Kiss of Enchantment Advance E-books

It’s been quiet here because I’ve been writing a lot this year. This is my favorite part of the process and I’m loving it – but it means my social media tend to be quieter. I’m still here!

Kiss of Enchantment, book one of the Darkfire Chronicles, a series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shifter heroes by Deborah Cooke

This week, I’m finishing up Kiss of Enchantment, book one of the Darkfire Chronicles. This book has been a lot of fun to write, as the storyline has intersected with a lot of the established history of the Pyr. Everything had to fit together! I also love Orion and Francesca together: he’s such a romantic while she’s very practical. There’s nothing like a dragon shifter determined to fulfill his fate to heal old wounds and steal a woman’s heart away. 🙂

In my Kickstarter campaign for the Dragonfire Omnibus HardCover editions, it was possible to order an advance copy of Kiss of Enchantment. These books will be delivered by May 6. Orion and Francesca’s book is also available for pre-order at the major portals – it will deliver in November.

If you didn’t order an advance copy of Kiss of Enchantment through the Kickstarter campaign and would like to change that, you can order a copy from me now. I’ve also added the Complete Dragonfire Series ebook to the form, in case you missed that. Prices are in $CA and the form will be available through April 30. I’ll charge you by Paypal when the book is ready to ship, and the ebooks will be delivered by BookFunnel after you pay. This will happen by May 6.

You’ll find the order form right here.

Originally, I’d thought to offer this advance ebook through Patreon, but that’s not working out as expected. 🙂 We’ll do it this way and keep things simple.

My next campaign at Kickstarter will launch in May, once this one is all finished up. It will be for new commemorative editions of my Bride Quest series of medieval romances – it’s 25 years since The Princess, book one of that series, was published, which is kind of astonishing. These new editions have new cover illustrations – that image is the cover of the commemorative mass market edition. The commemorative hardcover editions have a dust jacket like the current trade paperback and are case laminated with the new illustration. 

In this image below, you can see the original mass market paperback at the left (now out of print), then the new commemorative mass market paperback (coming to Kickstarter in May and portals in November). Next is the current trade paperback, and finally at the right, is the new commemorative hardcover (coming to Kickstarter in May and portals in November.) If you click through to the blog post, you can see the case laminate on the new hardcover.

The Princess, book one of the Bride Quest series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix, all print editions.

Read more about the new editions of The Princess in this blog post on my Delacroix website. The other five new covers will be revealed over the course of the Kickstarter campaign. It won’t have a very long pre-launch and there will be early bird specials, so keep your eyes open!

I will also have a campaign later this year for an illustrated hardcover omnibus edition of The Dragon Diaries YA fantasy series. (Initially, this was going to be before the Bride Quest one, but the illustrations are taking longer.) This series is currently available only in ebook, though there are used copies of the NAL trade paperbacks floating around. The campaign will launch new print editions, both individual books in trade paperback and the hardcover omnibus. Like the Bride Quest campaign, the print editions will be available earlier through Kickstarter, as well as signed, and there will be special swag at Kickstarter.

I’ll do a cover reveal in my monthly Dragons & Angels newsletter for my paranormal romances before posting it here on the site. If you haven’t yet subscribed, here’s the sign-up link.

The Dragon Diaries series is a spin-off from Dragonfire, so the Dragonfire hardcover omnibus editions will be available in this campaign as add-ons. My books are only available signed the first time they’re offered through Kickstarter, so the Dragonfire omnibus editions will be available personalized in the Dragon Diaries campaign and there won’t be any changes to the acknowledgements. (They’ll be a bit cheaper, too, as a result of that.) I’ll post a link here when the pre-launch goes up, or you can follow me on Kickstarter to make sure you don’t miss out.