Websites on the Move

Welcome to my new website!

I’ve finally updated all of my legacy systems and amalgamated everything in one place. Here you’ll find all of my books – written as myself Deborah Cooke, as Claire Delacroix and as Claire Cross – as well as the new incarnation of my blog, Alive and Knitting.

The move will be an incremental one. First, this site had to be created and turned on for the world. That’s done. Next, the domain name will repoint to this site, and its url will change.

As a result of that change, a lot of links are going to go 404. 😦 The ones I’m most concerned about are those in the back of the digital editions of my books. The next phase of the move, which will take several months in 2014, will be to update the end matter in all of my digital books with new links, links that point here.

The next big ugly job will be moving all of the content from my current blog (located at for many years) to this server and address. There will be missing images and links resulting from that transaction, too. I’ll also have to hunt down all the blog feeds on the internet and update the address for the rss.

Phew! After that’s done, and will be repointed to this site, although its url will remain At some point in the future, the hosting on will expire and it will be pointed here, too.

It’s a lot of work, but once it’s done, it’ll be easier for me to maintain and for you to find information about my books. So, have a look around the new site and familiarize yourself with it. This is where everything will be!

6 thoughts on “Websites on the Move

  1. Love the new site and how easy it is to find all of your books (under all your names) in one place. I really enjoy seeing the covers from editions around the world.
    The only thing that would make it more perfect for me would be a small printable list of your books )like a bookmark) or something I could put in my phone to help make shopping easier.
    Very nice work.


    • Thank you! I”m glad you like the site. I really enjoy the foreign covers, so was hoping other people did as well.

      That’s a great idea about the bookmark. I’ve got a website person booked to do some tweaking and to add some flash – I’ll ask him how we can do that.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Hey, hey. I’m here at the new website!! Love all the changes Deb. I’m sure having everything in one place will be easier to manage. 🙂


  3. I like the new website, everything is super easy to find and looks terrific. I also wanted to say thank you! for the bookplates and stuff, I just got them in the mail and they look fantastic!!


    • Glad you like the website, Nikki, and I’m glad your package arrived. Sorry it took a bit longer to get on its way than I’d hoped – that’s why I tucked in a little something extra. 🙂



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