POD Progress

One of the exciting things I’ve been doing this month is putting together the files for new print editions of the Jewels of Kinfairlie. These will be print on demand editions, which means that they will be trade paperbacks – and also more expensive than the original mass market editions. I know that there are some of you who want these books for your keeper shelf, which is why I’m doing this, and also why I’m trying to make them as pretty as possible. I also like print books and I was never that happy with the original covers on this series, which is another reason I’m doing it – it’ll improve the look of my own bookshelf!

The new editions will have the new covers, the ones designed by Kim Killion, which are in the left column here. The first two books will have a sample chapter of the next book in the back, and THE SNOW WHITE BRIDE in this edition includes the short story “The Ballad of Rosamunde” as a bonus read.

It’s been a really interesting process, with lots of variables to juggle. It’s also reminded me of days past when I worked in the printing business, mostly in pre-press and typesetting. Who knew how useful all that experience would be once I became a writer?!

One of the balances that must be struck is between type size and the number of pages. Obviously, books with fewer pages are cheaper to produce, which results in a lower retail price for the book for readers. On the other hand, books with teeny tiny type are hard to read. My medievals also are pretty long books, being over 100,000 words in length. They have a lot of dialogue too, which means they have a high page count. I’ve spent tons of time looking at books and type, and tried to make good choices. I’d hoped to keep the price below $10US but the books are just too long – and I don’t want you to need a magnifying glass. In the end, I chose to make the book look as good as possible, and price it so that I still make some money on each sale, regardless of the sales channel. (There are a bunch of sales channels and it’s quite interesting how the royalty rate changes.) We’ve ended up with a price point of $14.99US on trade paperbacks that are roughly 300 pages in length.

I’m waiting on proofs now, so we’re getting close.

So, a word to the wise (and the frugal) – if you are interested in these editions, please join my Chestwick listserve on YahooGroups. I’m going to provide discount coupon codes there for readers, but that’s the only place they’ll be posted.