August Audio 5

It’s STILL August and I’m still giving away audiobooks! You have one more chance to win! Even though we’re almost out of August, I’ll give away 7 codes next weekend for my brand new audiobook:

The Renegade's Heart audiobookYes, The Renegade’s Heart is now available for pre-order in audio and will go on sale September 1. All you have to do for your chance to win is comment on this post. If you do win, it would be great if you left a review at Audible.

You can see all of my books in audio and listen to samples on my Soundcloud page.

Good luck!

August Audio #4 Winners!

The Snow White Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixSeven more winners today in my August Audio giveaway! Each of this week’s winners will receive a copy of my medieval Scottish romance, The Snow White Bride, in audio, narrated by Saskia Maarleveld. Once again, we have seven winners:

1. Ashley F
2. Cynthia C
3. Anna
4. Cynthia (We had two Cynthias enter last week.)
5. Tammy Cyr
6. lrhubble
7. Niki Driscoll

Congrats to all! Each winner will hear shortly from my assistant, Angie, about claiming your prize. Remember that you can listen to samples of all of my audiobooks on my Soundcloud page, or check out my Audio page here on the site for more info.

Don’t forget that there’s one more week of August Audio giveaways! Tune in tomorrow for another chance to win. Good luck everyone!


Revisiting The Mermaid Shawl

We haven’t had a Fibre Friday in a while, because there’s been so much other news to talk about. Also, the Mermaid Shawl had me puzzled. Last week, I figured out what was going on.

Even though I’m using my own pattern, Undine, I didn’t follow the directions. In Undine, the ruffle is created with short rows at the outer edge of the shawl, and this ruffle remains the same width across the shawl. Any changes to the total width of the shawl are made in the body of it, right before the ruffle. This means that the rows in the body of the shawl are perpendicular to the lead edge, like this:Undine Shawl by Deborah CookeDetail of Undine Shawl by Deborah Cooke

When I began to knit the Mermaid Shawl, though, I didn’t read my own directions! I made my increases at the lead edge. This eliminated that ruffle band, but also skewed the knit rows. Because of the location of the increase stitch, they fall at an angle to the lead edge, like this:Detail of Mermaid Shawl by Deborah Cooke

This is pretty interesting. I had no idea this would happen. I would have expected my mistake to make little difference. I was wrong about that!

If I had just continued, following the rest of the directions for Undine, the stripes would have been at an angle for the entire shawl. But, I had decided to make an inverted V in the back, again with short rows, to emulate the shawl in the Jane Eyre movie. The finished V looks like this:Mermaid Shawl by Deborah Cooke

My revised plan had been for the inverted V to be the middle of the shawl, BUT the knitting still doesn’t line up. In fact, it’s only this new part that is perpendicular to the lead edge, and that means that the picture above is actually the midpoint of the shawl.

I need to knit another inverted V of short rows before decreasing to the end of the shawl to make the shape come out right. The finished shawl will have three triangles. This means that I’ll run out of yarn – I’m half done, but have only 30% of my yarn left. I’m going to have to buy a third ball to finish. I do like it, though, and it will bug me if I don’t finish it so that the rows are straight.

What do you think?

Marquita Valentine’s iBooks Beach Bash

BeachBashBanner - AUG27Today, I’m participating in Marquita Valentine‘s End of Summer Beach Bash, a huge iBooks event she’s pulled together to celebrate her new release, Love So Tempting, which comes out this Friday.

Each participating author has at least one book available free in the iBooks store, and each author is giving away a giftcard. All of this is being administered through Marquita’s Facebook page.

You can see that today, I have some pretty awesome company. :-) Here’s Marquita’s Facebook page, which you’ll want to like for a chance to win. Here’s the link to the post about my books, although it won’t be live until 5:30 today. Check out Marquita’s page for contests from the other authors, though!

Good luck, everyone, and have fun with free books and finding new authors!

Summer Writing 6

The Crusader's Heart by Claire Delacroix, a medieval romance and #2 in the Champions of Saint Euphemia series.Last week, I made good progress with my writing. I added about 12,000 new words to Wulfe and Christina’s story, The Crusader’s Heart, but this word count is deceptive. I was at the ugly bit, which happens with each book, when I have to scrub through everything I’ve written so far and ensure it’s consistent. A lot of words go away in this process, even as some are added. I probably wrote 20,000 new words, but I also edited and chucked out a lot. So my net gain is 12,000 words, which is fine by me. Sometimes this phase results in no gain in word count at all. It’s a necessary step, though, because it makes the book so much stronger. It’s no fun to do, but I’m always glad when it’s done. Now, the word count will really add up quickly!

There were other things going on last week, as well. I’m hoping to have some interesting news for you soon, and be able to share one of those things. My monthly newsletter went out last week, and The Rogue was (and is) on sale. I also canned my peaches, an annual job that makes a sticky mess of the kitchen but is totally worth it in the winter. Some new swag arrived, which I’ll show you later this week, and I made my time travel romances exclusive at Amazon so they could be available through Kindle Unlimited. I’m also participating in a big promotion at iBooks, and will tell you more about that on Thursday.

And now, I have writing to do!