Gilded Book Pages and Dragonfire Book Charm Earrings

15th anniversary hardcover omnibus editions of the Dragonfire Novels available at Kickstarter December 27, 2022 to January 7, 2023

There are only three days left of my Kickstarter campaign, and this will be my last post about it here. (Well, there might be a recap post in the next week or two. We’ll see about that.)

Today, I have two new bonuses added to the reward tiers.

First, those who order signed hard cover copies of the omnibus editions will have the option of having the pages of their books gilded. This is a new trick I’ve learned to do and it looks pretty awesome. Obviously, you have to order a hard cover omnibus to have this choice, and it has to be a signed copy, since those are the ones that will be delivered to me. I’ll gild the pages (if you like) before packing and shipping the book(s) to you.

Secondly, I’ve added Dragonfire earrings made from my book charms as a bonus for the tiers with the signed hard cover omnibus editions and the BookWorm swag pack. These are my miniature books with Dragonfire covers on them – you can choose which cover you’d like on the books on your earrings.

Don’t forget that the Kickstarter campaign ends Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Gilded Book Pages and Dragonfire Book Charm Earrings

  1. Hi Deborah

    Everything looks like it is going wonderfully.

    As I am looking forward to getting my books here in the United Kingdom I am not sure if they will be coming to you first or not. If they are I would be delighted to have the gilded option. Whichever way I get the books (whether personally signed or with bookplates which have been signed for me to add) I will be delighted to have helped your first Kickstarter campaign.

    All the very best

    Gillian Hanhart

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    • Hi Gillian – You ordered the signed books, so they’ll be coming to me first. I’ll definitely gild them for you before signing them and shipping them on to you.
      Thank you very much for your support of my first campaign and for jumping in so quickly. You really helped to get the ball rolling!


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