Secret Heart Ink

Secret Heart Ink is a series of contemporary romance novellas and a spin-off series from Flatiron Five. Each month, on the full moon, Chynna does a special tattoo that brings true love to the recipient. Secret Heart Ink tells the stories of those characters and their HEA’s.

Snowbound, #1 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke   Spring Fever, #2 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

One Hot Summer Night, #3 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke   Under the Mistletoe, a contemporary Christmas romance and #4 in the Secret Heart Ink series by Deborah Cooke

In terms of timeline, Snowbound happens after In the Midnight Hour: in Damon’s book, Chynna’s tattoo shop is under construction. Snowbound begins during the shop’s opening night. The chronology of the two series is entwined after that – if you want to read in the order of events, this would be your reading list:

Simply Irresistible
Addicted to Love
In the Midnight Hour
Some Guys Have All the Luck
Spring Fever
One Hot Summer Night
Going to the Chapel
Bad Case of Loving You
Under the Mistletoe
Some Like It Hot

You can read this series without reading Flatiron Five, and vice versa. You can read the two series in order separately, one after the other – I’d read Flatiron Five first in that case.

Secret Heart Ink also introduces three women from Honey Hill, Maine. They’ve been best friends forever and have a girls’ weekend in Manhattan to celebrate Olivia getting her doctorate. Liv is the science nerd. Lexi is the party girl. Reyna is the cupcake queen. They’re three smart, fun women and I think you’ll enjoy their stories.

There’s a Pinterest board for Secret Heart Ink, again with subsidiary boards for the individual stories.

Buy Signed mass market copies of Secret Heart Ink

Buy directly from Deborah and you’ll get four signed mass market paperbacks of the Secret Heart Ink books – Snowbound, Spring Fever, One Hot Summer Night and Under the Mistletoe – along with some swag. The price includes $15US postage – if that’s too much, I’ll refund as appropriate.