Fall into a Book Giveaway

Fall into a Book giveaway at Isn't it Romantic BookClub, September 2022

Over two-hundred and fifty authors have signed up to take part in Isn’t It Romantic Book Club’s Fall Into a Book Giveaway on Facebook. This fantastic and fast-paced event is your chance to meet authors, play games, and win lots of prizes, including books! It’s one day only, but the group lets readers interact and talk romance all year long. Isn’t It Romantic Book Club’s monthly meetings are livestreamed, so readers can chat and ask questions with their favorite romance authors!

Visit the bookclub.

Dragons First, a digital bundle of three paranormal romance series starters by Deborah Cooke

I’m giving away my paranormal romance bundle of series starters, Dragons First. You can download your copy free at Amazon today through Sunday.

This bundle includes Kiss of Fire, Wyvern’s Mate, Dragon’s Kiss and two bonus reads, Maeve’s Book of Beasts and Nero’s Dream.

The bundle is also currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.