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Tanya's Promo

Tanya Anne Crosby has launched a new landing page featuring new releases and upcoming releases in historical romance. This is a pretty useful resource – you can just bookmark the page, then revisit it at intervals to see the updated listings. Books will disappear after their launch and new pre-orders will appear. Right now, One Knight Enchanted is listed there as it’s on pre-order for December 12.

Tanya will continue to do it as long as enough people are interested, so if you are interested, please hop on through to the landing page, bookmark it and visit again.

You’ll find the landing page right here.


More Dragonfire Reversions

Winter Kiss, #4 in the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeSlowly, slowly, progress is made.

Rights to several more of the Dragonfire novels appear to be in the process of reverting  to me. The digital editions of Winter Kiss and Darkfire Kiss are becoming unavailable, which is a sign that the reversion is in progress. The publisher has the right to sell their existing print stock of these titles, so you may be able to still find mass market copies.

The books in this series are reverting (more or less) in reverse order, and of course, I need to begin republishing them with the first book, Kiss of Fire. It will be the last one to revert. Reversions become possible when the sales drop below specified thresholds, so I’m hoping that fewer people will start the series since the middle books are currently unavailable.

Once I have them all back, I’ll let you know the plan for republishing them. Those of you who like your print books to line up on the shelf will be happy to learn that the new print editions will be in trade paperback, of the same size as The Dragon Legion Collection, Serpent’s Kiss and Firestorm Forever.

2016 Book Sampler

2016 Book Sampler by Deborah Cooke and Claire DelacroixThis is something I always intend to do and never manage to finish – a sampler of upcoming titles. In the past, I’ve thought about printing these up, but this year, had the (brilliant!) idea of making the sampler a downloadable book file. No postage. No delay in delivery. No production time. And another cool product for the online store. Woo HOO!

This sampler gives a taste of my upcoming releases for 2016. It’s only available at my online store, and it’s free.

Download the sampler free in EPUB or MOBI.

Cover Variations

I’ve had the covers updated for two of the Champions of Saint Euphemia books. As much as I liked them initially, in thumbnail versions they weren’t as snappy as I’d like. I had the designer make a couple of changes.

First off, The Crusader’s Heart. In the old version, her dress was white. In the new one (which will be on the book) it’s gold:
ClaireDelacroix_TheCrusadersHeart200And then, The Crusader’s Vow. In the old version, her dress was brown and the cover overall looked a bit dull when it became small. In the new version, her dress is purple and the background has changed to a winter scene:
ClaireDelacroix_TheCrusadersVow200What do you think?

April Already

On one hand, the winter seemed endless this year. On the other, I’m amazed that April is here already. Our snow is almost gone and the snowdrops are coming up, along with the first sign of the spring bulbs. I’m ready to get out into the garden and get mucky.

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeFirestorm Forever is right on schedule. I’m still working my way through the edits, but these are making the book much stronger. My editor (as always) asked a lot of good questions! It will have one more round of editing after I’m finished this part, which will be faster, then it’ll be uploaded for the on sale date of May 13. The book is currently 190,000 words long, which is twice the length of my other Dragonfire novels, and there are still a few scenes to be added. It’s a big book.

You can download the first chapter free from my online store—the MOBI version is here and the EPUB version is here.

Some of you have asked about the book’s availability at other portals, particularly B&N Nook. Firestorm Forever isn’t available for pre-order there, but will be on sale for Nook on May 13. You can pre-order it at Amazon, Kobo and iBooks at a discounted price. The price will increase after the book is available. You can also pre-order the print edition on Amazon only. After May 13, the print edition will be available at other portals, too. The listing will just take a few days to perk through the various systems and appear on those websites—the Book Depository seems to take the longest, and my print books are usually available for order there within 10 days of publication.

I have something new to show you, but will give my newsletter subscribers first peek. My April newsletter will go out in about two weeks. Have you signed up yet?

Firestorm Forever Pre-Order at Amazon

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeFirestorm Forever is available for pre-order again at Amazon, this time for the May 13 release date. The print and digital editions are still linking up and the print edition is still populating to the other territory portals, but we’ve made a good start. Here are the links for the digital edition that we have this morning:

Buy from Buy from Amazon UK Buy from Amazon Germany Buy from Amazon Canada

Remember that the pre-order pricing is discounted. 🙂 The regular price on the digital edition of this book will be $9.99 US or equivalent.

Firestorm Forever – The Big Book

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeFirestorm Forever, as you all know, is the final Dragonfire novel. Some of you may know that there are three firestorms in this book, and that it takes place over a year. This has necessitated some choices on my part.

First off, there’s the structure of the book itself. Ideally, each of those three firestorms would have been individual books—to hold to the model of the previous Dragonfire novels—but the nature of the story made that impossible. The three firestorms are entwined and influence each other, AND they all come to their happy conclusion around the same time. Because the three romances are concurrent and interwoven, I decided they should all be in one book.

Secondly, the book is long. Every time I look at it, it gets longer. This makes sense, as there can’t be three firestorms (and the world saved) in 95,000 words, but also creates some structural issues. If we were still in the realm of print-only books (or if a print publisher was making the publication decisions) this book would have been split in half, into Part I and Part II, which then would have been sold separately. This would be like a serialization, and Part I would end with a cliff-hanger. I think this is not a really good solution for a paranormal romance, because just about nothing is resolved after Part I. As a reader, cliff-hanger endings make me feel a bit cheated, like I have to pay for two books to get the whole story.

Firestorm Forever *is* split in half, but both halves are in the same volume. So, when you get to the cliff-hanger at the end of Part I, you just have to turn the page to find out what happens next. 🙂 This means that the print book will be a big volume, but I’m checking out some ideas as to how best to deal with that.

