New Layout at the Store

Having an online store really keeps me hopping, and not just with orders to fill. The application I use (Selz) has been growing and offering new functionality at a dizzying pace. I think it’s wonderful how they listen to their customers and add features to serve our needs. I tend to fall behind in integrating the cool new stuff they introduce, though, because the new features are coming fast and furious. (And I have, you know, writing to do.)

Wyvern's Prince, #2 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeBut a week or so ago, I finally dug in and updated the store. I changed the theme and added new graphics, and am quite pleased with the result. As mentioned previously, the store pricing is in Canadian dollars, and all physical items will be shipped from Canada. Right now, the shipping calculator is set up for US and Canadian destinations—if you live elsewhere, I’m happy to fill your requests for signed books, but you’ll need to email me to have a shipping cost calculated for your order. Please include which books you’d like and your mailing address, and email me at
chestwick AT bell DOT net
(You know what to do with those caps and spaces!)

You can visit the store right here.

What’s in the store?

• My online store is the best way to get signed print copies of my books, because you order them directly from me. See all the available signed print books in the store. If you’re interested in discounted titles and editions, visit the Sale Book category.

Knights and Rogues of Medieval Romance by Claire Delacroix• You can download free samples of my books in the store, and read a longer excerpt on your e-reader rather than the short ones on my website. See all the available book samples in the store.

• You can download free family trees for my book series in the store. Note that these are PDF’s and won’t display well on your e-reader. You can download them to your computer or tablet and print them out. See all the available family trees in the store.

• You can download free reads in my online store, including free titles like The Beauty Bride and Double Trouble, as well as samplers. See all the free reads in the store.

• You can download five-minute audiobook samples from the store or buy audiobooks on physical CD’s directly from me. Visit the Audiobook Sample category, or shop the Audio Boxed CD’s category.

That’s a summary of what’s currently in the store. Is there anything you’d expect to find in my online store that isn’t available there?