Guest Blog at Canadian Authors

Today, I’m visiting the joint blog of several Canadian authors, to talk about using Canadian settings in romance novels. I’ve done that twice in the past, and am going to do it again with a new series launching next year.

Come on over and say hello!

Edited to add – some people are having troubles getting a comment to stick at Romance Eh? Canadian Style (like me!) If that’s the case, leave your comment here, and I’ll count it in the giveaway. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guest Blog at Canadian Authors

  1. I enjoy all of Claire’s books! I love time travel stories. They give you not only romance but a glance of what people and places were like in the past. I know they are not a true representation of both but I like to imagine it was close enough.


  2. I love reading just about any romance novels, and have loved the few time travel romances I have read. I am definitely interested just in reading the books posted by Deborah. I will definitely be picking these up soon!


  3. I’m commenting for the book giveaway 🙂 i have those books listed in my wish list, can’t wait for the frost maiden’s kiss also!!


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