Print Copies of Wyvern’s Angel

Wyvern's Angel, book #9 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThe minibooks have arrived!

I have 4 x 6.5″ print editions of Wyvern’s Angel (which includes Nimue’s Gift) available signed in my online store today. This is the trim size of the editions available only through Amazon. If you order elsewhere, it’ll be the Ingrams edition, which is 4.25″ x 7″. (Read more about that in this post on the Dragons of Incendium blog.)

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I’ve also updated the print bundle for the Dragons of Incendium in the store. Now it includes five mini-books. You can find it right here.

Flashfire New Edition Today!

Today’s the day! The new edition of Cassie and Lorenzo’s book, Flashfire, is available now!

Flashfire, #8 of the Dragonfire Novels, a series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeHe’s lost all hope…until she changes everything.

Master illusionist Lorenzo wants nothing to do with the Pyr. His dragon nature is just another secret to hide and another detail to juggle, like ensuring that each of his Las Vegas magic shows is a true spectacle. Until he feels the burn of his firestorm and his whole world shifts….

Cassie Redmond is tired of photographing celebrities. She wants to pursue her dream of serious photography—despite the lucrative offer for a shot of a dragon shifter. Las Vegas is the last place she wants to be, but Lorenzo arouses more than her curiosity when he shifts shape as the finale of his show. Instead of forcing him to reveal his secrets, Cassie gets swept away by this illusionist’s masterful touch.

Lorenzo wants to satisfy the firestorm and put it behind him. But Cassie is hard to forget—and he can’t ignore the danger when Slayers target the mate Lorenzo didn’t believe he wanted…

“In the seventh Dragonfire novel, the defeat of one Pyr’s enemies only means that a new threat rises in the form of the crafty and deadly Chen. The hero in this chapter has long denied his dragon shifting nature, but on the eve of his greatest stunt, fate intervenes. Cooke’s long-running series continues to be a sexy and thrilling winner!”—Romantic Times

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Flashfire, #8 of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke, available in a new edition August 28

Dragon Scale Mitts

There’s a video that people keep sharing with me on Facebook of an artist who makes the most amazing dragon gloves and tails for CosPlay. They’re knitted, with scales, and are just gorgeous. The artist’s site is Jaye Creations.

Seeing them over and over (and over! LOL) again inspired me to finally knit some (much smaller) dragon scale fingerless gloves. I ordered small scales from The Ring Lord, although it was hard to choose colours. These are the black ones that are black on both sides. My order came really quickly and the scales are really nice.

I bought a pattern but realized afterward that each glove was knitted flat and then seamed. I wanted to knit in the round. I also wanted a thumb gusset for a better fit. So, I used a free pattern that I’ve used before and modified it – it’s called Half Skein Worsted Mitts (that’s a Ravelry link). Essentially, I placed a 19 stitch reverse stockinette panel on the back of the hand, and covered it with scales. The scales go on every second stitch, and the placement alternates – 10 scales on the first scale row, 9 on the next. For this pair, the scales are on every third row, so there’s a Scale Row, then two rows of knitting, then the Alternate Scale Row, then two rows of knitting, for a six row repeat. I used some Patons Classic Merino in black tweed from my stash.

Here’s the right mitt in progress:

Dragon Scale Mitts knit by Deborah Cooke

Dragon Scale Mitts knit by Deborah Cooke

I haven’t knit the thumb yet or sewn in the ends in these pictures.

And here are the finished mitts!

Dragon scale mitts knit by Deborah Cooke

They took 291 scales and 49g of Patons Classic Wool, which is almost exactly one half of the 100g ball. I like the weight of them and how they feel, plus the sound the scales make.

I’ll definitely be making more!

What do you think?

New Pub Date for Wyvern’s Angel

Wyvern's Angel, #9 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’ve moved the publication date for Wyvern’s Angel into May. It turns out that the Pyr – my Dragonfire shifters – are consuming a lot of my time, as I prepare the new editions of the first eight Dragonfire books. We have a system now, and are past the halfway point, but Wyvern’s Angel isn’t written yet.

Boo. I’m not thrilled about making this change, but reality sometimes bites.

If you pre-ordered at Nook, please cancel your pre-order and wait for the new link. I unpublished the book there but a new buy link will reappear closer to the publication date. I’m changing the distribution method for getting my books at Nook. This shouldn’t be your issue, but I learned this week that Nook will merrily fulfil pre-orders for books that have been unpublished, even if there isn’t a book file. Gah. Better that you cancel the order now, rather than try to get a refund in April. I’m trying to get them to sort this out at the back end, but the easiest solution is for you to cancel your pre-order.

Celo’s Quest Today!

Time for more Dragons of Incendium!

Celo's Quest, a short story and #8 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeIn this short story, Celo, the hidden prince who understands the language of wild creatures, unearths a forgotten secret. He accepts a challenge and embarks on a quest, seeking the solution to the riddle beyond the forests of Regalia.

Celo’s Quest is a short story and is included in the print edition of Wyvern’s Outlaw.

Get your copy today!

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Dragons vs. Unicorns

Dragons vs. Unicorns LitRing Promotion

LitRing has a fun promotion called Dragons Vs. Unicorns running this weekend, and I’m participating in it.

Go ahead. Guess which team I’m on. 🙂

Dragons vs. Unicorns LitRing Promo

It’s a Facebook hop, across the pages of participating authors. You can win a new Kindle Fire or a gift box for playing along. There’s a widget on the landing page, to make your hopping easier, and all the rules are there, too.

Dragons Vs. Unicorns LitRing Promo

Here’s the landing page. Have fun and good luck!

