September Reviewer Contest

Here we go again – another month means another reviewer contest here on the blog.

There are two monthly contests here on the blog. This is the contest for people who post online reviews of my books. The idea is that if you read one of my books and like it, then post a review somewhere out there on the Internet, you can comment on this post to be eligible to win a signed book from me.

What you need to do to enter:

1. Read one of my books and like it. :-)
2. Write a review of the book and post it online – you can do that at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, AllRomanceEbooks, Smashwords, Sony, KOBO, Apple, Goodreads or Shelfari. (If I missed a place where you can post reviews, let me know!) Just a word to the wise, here: Amazon has been removing reviews. I’m not sure why, but you might want to post your review on Goodreads or Shelfari so it sticks.
3. Add a comment to this post, saying which book you reviewed. Your comment will be your contest entry.

N.B. Your email address will not be displayed to the world, just to me, and it needs to be right if I’m going to be able to contact you. Also, if you add a link to the book page in question, that’s okay but your comment will go to moderation. Your comment won’t appear immediately, but will be waiting on me. Once I approve it, it’ll be there for all to see. All comments with links go to moderation on this blog.

Please only enter once for each review. If you review multiple books in a month, you are welcome to enter multiple times. The contest is open to international winners.

The Prizes

The winner can choose a print book from the following list of my books – I’ll sign it and mail it to the winner. I do have some gaps in my collection, so here are the choices:

Claire Cross/Delacroix time travels – new trade paperback editions.

Bride Quest I (PRINCESS, DAMSEL, HEIRESS) – mass market copies of TD and TH only.

Bride Quest II (COUNTESS, BEAUTY, TEMPTRESS) – new trade paperback editions.

Rogues of Ravensmuir – new trade paperback editions. I have WARRIOR in mass market, too.

Jewels of Kinfairlie – new trade paperback editions. I have BEAUTY BRIDE in mass market, too.

The Renegade’s Heart – trade paperback edition.

The Highlander’s Curse – trade paperback edition.

The Prometheus Project – mass market paperback of GUARDIAN and REBEL.

Dragonfire – I have all titles in mass market, EXCEPT I have no way to give away the digital short story “Harmonia’s Kiss”. The Dragon Legion Collection in trade paperback is also available.

The Dragon Diaries – trade paperback edition, and UK trade of the first two titles.

The Coxwells – all in new trade paperback editions.

Of course, if you want something in French, Spanish or German, that’s a whole ‘nuther list!

As usual, for every 25 entries, I’ll draw for another prize.

Good luck, everyone!

6 thoughts on “September Reviewer Contest

  1. This was my first book by this author, but it want be my last! I enjoyed it from the get go!! I WAS EXCITING,romantic, endearing, and also a page turner on a Rainey Sunday evening. Entertaining and also a lesson learned that LOVE can not always be judged by the cover but buy the actions of the heart. LOVED THIS BOOK and recommend it to everyone. CAN’T wait to read the next in this series


  2. From Goodreads: Another beautiful story cleverly written. I’m completely hooked! Highlander’s Curse just might be my favorite book of the series. Stellar ending, as always. Can’t wait to read The Frost Maiden’s Kiss.


    • Congratulations to Tracy, who has won the September reviewers’ contest!

      Tracy, please check your email for a message from me. Thanks to everyone for participating. This month’s contest is now closed, but there’s a new one for October.


  3. From Goodreads: It’s usually difficult to start a series with the most current book (#9) and I admit I was a little worried that I would have a tough time following the storyline and understanding key elements and characters. It was great to be so pleasantly surprised! Kiss of Destiny was an inspiring introduction to the series and I can’t wait to read how it all began. Very clever ending, as usual. Another smart, romantic, exciting book by Deborah Cooke!


  4. I reviewed Double Trouble on Goodreads.
    I normally do not like first person novels — except maybe mysteries if they are done right — however I got sucked into Double Trouble right away. Maralys is obviously not happy with her life, but tries to pretend that nothing really matters – especially the fact that she can never quite measure up to to ‘perfect’ twin.
    (more here: http:// www. goodreads. com /review /show /719176730)


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