshot will probably show better color than any photograph I take of the actual bookmarks. 🙂

Bookmark design for the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI should have these in a couple of weeks. If you’d like a couple, please comment on this post. You don’t have to include your email or mailing addy in your comment – I’ll contact you to ask for it, so it isn’t sitting on the internet for anyone to slurp.

What do you think?

Revisiting Ravensmuir and Kinfairlie

The Runaway Bride, book #2 of the Brides of Inverfyre series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixOver the past few days, I’ve embarked on an unexpected adventure. I’ve been working on a series bible (or world guide) for Ravensmuir, Kinfairlie and Inverfyre. The plan was to compile what I’ve said about these places and characters before writing Ross’s book (The Runaway Bride) to make sure I don’t forget any important details. There are a LOT of details and it’s a much bigger exercise than anticipated. (I should have expected that, given how many books are set in that world, but there you go.)

The thing is that as I’ve been compiling details, I’ve found little gaps in the overall narrative. For example, in The Rogue, Ravensmuir is empty except for Ada and Arnulf when Ysabella arrives with Mavella, Tynan and Fitz. (Well, Merlyn is hiding there, but there are no more servants.) By the end of the book, Ada leaves, Berthe has arrived and Berthe’s parents come to be Merlyn’s seneschal and housekeeper. There’s no mention of men-at-arms or mercenaries hired to defend the keep, much less a captain of the guard. There needs to be one, and Berthe needs an HEA. In The Warrior, the Hawk has a company of loyal warriors and friends who follow him and aid in his quest. Where did he find them? I’m going to guess that he found some of them at Ravensmuir, in service to his uncle.

The Rogue, #1 of the Rogues of Ravensmuir series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixSimilarly, by the end of The Rogue, Mavella has married her true love Alasdair, who is Kinfairlie’s miller. Alasdair has adopted his cousin’s fifth son to give that boy a legacy and to give himself an heir. On the downloadable family tree, Mavella and Alasdair are listed as having five unnamed children, the oldest of which is a girl. I left off the cousin’s son, since he isn’t their child. The next time we hear of Kinfairlie’s miller is in The Snow White Bride, when the current miller’s son, Mathew, is encouraged by Alexander to court shy Ceara. Who is that miller? I think he must be Alasdair’s youngest son, which means I need to figure out what happened to the other ones, as well as name some peeps.

The Rose Red Bride, #2 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixIn The Rose Red Bride, Alexander tells his sisters the story of the maiden who disappeared through the portal to the realm of the Fae, the one whose Fae suitor left behind a red rose made of ice as her bride price. This maiden was the beautiful daughter of the castellan who managed Kinfairlie keep after it was rebuilt by Merlyn and Ysabella but before Roland and Catherine took command of it. Anthony, the castellan at the beginning of The Beauty Bride is an older gentleman. Could this have been his daughter? What was her story? Where did she go and why? I always intended to write this story, but it’s been pushed aside for a while.

There’s also the story of Roland and Catherine. While we learn in The Beauty Bride that they drowned in 1420 in a shipwreck, they were still married for 25 years and had 8 children. I’m thinking they had a good marriage—plus they inspired a desire to marry for love in their daughters. Theirs must have been a love match. When and where did they meet? We know that Roland and the Hawk of Inverfyre were milk-brothers—when and where did that happen? Merlyn and Ysabella must have journeyed to Sicily, where Gawain and Eglantine were living after the siege of Inverfyre and where the Hawk was born. They must have gone during Ysabella’s second pregnancy or shortly thereafter, which makes sense given that Merlyn continued his trade in textiles from the east. I want to write Catherine and Roland’s story, too.

I haven’t even looked at the True Love Brides series, yet.

I’ve started Berthe’s story. My thinking is that these will be novellas or short stories, but we’ll see how it goes. I don’t tend to write short and I know you all prefer longer stories anyway. I’m going to call this collection Kinfairlie Tales. You’ll find a page for it under the Ravensmuir tab, after the Brides of Inverfyre.

And here’s my question for you today: would you be interested in the world guide for Ravensmuir, Kinfairlie and Inverfyre? I’ll be compiling it for my own reference, but could publish it as well. What do you think?

Dragonfire Pre-Order Links

The pre-order links are live for the new editions first three Dragonfire books, all coming on June 26.

Kiss of Fire, book #1 of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeKiss of Fire is Quinn and Sara’s story and the launch title of the Dragonfire series. You can read an excerpt on the Dragonfire site, on the Kiss of Fire page.

Pre-order Kiss of Fire:
signed trade paperback from Deborah – which includes the ebook
signed hardcover collectors’ edition from Deborah – which includes the ebook and free shipping to the US and Canada

signed mass market paperback from Deborah

Kiss of Fury, #2 of the Dragonfire novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeKiss of Fury is book #2 of the Dragonfire Novels. This is Alex and Donovan’s story, the scientist meets the bad boy dragon shifter hero. You can read an excerpt on the Dragonfire site, on the Kiss of Fury page.

Order Kiss of Fury:
signed trade paperback from Deborah – which includes the ebook
signed mass market paperback from Deborah


Kiss of Fate, #3 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke Kiss of Fate is #3 of the Dragonfire novels. It’s Eileen and Erik’s story, a second chance romance. You can read an excerpt on the Dragonfire site, on the Kiss of Fate page.

Order Kiss of Fate:
signed trade paperback from Deborah
signed mass market paperback from Deborah

Changes Between Dragonfire Editions

Winter Kiss, #4 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeOne of the most frequent questions about the new editions is whether they are different from the original editions. Of course, you want to know whether you need to buy the new editions of the books. So, I’ll let you know here on the blog and on the pages for the individual books what the differences are, if there are any. This is evolving as we work through the books.

For Kiss of Fire, Kiss of Fury, and Kiss of Fate, there are no significant changes between editions.

For Winter Kiss, there is an additional scene. I wrote a scene about Magnus and Mona which was cut from the prologue of the original edition. Because I thought you needed to know what Magnus was up to, it’s been available as a free read on my website ever since. It also foreshadows Darkfire Kiss, because Mona’s death is the reason that Melissa wants revenge upon Magnus. In the new edition of Winter Kiss, this scene has been added back into the prologue.

Darkfire Kiss, #7 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeWe’re still working through the books and I’ve just found a bunch of old files, so I’ll keep you updated as we go.