An Update on Dragon’s Wolf

Dragon's Wolf, book five of the DragonFate novels paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

If you had pre-ordered Dragon’s Wolf, you’ve probably received a message from your portal of choice that the publication of Arach and Wynter’s story has been cancelled.

It’s actually delayed, but since I don’t know how long it will be, I’ve cancelled the pre-order.

This means that the DragonFate novels have begun their move to KDP Select, along with Coven of Mercy. They’ll be available in KU later this month. Once that series is enrolled, the boxed set Dragons First will also be enrolled and this whole transition will finally be done. (Phew!)

What’s going on? Well, several things. First, I’ve dug into the worldbuilding for Wynter’s side of the story and am discovering so many interesting things about wolves (and wolf-shifters) that I don’t want to rush. I want to spend time with the worldbuilding, and also create a spin-off series for the wolf-shifters Wynter knows.

Secondly, I’m not putting down the words as quickly as was once the case. After ten years of indie publishing, I’m a bit tired.

What’s happened in the last ten years? In the transition from traditional publishing to indie, I became my own publisher. That means commissioning covers, hiring editors, formatting book interiors and doing promotion, all the jobs that are done by the house, as well as writing. In recent years, the pace of publication has increased, so I’ve written and published more books, as well as doing all those other jobs. I’ve also exercised subsidiary rights, commissioning audiobooks and translations of my works. And I had the rights revert to me from publishers for titles that were originally published by them, which meant those books needed to be republished in new editions.

Let’s look at the tally. In indie, I’ve written and published 17 new historical romances, revised and republished 4 backlist titles, and republished 17 older books in new editions. (We won’t count boxed sets here.) In PNR, I’ve written and published 5 Dragonfire stories to complete the series, compiled a world guide, written and published 15 new paranormal romances, and republished a YA trilogy, three urban fantasy romances, a short story and 8 Dragonfire novels. In contemporary romance, I’ve republished 5 romances, written and published 15 new books. Hmm. That’s 52 new stories in ten years, plus 43 older books republished. Just for comparison’s sake, I wrote those 43 books over my twenty years of traditional publishing plus 7 more that haven’t been republished for 50 books in total over 20 years. In indie, I’ve written 52 stories in just 10 years, so my writing output was doubled up, even while I was doing all the other stuff.

Phew. No wonder I need a little time to restore the well. I’ll be back with more stories after I catch my breath. 🙂

Thanks for reading my books!