Next Phase of the Newsletter Move

I’m moving all of my newsletters from one service provider to another, as mentioned a few weeks ago. A number of you have told me that you find this process interesting, so I’ll keep you updated each week on my progress. There are a lot of variables to juggle, and since I have three newsletters, it’s a bit complicated. 🙂

So far this month, I’ve migrated the subscribers to my contemporary romance newsletter, Heroes & Happy Endings, to the new service. I built a new sign-up page and welcome sequence, then updated the link here on the website. I had to split the list to meet the specs for my first ‘send’ from the new service, so the first send went out last week. The second one, to the rest of the H&HE NL list, goes out this week.

The sign-up link is also in the interiors of my ebooks, so over the past few days, I’ve updated the ebook interiors for 23 books (all of my contemporary romances) and uploaded them to 9 portals. This means that new customers will get the new interior with the new link. The old link will remain in the ebooks owned by existing customers, so I’ll leave the welcome sequence running at the old service and import new subscribers every month to the new service before sending the monthly newsletter. I’ll leave that for a few months, anticipating that the traffic will slow to a trickle.

I’ve also migrated the subscribers to my paranormal romance newsletter, Dragons & Angels, to the new service. Those subscribers will get an update this week from the new service, inviting them to choose their portals in their preferences. This is a feature that I really like. My paranormal romances are moving to Kindle Unlimited, and there are discount coupons available at some of the other portals. Using these preferences, I’ve scheduled updates to Dragons & Angels subscribers who shop at those portals, with links specific to those portals, to go out on the 31st. (This makes me feel clever.)

I’m participating in a PNR promotion this year, which generates a monthly list of new subscribers. I’m going to continue to bring them onboard at the old service, then export them to the new service each month.

Next job is moving the Knights & Rogues subscribers. They’re getting an update this week from the old service for the publication of A Most Inconvenient Earl and after that, I’ll start their migration to the new service. The sign-up form and welcome sequence is already done, so those book interiors need to be updated (fortunately only at Amazon, since there are about 50 books to update and upload). The other wrinkle is that I have a newsletter “tour” for Ravensmuir & Kinfairlie set up at the old service. I’ve turned it off for new sign-ups but existing ones will continue and complete the tour. If I rebuild that at the new service, it won’t happen before the fall.

And then there are the newsletters for other languages than English. I’ll do those last.

That’s my progress so far!