Keeping Track of Incendium

The Dragons of Incendium, a paranormal romance series featuring dragon shifter heroines by Deborah CookeI’m adding some additional references to the Dragons of Incendium site, to help me, my editor, and all of you keep track of this ever-expanding fictional world. (I actually should call it a universe. It feels like one!)

One glossary isn’t going to be enough!

This morning, I created a drop-down menu instead of a single page. I added a history of the dragon Kings of Incendium, as well as a cast of characters, and put the glossary on a subordinate page, too. I need to create a list of known worlds, as well as add some more terms to the glossary and characters to the cast.

You can find the new menu right here.

If you discover any discrepancies or obvious omissions, please let me know!

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