New Swag – Jewelry

This new swag was also inspired by Coastal Magic Reader Conference. They had a number of vendors there, Including Leslie’s shop Aunt Matilda’s Jewelry Box with wonderful steampunk-medieval-pirate jewelry. I bought a pair of dragon earrings, and on the way home had an idea. Leslie was excited about it and so we have Dragonfire Earrings.

Dragonfire Earrings

Leslie created these earrings to match the colors of the Pyr. The earrings have Czech glass crystals that catch the light. From the top left, we have Quinn, Donovan and Erik. In the second row from left we have Delaney, Niall and Rafferty. In the third and last row, we have Lorenzo, Brandon and Thorolf. Leslie has written the name of the appropriate Pyr on the back of the earring card in silver ink.

And not to forget our special girl, the star of the Dragon Diaries and the Wyvern-to-be, here’s earrings for Zöe:

Zöe the Wyvern heroine of The Dragon Diaries by Deborah Cooke

Leslie also created some medieval jewelry for me for Kinfairlie. Look at this necklace, which I’m calling the Kinfairlie Cross and will be using for promotion for the True Love Brides Series. It’s quite large, more than four inches long, and the faceted stones are a beautiful shade of aquamarine. (They look a bit paler in the picture). Any of the sisters of Kinfairlie could have a necklace like this – I might need to write it into Elizabeth and Malcolm’s books!

Kinfairlie Cross

Finally, Leslie created a Prometheus Project watch for me. It’s a bit steampunk, but has angel wings too – I can easily imagine Lilia wearing this:

Prometheus Project timepiece

I’ll be using these as prizes in contests and also in raffle baskets, but you’ll also be able to buy them directly from Leslie’s Etsy store. She’s created a page for the Dragonfire earrings, right here, where you can easily order a pair of earrings in the colors of your favorite Pyr. There’s also a listing for the Kinfairlie cross, and another one for the Prometheus Project steampunk crystal ball watch.

What do you think? I love them all!

Psst – there will be a contest for newsletter subscribers in May, with shiny prizes. Hmm. I wonder what those prizes could be…

Dragonfire Tattoos Are Here!

Look what arrived this morning! (Of course, I had to try one out.)dragonfiretattoo

This is a Dragonfire temporary tattoo. I’m happy to mail two to everyone who’d like one – one to test and one for a big event, or one to keep and one to share. Just comment on this post please but don’t include your mailing info. I’ll send you an email privately to get that from you.

Interview at The Reading Frenzy

Abyss, book #4 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Claire DelacroixDebbie Haupt at The Reading Frenzy blog was one of the readers who was most disappointed that by the end of my urban fantasy trilogy, the Prometheus Project, Tupperman hadn’t had his HEA. She wasn’t alone in that. I wanted Tupperman to have his HEA, too, but I didn’t know what his story was for a few years. As most of you know, Tupperman’s story is told in my most recent urban fantasy romance, Abyss.

Deb interviewed me for her blog, and the interview is posted today, right here.

Come on over!

Reader Letter for Serpent’s Kiss

Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah CookeDear Reader;

I’ve always had a soft spot for Thorolf, the big passionate dragon of the Pyr. It’s true that he’ll do pretty much anything for a couple of steaks grilled rare or the attention of a cute waitress, but when it comes down to it, Thorolf always comes through for his fellow Pyr. I had a lot of questions about Thorolf that had to be resolved in his firestorm, including the reasons why he was so easy to underestimate. I knew that Erik, the leader of the Pyr, knew more about Thorolf’s past or heritage (remember that Erik recognized Thorolf on sight and challenged him immediately) and had to figure out what it was. I had to wonder whether Thorolf was really as irresponsible as he tried to appear, or whether there was more to his story. (You can guess the answer to that.)

I was also intrigued by Chandra, the woman who pretended not only to be a boy but a thief, and who was tracking Viv Jason. She definitely had a secret, if not more than one, and I was as determined as Thorolf to find out more. I really enjoyed how the firestorm—and Thorolf—awakened new feelings in Chandra and showed her a side to living that she hadn’t experienced in her many years of life. In my mind, these two balance each other very well: Chandra bringing Thorolf’s innate responsibility to the fore, and Thorolf teaching his destined mate the benefits of play and pleasure.

When we last left Thorolf, he was enthralled with Viv Jason, unaware that she was deliberately distracting him from his quest to destroy the Slayer Chen. In the Dragon Legion Collection of novellas, the root of Viv’s quest for vengeance was revealed and the final restriction against it was removed. Having Viv in action and Chen seeking domination meant it was time for Thorolf to show his stuff. I ensured that the happy resolution of his firestorm didn’t come easily to him, because I knew that he’d need a big push to move beyond his past. I loved the fact that his loyalty would be misdirected, potentially in the most dangerous way. It’s not a spoiler to tell you here that during his firestorm and the challenges that result, Thorolf comes through again, and does so with flying colors.

He’s just the kind of Pyr you really might want to have defending your back.

There is some bonus content in this edition, including a guide to the next generation of the Pyr. A lot of firestorms mean a lot of sons, so this list includes all the ones born to date. The same list is on my website, and will be amended there as the series continues.

There’s also an excerpt here from Sloane’s book, which will be called Firestorm Forever and will be published later this year. Sloane’s is the last title in the Dragonfire series, and takes place at the end of the Dragon’s Tail Wars. There will be more dragon shifters from me, though, and we’ll probably revisit our favorite Pyr in other linked series, but this cycle will come to its resolution with Sloane’s book. I’m looking forward to going back into the past with my dragon shifters and also to move into the future with the younger generation. Stay tuned for more Pyr adventures!

And now I’ll step aside and let you get to the firestorm. I hope you enjoy reading Chandra and Thorolf’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time,
All my best—

New Swag – Dragonfire Temporary Tattoos

One of the things that blew me away at the Coastal Magic Readers’ Conference was all the great swag for readers. I always do postcards, of course, and I have bookplates available, but I realized that I was way behind the game in terms of swag.

And so, I’ve been fixing that.

First off, there’s a new page on the site here, which lists all the available swag, with appropriate links. I added a link for Tony Mauro’s site: he’s the artist who did the illustrations for the first 8 Dragonfire covers, and he sells prints of those illustrations from his site. Look up: it’s on the About Deborah drop-down menu. Or today, you can just click this link to get there from here. :-)

Next, I added more swag.

The first addition is a Dragonfire temporary tattoo. Amanda Carlson had some at CMRC (with the crescent moon from her Jessica McClain series) and I thought they were so cool. She graciously told me where she’d ordered them, and I set my designer to work. They’re in production right now, but here’s what they look like – the gold is supposed to be your skin, and the dotted line won’t appear on the tattoo:

Dragonfire Temporary Tattoo

When they arrive, I’ll let you know. I’ll mail these out just like postcards to those of you who’d like some. :-)

There’s more on the way, so I show you pix when the box arrives. :-)

The Beauty Bride and Double Trouble

The Beauty Bride, book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of Scottish medieval romances, by Claire Delacroix  Double Trouble, book #2 in the Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, by Deborah Cooke

It’s time for a couple of free reads again. Right now through April 30, my medieval romance The Beauty Bride and my contemporary romance Double Trouble are both free at Apple and Kobo. They’re 99 cents each at B&N and Amazon (although Amazon might match the free price in some markets.

Here’s your chance to try my alter ego, whether you read my contemporaries or my medievals!