Dragon Scale Mitts

There’s a video that people keep sharing with me on Facebook of an artist who makes the most amazing dragon gloves and tails for CosPlay. They’re knitted, with scales, and are just gorgeous. The artist’s site is Jaye Creations.

Seeing them over and over (and over! LOL) again inspired me to finally knit some (much smaller) dragon scale fingerless gloves. I ordered small scales from The Ring Lord, although it was hard to choose colours. These are the black ones that are black on both sides. My order came really quickly and the scales are really nice.

I bought a pattern but realized afterward that each glove was knitted flat and then seamed. I wanted to knit in the round. I also wanted a thumb gusset for a better fit. So, I used a free pattern that I’ve used before and modified it – it’s called Half Skein Worsted Mitts (that’s a Ravelry link). Essentially, I placed a 19 stitch reverse stockinette panel on the back of the hand, and covered it with scales. The scales go on every second stitch, and the placement alternates – 10 scales on the first scale row, 9 on the next. For this pair, the scales are on every third row, so there’s a Scale Row, then two rows of knitting, then the Alternate Scale Row, then two rows of knitting, for a six row repeat. I used some Patons Classic Merino in black tweed from my stash.

Here’s the right mitt in progress:

Dragon Scale Mitts knit by Deborah Cooke

Dragon Scale Mitts knit by Deborah Cooke

I haven’t knit the thumb yet or sewn in the ends in these pictures.

And here are the finished mitts!

Dragon scale mitts knit by Deborah Cooke

They took 291 scales and 49g of Patons Classic Wool, which is almost exactly one half of the 100g ball. I like the weight of them and how they feel, plus the sound the scales make.

I’ll definitely be making more!

What do you think?

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