Audio Review for The Beauty Bride

The Beauty Bride in AudioThis review made my day! Here’s a snippet of it:

“We experience the magic of the narrator, Saskia Maarleveld’s pleasant voice and easy story telling quality. Her mellow, cultured, soothing voice, characterized Madeline, showing the listener clearly the manner of woman she is. Saskia pours out Alexander’s frustration and vexation through a sarcastic and witty dialog between Alexander, Madeleine and her sisters. I think the loveliest dialog comes from Rhys FitzHenry with his Welsh accent when he speaks with Madeleine and tells his bard’s tales. I highly recommend this listen if you love historical romance audiobooks with a quality narration.”

Thank you, Eileen!

The Beauty Bride audio edition is available from Amazon, Apple and Audible.

You can read all of Eileen’s review on her blog, right here.