Newsletter Changes

Just when I think I have enough to do, something else jumps onto my plate! In addition to amalgamating the websites (and writing and publishing books), I’m changing to a new newsletter service. The current one is changing their terms and their interface — since I have to redo everything, I’ll do it somewhere else. I’ve been thinking about making a move, and this prodded me to do it.

I’m making this transition in increments because there’s a lot to do behind the scenes for each newsletter list. Heroes & Happy Endings, my contemporary romance newsletter, is the first to be moved. I have a new sign-up form, a new welcome sequence and the March 16 monthly newsletter is set up to come from the new service. I have to change the link in the endmatter of all my books and upload those files to the portals, then this list’s move will be complete. The layout of the newsletter is a bit different, so if you subscribe, feel free to share your thoughts.

Claire will move before my next historical romance newsletter goes out in April. I don’t even want to think about wrangling a posse of dragons 🙂 so I’ll leave them to the last.

If you’ve had a look at the sign-up page, you’ll see that there’s now a bonus read for subscribing. I’ll also include that free read in the March 16 newsletter so existing subscribers don’t miss out.