Black Friday Specials

Part of the fun of opening a new online store is trying some new things. Here’s today’s adventure – my first Black Friday sale at my store.

Today only and only at my online store, the digital editions of these four books are available at a 25% discount. These links have the discount code embedded in them – just follow the links for the digital version you need, add the book to your shopping cart, and check out when you’re done shopping.

The discount will be available for 12 hours, from 6AM Eastern to 6PM Eastern.

MOBI is the format used by the Kindle readers. EPUB is used by pretty much all other e-readers.

All or Nothing, book #4 of the Coxwell series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeAll or Nothing from the Coxwell Series is on sale today because it’s set at Thanksgiving. Click HERE to buy the EPUB edition at 25% off.
Click HERE to buy the MOBI edition at 25% off.

The Dragon Legion Collection, including all three Dragon Legion novellas and #9 in the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances, by Deborah CookeThe Dragon Legion Collection from the Dragonfire series is on sale today, because everyone needs a dragon shifter on a holiday weekend.
Click HERE to buy the EPUB edition at 25% off.
Click HERE to buy the MOBI edition at 25% off.

The Snow White Bride, book #3 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy of Scottish medieval romances by Claire DelacroixAnd finally, The Snow White Bride from the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy is on sale today, because it’s set at Christmas.
Click HERE to buy the EPUB edition at 25% off.
Click HERE to buy the MOBI edition at 25% off.

Beguiled, a collection of short stories and novellas by Claire Delacroix and Deborah CookeBeguiled is a collection of short stories with fantasy and romance elements. It’s discounted just because I like it (and the cover) so well. :-)
Click HERE to buy the EPUB edition at 25% off.
Click HERE to buy the MOBI edition at 25% off.

Happy shopping and happy reading this weekend! If you have comments about the store, please add them here. It’s all new and still in development, so I’m curious to hear what you think.

A Dragonfire Companion

As I’ve been working on Sloane’s book, Firestorm Forever, I’ve been re-reading all of my Dragonfire notes and all of the previously published Dragonfire novels to make sure I don’t miss any loose ends or links. (I’m going to read the Dragon Diaries again, too.) As a result of this, I’ve been building myself a great big reference file. I have a huge binder full of details and research, but this reference is focused on the world of Dragonfire, the terminology and the characters.

I’m quite enjoying the compilation of it, and have decided that I’ll publish it later in 2015 as A Dragonfire Companion. I’ll have a better idea of when it will be available after I get Sloane’s book done. I’m thinking that the publication might coincide with the publication of my next trilogy of books about the Pyr, which is tentatively scheduled for fall 2015. That would be best, IMO, to manage spoilers, as the details from that series would be included as well.

I hope this is something that interests some of you! I’m having fun with it.

The Artist’s Way – Week Eight

I haven’t been checking in a lot with you about The Artist’s Way, the twelve week program that I started this year on the week of October 6. but let’s do that now.

It’s hard to believe that it’s week 8 already! That’s two-thirds of the way through the program. How are you doing? I’ve been great with keeping up on my morning pages, and have made good progress is getting the focus of my day back on writing. As usual, I’ve not been so good about keeping my artist dates, although I have started on a coloring project. This got me to thinking about different tools that writers use to keep track of their books and imaginary worlds. A lot of authors use collages, for example, but I’ve never had much luck with that.

I have a new series brewing in the back of my mind, and that’s got me to thinking about managing the information associated with it. It’s always a challenge with a linked series to keep track of ongoing details. I’ve used a number of different methods – hand-drawn maps, spreadsheets, binders, character forms, etc. – and all of these show their weaknesses once I get past book #6 or so. (Right now, for example, I’m re-reading all of Dragonfire to make sure I don’t miss any of the loose ends.) This new series will be open-ended (instead of finite, which is what I usually do) so I want to make sure I have everything organized from the beginning. I’m setting up the binder (or Bible) and the character interviews, the background details and the story synopsis. Beyond that, virtually all of the books will also be set in the same small town – essentially, the town will be a character. So, I’ve started to build a model of the town. I’m really enjoying this process and the way it’s sparking new ideas for me and for stories in the series. I’ll show you more as we get closer to publication, but I think this is a good example of the kind of fresh thinking that can come out of programs like The Artist’s Way.

How about you? Have you had any revelations or new developments emerge from your journey through The Artist’s Way this time?

Samples at My Store

I have been experimenting this month with setting up an online store, in order to sell content directly to readers. One of the other things I can do with the store is use it as a way to deliver free content to readers in an easy way.

For example, this week, I’ve made the Family Trees available at the store for download. You can find them right here in the store:
The Crevy-sur-Seine family tree for the Bride Quest II
The Ravensmuir & Inverfyre family tree for the Rogues of Ravensmuir
The Kinfairlie family tree in color for the Jewels of Kinfairlie and the True Love Brides
The Kinfairlie family tree in b&w for the Jewels of Kinfairlie and the True Love Brides

I’ve also put the printable book list over there:
Printable book list in color
Printable book list in B&W

And finally, I’ve created some samples for upcoming books. These are EPUB files – I thought they’d be easier for you to read on your phone (or wherever) rather than reading the excerpt on my website. They also have lots of links to the other books in each series, and pre-order links where they’re available.
EPUB excerpt of The Warrior’s Prize
EPUB excerpt of Firestorm Forever

The store is still in development and there are more products to be added, but please let me know what you think of it, and what you think of these excerpts, too.

Happy Highland Heroes

What exciting news this morning! My boxed set of medieval Scottish romances, Highland Heroes, is selling so well this week. The book is #14 overall at Amazon Kindle, #3 overall at B&N Nook, #2 in historical romance at KOBO and #90 overall at iBooks. Wow! As if that’s not enough, the success of this title this week has made me the #2 historical romance author at Amazon, and #28 author in Kindle Romance.

Highland Heroes, a digital boxed set of Scottish medieval romances by Claire DelacroixWow and WOW again. I have never had a book perform so well in digital. THANK YOU to everyone who picked up a copy of this boxed set this week!

Highland Heroes Available Today

Highland Heroes, a digital boxed set of Scottish medieval romances by Claire DelacroixMy boxed set of Scottish medieval romances is on sale today. Highland Heroes is already a #1 Kindle Bestselling Title in medieval romance because so many of you pre-ordered a copy. Thank you!

It will remain at 99 cents for two days only, then the price will increase. There’s also a print edition of the bundle, since I know a lot of you like print books. :-)

You can get your copy at these portals:
Buy at Amazon Buy at Createspace Buy at iBooks Buy at KOBO Buy at B&N Buy at Smashwords