Home again, after teaching a full day workshop at Toronto Romance Writers on Saturday. I think it went well – I had fun, anyways – but now it’s back to my regular writing schedule.

I like to teach and interact with people. It gets me out of my little writing cave and always gives me lots of new ideas. Plus the act of teaching – or preparing a workshop – gives me the chance to see things in new ways, usually in order to explain them more clearly. I examined a lot of trends for this workshop, and that was thought-provoking, too.

On the other hand, I also like routine. I like regular schedules – routine makes me a more productive writer.

Either one makes me appreciate the other.

How about you? Would you rather do something different every day, stick to routine, or mix it up a bit?

2 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. What a great workshop!
    Over 20 years experience, biz facts, no romance laid at our feet – a no-nonsense approach for those of us who want to build a backbone and not a wishbone as a writer.


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Kate B!

      Essentially, I taught the workshop I wanted to attend 20 years ago – but couldn’t because no one taught it. đŸ™‚



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