It’s been very quiet here on the blog, because I’ve been so busy since getting home from the Novelist’s Inc. conference in Florida. There’s the usual travel thing of needing to get organized once I get home, and catch up on laundry etc., but NINC is special because I learn so very much. I come home from that conference with a huge To Do list, plus I’ve been finishing The Warrior’s Prize. (It shouldn’t be any surprise that Rafael is not particularly cooperative, but Elizabeth and I have teamed up on him. He hasn’t got a chance now.)

What else has been in the works? Well, I have the cover for Firestorm Forever, which is very exciting, and have scheduled a cover reveal for Monday November 10. You can either hop back here to the blog to see the cover on Monday, check in on my Facebook page, or sign up for my newsletter, which will be delivered Monday morning. The book is available for pre-order now at iTunes and KOBO, and will go on sale March 16, 2015. I’m trying something new for 2015 – my pre-orders will all be discounted. The book will stay that price for the on sale date, then increase.

Secondly, I’m finishing up newly edited versions of my backlist titles, and have been republishing them on Amazon without DRM (digital rights management). If you’ve already bought them, you won’t lose access to the version you bought. DRM is a technique publishers use to control piracy, but it doesn’t work. Pirates can break DRM easily. What happens is that DRM keeps people with legitimate copies from moving the digital content between devices. As more people use more devices, this is becoming more of an issue, which is why I’m doing the ugly fix now. I’m tracking my progress by title in my newsletter, so there’s another reason to sign up!

Next, I’ve been working on the next medieval romance series coming from Claire Delacroix in 2015. It’s called The Champions of St. Euphemia, and begins with The Crusader’s Bride, coming in May. These are medievals with no paranormal elements, set during the Crusades, and I’m having a great time planning and writing them. There’s an excerpt here on the site already, and we’ll have a cover reveal on December 15.

I’ve also been exploring means to sell content directly to readers, without going through another portal. I believe this is the wave of the future – just as we go to farmers’ markets and artisan markets to buy directly from whoever grew or made the product, I think more readers will be buying directly from authors. The store is in early stages yet, but there’s a new tab at the top called Store. Right now, it has a link to my store on Selz, which will get prettier as I spend more time on it later this month. I have some ideas for the store once it’s configured, so stay tuned!

There’s also a new tab for Audio, for those of you who particularly like audio books.

There are new boxed sets in the works. We’ll be re-issuing a re-edited and updated version of Three Timeless Loves before Christmas, due to popular demand, and there’s another multi-author boxed set being prepped right now for a November 19 reveal.

Phew! That’s just a taste of what’s been happening off-stage this past week or so! I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo this month, as usual, and am using it to help restructure my day so I get more writing done – that means fewer blog posts in the short term, but more books for you to read. I’m thinking you’d rather have the books. 🙂

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