The third thing is that I’ve discovered that I needed to create The Dragonfire Companion at the same time as writing Firestorm Forever, to ensure that I don’t miss any loose ends. This is a huge job—although it’s fun, it’s taking a LOT of time.

So, there just aren’t enough hours between now and March to get all of this done, and ensure that it’s edited and proofed the way I want. As a result, the publication date for Firestorm Forever has moved to May 13. That’s two months later than the original publication date,. I’m sorry to make this change, but it had to be done. On the upside, The Dragonfire Companion will probably be published this summer, which is sooner than I’d expected.

If you pre-ordered at iBooks or Kobo, the date for fulfilling your order has been updated. If you pre-ordered at Amazon, your pre-order has been cancelled. Amazon does not allow any changes to be made to publication dates on books available for pre-order.

About Firestorm Forever

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeI’m one of those comparison shoppers, so I thought I’d bring you up to date on the plans for Firestorm Forever. It’s a big book—it tells of three firestorms and takes place over a year. It can’t be broken into smaller books, because all of the firestorms come to their happy endings near the end. That’s all the spoiler I’m going to give you on that.

But the size of the book leads to some changes. The book is available for pre-order now where it can be, and is priced at $4.99 for pre-order. The price will stay at that point for two days—because some of you shop at other portals, like B&N, which don’t permit pre-orders, so that’s fair—then will go to $9.99.

The trade paperback edition will also be big. It’ll certainly be priced higher than $14.99 (because the number of pages influences the cost and thus the price of print books). It will be available for pre-order at Amazon, then at other portals after the on-sale date of March 16. B&N seems to take about a week to list my trade paperback editions, while the Book Depository takes two weeks.

Because price is a consideration for everyone, I want to remind you about the Amazon Matchbook program. All of my indie-published books are registered in this program. It works like this: if you buy the print edition first at Amazon, you can then buy the digital for a cheaper price—I price all of mine at 99 cents. That program (which I think is awesome) is only available at Amazon, but if you already shop there, you might want to take advantage of it.

You can download the first chapter of Firestorm Forever and read it for free. Here’s the MOBI and here’s the EPUB. (Last night, they were doing some server maintenance, so if you get an error, just try again.)

You can also pre-order Firestorm Forever at these portals now, and take advantage of that early-bird discount. 🙂
Buy at Amazon
Buy at iBooks Buy at KOBO

Covers of Champions

The covers are done for my upcoming medieval romance series, The Champions of St. Euphemia. These are medieval romances with no paranormal or fantasy elements.

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixThe series launches in May with The Crusader’s Bride, which is currently available for pre-order at iBooks and Kobo. I’ll put the other ones up for pre-order as soon as I have a better idea of how long they’re going to be (and how long they’ll take to write.) I’d like to publish them close together: the question is how close together they can be!

Check out all the covers right here. I love seeing a whole series together like this!

There is a postcard in the works that will show all four covers, so if you’d like one (or some!), please let me know.


It’s been very quiet here on the blog, because I’ve been so busy since getting home from the Novelist’s Inc. conference in Florida. There’s the usual travel thing of needing to get organized once I get home, and catch up on laundry etc., but NINC is special because I learn so very much. I come home from that conference with a huge To Do list, plus I’ve been finishing The Warrior’s Prize. (It shouldn’t be any surprise that Rafael is not particularly cooperative, but Elizabeth and I have teamed up on him. He hasn’t got a chance now.)

What else has been in the works? Well, I have the cover for Firestorm Forever, which is very exciting, and have scheduled a cover reveal for Monday November 10. You can either hop back here to the blog to see the cover on Monday, check in on my Facebook page, or sign up for my newsletter, which will be delivered Monday morning. The book is available for pre-order now at iTunes and KOBO, and will go on sale March 16, 2015. I’m trying something new for 2015 – my pre-orders will all be discounted. The book will stay that price for the on sale date, then increase.

Secondly, I’m finishing up newly edited versions of my backlist titles, and have been republishing them on Amazon without DRM (digital rights management). If you’ve already bought them, you won’t lose access to the version you bought. DRM is a technique publishers use to control piracy, but it doesn’t work. Pirates can break DRM easily. What happens is that DRM keeps people with legitimate copies from moving the digital content between devices. As more people use more devices, this is becoming more of an issue, which is why I’m doing the ugly fix now. I’m tracking my progress by title in my newsletter, so there’s another reason to sign up!

Next, I’ve been working on the next medieval romance series coming from Claire Delacroix in 2015. It’s called The Champions of St. Euphemia, and begins with The Crusader’s Bride, coming in May. These are medievals with no paranormal elements, set during the Crusades, and I’m having a great time planning and writing them. There’s an excerpt here on the site already, and we’ll have a cover reveal on December 15.

I’ve also been exploring means to sell content directly to readers, without going through another portal. I believe this is the wave of the future – just as we go to farmers’ markets and artisan markets to buy directly from whoever grew or made the product, I think more readers will be buying directly from authors. The store is in early stages yet, but there’s a new tab at the top called Store. Right now, it has a link to my store on Selz, which will get prettier as I spend more time on it later this month. I have some ideas for the store once it’s configured, so stay tuned!

There’s also a new tab for Audio, for those of you who particularly like audio books.

There are new boxed sets in the works. We’ll be re-issuing a re-edited and updated version of Three Timeless Loves before Christmas, due to popular demand, and there’s another multi-author boxed set being prepped right now for a November 19 reveal.

Phew! That’s just a taste of what’s been happening off-stage this past week or so! I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo this month, as usual, and am using it to help restructure my day so I get more writing done – that means fewer blog posts in the short term, but more books for you to read. I’m thinking you’d rather have the books. 🙂