Cooking Experiments

I like to cook, and I have a fat book full of tested-and-true favourite recipes. Sometimes, though, you need to try something different. Last night, I tried TWO different things.

First up, the veggie burgers. I like veggie burgers. I’ve eaten them in restaurants many times and had a feeling I could do better.

I started with this recipe. I changed out the mayonnaise for an egg, as I dislike cooking mayonnaise. Otherwise I followed the directions. There was much goodness in these black bean burgers, but the consistency seemed wrong. I did have 19 oz cans of beans instead of 14 oz cans of beans, but still – the result looked more like something that could be spread on toast than made into patties. I also thought it was strange that the recipe didn’t call for salt and pepper, as beans dearly love salt. (Cordelia could have said “l love you, father, as beans love salt” IMO but Shakespeare clearly thought otherwise.)

So, out came the reliable hamburger recipe – which is really my mother’s meatloaf recipe. Several handfuls of oatmeal, salt and pepper, chopped sundried tomatoes in oil, dried onion flakes, all went into the mix until it looked right. I oiled the burger form and got 7 burgers out of the mix, plus a thin one, which we grilled. We had them with chevre and salsa, with oven-baked frites, canned corn and homemade asparagus pickles. HUGE success! Next time, I’ll make them with one can of beans though and we won’t have so many leftovers.

As a back-up plan, I made a cake. (Because dessert can fix everything and I was a bit worried about the veggie burgers.) I used this recipe but mixed it by hand. I couldn’t bring myself to put an entire cup of oil into the batter. I once had a neighbour who made an awesome carrot cake – she insisted that the secret was crushed pineapple in the batter. So, instead of the cup of oil, I used 4 tbsp of oil and a drained can of crushed pineapple instead. Wow. What a wonderful cake! We had it first warm, without icing. I’ll ice it later today and it’ll be a whole new thing. 🙂

Have you tried any new recipes lately?

5 thoughts on “Cooking Experiments

  1. Love trying new recipes. If you share recipes, would you mind sharing your mother’s meatloaf recipe? It’s one of my husband’s favorites and I’m still looking for the “right” one. ☺


  2. The burgers sound good! I love veggie burgers, so I’ll have to give this a try.  I’m constantly trying new things (hence my 6’2″ 280 lbs of Hubby). I did a Mexican lasagna with leftover pork roast and chicken thighs (instead of beef), sharp cheddar and smoked white cheddar, black beans, tomatillo sauce, red chile enchilada sauce, chopped tomatoes and onions, corn tortillas, chopped lettuce and avocado (these go on right before serving). I’ve never gotten out of the habit of cooking extra, because you never know when the kids are going to pop in. We always have leftovers, so I re-purpose food a lot. Last night was smoked turkey pot pie.  The cake recipe interests me. I love baking! In a previous life (before I married) I had a small catering/cake company up north called Wife for Hire. It was an executive service that provided reheatable meals, grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop and pick-up, (Christmas) shopping, party planning, etc. You’d be surprised how many people will gladly pay someone else to do these things for them. 


    • I wouldn’t be surprised at all, Denise. Lots of people prefer to not cook – that’s why the prepared food sections at the grocery stores keep getting bigger! Your Mexican lasagna sounds good. I’ve been making lasagna with leftover spaghetti sauce – we have spaghetti one night then lasagna the next. It seems completely different, esp if I put spinach in the lasagna.

      The cake recipe is very good. I just made the icing and it’s perfect – not too sweet. The 9 x 13″ slab only needs half the icing.


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