Goooooooooo, DRAGONS!

Review of Wyvern’s Warrior at the Reading Cafe

Wyvern's Warrior, #3 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeSandy posted a review of Wyvern’s Warrior last weekend at The Reading Cafe. Here’s her summary:

“WYVERN’S WARRIOR is a story of determination and love; specieism and a millennia’s old law that warrants a look into the possibility of change; of heartbreak, falling in love, and finding one’s ‘HeartKeeper’. The premise is entertaining; the romance is sexy and imaginative; the characters are fated and animated. WYVERN’S WARRIOR is a story of action, adventure, and romance where two individuals find one another against the odds.”

Thanks, Sandy!

You can read the whole review right here.

Wyvern’s Warrior Today!

Today’s the day! Book #3 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances is available now!

Wyvern's Warrior, #3 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeA stranger arrives on Incendium in secret, but is intercepted by Princess Thalina when he tries to break into the palace. Thalina knows the mysterious mercenary is more than he pretends to be, so lets him abduct her to uncover his secrets. Acion is seldom surprised, but this dragon princess challenges all of his assumptions—while Thalina’s realization that Acion is her destined mate changes her own plans. Can she win the heart this warrior doesn’t appear to have—or will Acion be executed for breaking Incendium’s law first?

Available today!

Buy now in my online Selz store or at these portals:

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Lots of changes in the wind with this one, which is why it took a bit longer. I’ve updated the Glossary of Terms at the Dragons of Incendium website, plus added A Brief History of Incendium and a Cast of Characters to the menu of Guides to Incendium.

Dragons are Patient

I was really hoping to have great Dragonfire news for you by now, but no luck.

The reversion process continues, very slowly. Right now, the rights to the first three Dragonfire novels are still held by NAL – that’s Kiss of Fire, Kiss of Fury and Kiss of Fate. They’re available in the NAL editions in both print and digital formats.

Harmonia's Kiss by Deborah Cooke, a Dragonfire storyThe short story, Harmonia’s Kiss, has reverted to me and is available in a digital edition. The current edition looks like the image to the right.

The next five Dragonfire novels have reverted to me. That’s Winter Kiss, Whisper Kiss, Darkfire Kiss, Flashfire and Ember’s Kiss. Because I want to repackage and relaunch the entire series once I have all of the rights back, these books are not currently available in digital editions. NAL has the right to sell their remaining print stock (those are the mass market editions) so you may find those available for sale, and of course, there are probably used print copies out there, too.

Dragonfire was completed with the Dragon Legion novellas (Kiss of Danger, Kiss of Darkness, and Kiss of Destiny, which are available in digital editions individually or gathered together in the Dragon Legion Collection in print and digital formats), Serpent’s Kiss and Firestorm Forever. These books remain available in digital and print editions. The print editions are trade paperbacks.

Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah CookeThe YA spin-off trilogy, The Dragon Diaries, has mostly reverted to me. NAL sold UK and some commonwealth Engligh rights to the first two books to Allison & Busby. They still have those rights, but the rest have reverted to me. So, you might see the UK editions of Flying Blind and Winging It around in print or digital, but not the US one. Blazing the Trail is unavailable in digital, though NAL may still be selling some print editions. This confuses me a bit, but I’ll work it out when Dragonfire is republished.

My plan was (and is) to relaunch the series once I have all the rights, making every Dragonfire book available in a new digital edition and a trade paperback edition. Then, I’ll continue with DragonFate. The companion volume, Here Be Dragons, will be published as part of the same relaunch. The Dragonfire novels will have their own website, too.

Similarly, I’ll republish the YA trilogy, then continue with the stories of the second generation as new adult romances. ALL the Pyr need to get their happy endings!

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeIn the meantime, I’m writing the Dragons of Incendium, because I need some dragon shifters in my office.

This process is taking longer than I’d expected or hoped. It would move more quickly if people stopped buying those first three books, but “don’t buy my books” is a pretty strange request for an author to make. I’ve taken the buy links off my site for these first three books, in the hope that it will speed the process along.

Fortunately, dragons are patient. I’m a little bit less so, and maybe you are, as well. (I don’t even want to think about how many more dragon shifters have been conceived while the Pyr were waiting on this.)

Now you know where we stand. It’s going to be awesome. 🙂

Reviews for the Dragons of Incendium

On Friday, Sandy at the Reading Cafe posted reviews for Nero’s Dream and Wyvern’s Prince. What a wonderful way to start the weekend. Here are some of the good bits!

Nero's Dream, #1.5 in the Dragons of Incendium series by Deborah Cooke“NERO’S DREAM is a short story that runs parallel to the events of book one-Wyvern’s Mate-revealing some of the background information not previously explored in the story. I recommend reading the series in order as each subsequent novella and short story builds upon the events of the previous book or runs parallel to the current time line.

Deborah Cooke’s world building is colorful as the author pulls the reader into the fantastic; the imaginative journey between planets borders on the sci-fi; the romance is sweet and fated. We learn a little bit more about the politics of Incendium, the power of a dragon when spurned by a potential mate.”

Learn more about Nero’s Dream.

Wyvern's Prince, #2 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke“WYVERN’S PRINCE is a fairytale-esque story line with dragons and magic, building love, an evil queen who is not above destroying her family to get what she wants, and a little bit of science fiction added for some interesting color. The premise is imaginative and enchanting; the characters are dynamic and colorful; the romance is passionate and fated. WYVERN’S PRINCE is a well written, energetic and engaging story that sees another Princess find her Heartkeeper and her mate.”

Learn more about Wyvern’s Prince.

You can read both reviews in their entirety on the Reading Cafe site.