How Charming

You probably remember my tutorial on making mini-books as charms for Romancing the Capital. At RTC, there’s a treasure hunt in which readers try to find participating authors to get a charm. (They’re given empty bracelets at registration).

Book Charms made by Deborah Cooke

I really enjoyed making these charms and got excited about getting most of my book covers on charms. There are some left from the conference and I remember that some of you were interested in them. I’ve listed them for sale in the store, and put a small charge on them ($5 plus free postage), not because I hope to make money on them (I won’t) but to put a dint in the cost of postage and that of my assistant filling out customs forms for each package.

Finished Book Charms by Deborah Cooke

They’re in two categories because there are so many variations. There’s a new category in the store called The Hoard – you’ll find the Claire Delacroix book charms here, and the Deborah Cooke ones here.

Finished Book Charm by Deborah Cooke

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