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iBooksGalore Third Time LuckyTime for more #iBooksGalore!

This month, I’m cross-promoting my iBooks titles with a group of other indie authors. This is similar to the audiobook promotions we’ve done in the past—there are a lot of authors participating and each will manage his or her own contests. Each of us will give away an ebook a day at iBooks for the month of June. Each of us will be using the hashtag #iBooksGalore so you can find more chances to win.

I’m going to organize mine in groups. I’ll give away five different titles, six copies of each. This is the second giveaway. Comment on the post for your chance to win and in six days (on the 25th of June), I’ll choose six winners for this contest and post the next one.

Third Time Lucky, book #1 of the Coxwell series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke (writing as Claire Cross)This week’s featured title is Third Time Lucky, the first book in my Coxwell series of contemporary romances and romantic comedies. This is a reunion romance—Philippa has dreamed about Nick returning to her life ever since they shared one magical night in high school. When he does reappear, he needs her help—is that an excuse to see her again, or is she just useful?

Comment on this post for your chance to win one of six copies of Philippa and Nick’s story at iBooks. Here’s your chance to meet the Coxwells.

Good luck, everyone.

6 thoughts on “#iBooksGalore 4

  1. Love these type og books where a reunion of sorts give our couple another chance to see just what is what especially after so many years and life experiences. Are they still who they might be interested in or has time changed each other too much for a next chance. So this will be an interesting story since he wants something she can help with but she wonders if he is the way she wants him still to be or completely changed from her high school memory of their time together. Fun to find out I bet no matter what. Thanks for this chance to win Deborah.


  2. I’ve only read a couple of your historical books. Would love to read a contemporary. Thank you for the opportunity.


  3. If you haven’t read Deborah Cooke’s novels you should. if you have read them then you know you should read more. I have read several and I will read more. Thanks for giving us a chance to win an ibook.


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