All Quiet

It’s quiet on the blog right now, mostly because I haven’t been getting around to writing any new posts. Things are busy, busy, busy at this end, although there isn’t so much to show for it.

I’m working on my new Scottish medieval romance, THE RENEGADE’S HEART, getting it ready to go to my editor. It will be published in May.

I’m working on formatting the print editions of the Scottish Bride Quest – THE COUNTESS, THE BEAUTY and THE TEMPTRESS – with the hope that they’ll be available in April.

Once this is done, I’ll reformat the digital editions of these three and give them TOC’s (tables of contents).

There are still two time travels to prep for print editions, and all of the time travels need TOC’s, but that may have to wait for another month.

And of course, there’s Tupperman’s novella to write.

I’m waiting on the final a-ok on the cover for EMBER’S KISS, Dragonfire #8 which comes out in October. Once I can show the cover, I’ll unlock the door on the website to the page with the excerpt, etc. I just love this cover and can’t wait to show it to you. This is Brandon’s book – he’s the son of Brandt and the target of Chen. He’s also a professional surfer, and this book is set in Hawai`i.

I’m knitting like mad as I work on all of these writing projects, and trying to finish up a number of my wips. One quickie knit got finished this weekend, so I’ll show you pics once it’s dry (it’s blocking). The other longer projects are easing toward completion.

Meanwhile, spring is arriving. The snowdrops are blooming and there’s a lot of clean-up to be done in the garden beds – as usual. It’s wonderful to get out in the sunshine a bit.

Progress is being made, but none of it is very showy – yet!

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