Tick Tock – Time is Running Out!

The Dragonfire HC Omnibus editions are a Project We Love at Kickstarter

Yesterday, my campaign for the Dragonfire Novel Hardcover Omnibus editions won the Project We Love banner at Kickstarter, which is hugely exciting.

We’re approaching the end of the campaign, which features hardcover omnibus editions of The Dragonfire Novels, as well as a number of items available exclusively in this campaign.

Here’s the updated video of Dragonfire Quest, the first omnibus edition.

One of these items is the printed Dragonfire family trees – I’ve set up eight of them so far and there will be either twelve or fourteen in all. There’s a working version of the Roman Line I at the left, and the green is the reverse side of the cards. They’ll be 6 x 9″ in side and each set will come in an envelope.

The Roman Line I Family tree for the Pyr in Deborah Cooke's Dragonfire series of paranormal romances
Reverse side of the printed Dragonfire family tress
legend for the Dragonfire family trees

You can see that there’s color coding for more information: here’s my volunteer with the legend, who appears on several (but not all) cards. (Since everyone will have a complete set of the cards, he doesn’t need to be on every one.

These cards will only be available through the Kickstarter, so if you want them, check out the Signed Omnibus Editions or the BookWorm swag pack.

Another thing that’s only available at Kickstarter, at least until November, is the next Dragonfire Novel, Kiss of Enchantment.

I loved writing the Dragonfire Novels and have been pushing around the idea of this story for a while. In the Dragon Legion Novellas, the darkfire crystal takes Drake and the Dragon’s Tooth Warriors on a whirlwind trip through time and space. Alexander returns to his mate in Kiss of Danger, Damien encounters his mate again in Kiss of Darkness and Thad has his firestorm in Kiss of Destiny. Over the course of their journey, individual Pyr leave the company. There are nine who vanish over the course of the adventure: Lidio, Aeson, Cletus, Milo, Ignatio, Ashe, Tyrone, Peter and Orion. In the end, only Drake returns to the present time.

When Orion leaves the company in Kiss of Darkness, he is following the spark of his firestorm. Damien and Drake believe they are in Rome, in the 1970’s, when Orion feels that spark. They then conclude that each warrior who has left the company has been left in the right time and place to experience his firestorm. We can guess that these aren’t going to be ordinary firestorms: Alexander and Thad had to battle a time-travelling Slayer in their firestorms, while Damien entered Hades for Petra, and Thad followed Aura to the Garden of the Hesperides and bargained with a goddess for his firestorm’s future.

Kiss of Enchantment is Orion’s story and the first tale of these lost warriors. I’m having a wonderful time with this story – since we’re starting this epic romance in the 1970’s, there are still Slayers alive. They’re drawn to the spark of the firestorm, so two familiar faces have already appeared. The story starts with the firestorm and a dragon fight, plus it includes a bunch of mystery and history, so I’m having a wonderful time writing it.

Kiss of Enchantment will be delivered to Kickstarter backers in April. It will not be published at the portals before November and might remain exclusive to Kickstarter and Patreon even then. I’m still working out those details.

You can read Kiss of Enchantment in April for $10 CA commitment in the Kickstarter campaign, available only through Saturday January 7.

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