Kindle Unlimited

Once Upon a Kiss, a Scottish paranormal romance by Claire Delacroix The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire Delacroix

There’s been a lot of chatter in the writing world lately about Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription program for readers. For books to be available through this service, they have to be exclusive to Amazon i.e. not for sale on any other digital portals. Some authors love KU and some hate it—I figured the best plan was to find out for myself.

The Moonstone, a time travel romance by Claire Delacroix Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance by Claire Delacroix

So, as of today, my four time travel romances and romantic comedies are enrolled in KU, as is the boxed set of those same books. Over the next 90 days (which is the minimum term of exclusivity) I’ll find out whether KU works for me and my books or not.

If you’re a KU subscriber, check out my enrolled books!

The Time Travel Romance Boxed Set by Claire Delacroix

Moved Archives

This past weekend, I moved the blog archives from my old blog location Alive & Knitting ( to here. This means that the individual posts are here now, but also that their urls have changed slightly. It’s also likely that some pictures are missing and that there are broken internal links (because the urls have changed). I’m not sure how much of this I’ll fix as there were more than 900 posts on the move, never mind when I’ll get to it. The content is here and it’s navigable – I’d rather write books!

If you had a post on the old blog bookmarked, it’ll have the same title here. Use the search box on the menu bar to find it. It was a pretty smooth transition – the only weirdness happened in the categories. WP seems to have perceived every post with the category Indie Publishing to be a new Indie Publishing category. I’ll straighten that out sometime this week.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!

Websites on the Move

I’ve completed the first phase of amalgamating my websites and blog in one handy location. This isn’t going to be a quick job, but it’s one that I think needs to be done.

Step One – I have a new website, with all of my books under all of my writing names together in a single place, along with excerpts, quotes and buy links. Phew! There are even foreign editions and reader letters posted there. My blog will also be there from now on – this will be the last post at this blog location.

The new site is at

In my newsletter and blog posts, I’ll be linking to the new site.

Step Two – Because changed its location, the navy site with the same header as my Deborah Cooke Facebook page has disappeared forever. This means that all the links to that site will now be broken. For example, this used to be the link to the Kiss of Fire excerpt. See? No good. The Kiss of Fire excerpt is now here, on the new site, with a different address. The main thing this will affect will be the links in the back of my Cooke digital books and any bookmarks you’ve made in your own browser for that site. Step Two is updating the links in the digital books and republishing them. That’s a January job. It might take a while.

Step Three – Claire Delacroix’s site will remain as it is until the book files are updated. The info about the Delacroix books will be available in two places, on the old site and the new. Once the book files are done, the domain name will be repointed to the new site and the purple website will also disappear. The same thing will happen with the links as with the Cooke site – the page for The Renegade’s Heart will disappear from here but remain here – but since the book files will already have been updated, it should be less of an issue.

You can, btw, get the new version of any digital book file from the portal where you bought it for free – sometimes it happens automatically, but at some portals you have to request it.

I’ll only be updating book info on the new site from this point out. Ijust published 6 books to Overdrive for example and they’ll be perking through to outlets like Books-A-Million and Waterstones. Those links, when they appear, will only be added to the new site.

Step Four – this blog will also move to the new site. This will be the last blog post here – it can survive as a signpost until the transition is done – but at some point, I’ll need to move all the messages over to the other site. I’m not looking forward to that, but it will probably be easier than I expect.

Step Five – Flotsam and jetsam. The Dragon Diaries domain name will be repointed to the new site when that hosting comes up for renewal, and will be directed there as well. The knitting will probably not make the transition. (The new site is called Deborah Cooke and Her Books, not Alive & Knitting) You can find me on Ravelry if you want to talk sticks and string. I’ve also got a designer booked to do some tweaking to the new site, maybe add some flash beyond my capabilities – it will change a bit, but the content is all there.

It’s a big move – like moving house! – but I think it will make things much easier for me to maintain, and for you to find my books. Hop on over to the new site and have a peek. I’ll have Chestwick open a new keg of mead. 🙂

Websites on the Move

Welcome to my new website!

I’ve finally updated all of my legacy systems and amalgamated everything in one place. Here you’ll find all of my books – written as myself Deborah Cooke, as Claire Delacroix and as Claire Cross – as well as the new incarnation of my blog, Alive and Knitting.

The move will be an incremental one. First, this site had to be created and turned on for the world. That’s done. Next, the domain name will repoint to this site, and its url will change.

As a result of that change, a lot of links are going to go 404. 😦 The ones I’m most concerned about are those in the back of the digital editions of my books. The next phase of the move, which will take several months in 2014, will be to update the end matter in all of my digital books with new links, links that point here.

The next big ugly job will be moving all of the content from my current blog (located at for many years) to this server and address. There will be missing images and links resulting from that transaction, too. I’ll also have to hunt down all the blog feeds on the internet and update the address for the rss.

Phew! After that’s done, and will be repointed to this site, although its url will remain At some point in the future, the hosting on will expire and it will be pointed here, too.

It’s a lot of work, but once it’s done, it’ll be easier for me to maintain and for you to find information about my books. So, have a look around the new site and familiarize yourself with it. This is where everything will be!