First Newsletter Send

I sent the first newsletter from the new service yesterday and at this end, it looks as if everything went well. The delivery rate was really good – much better than at the old service – so that’s a relief.

The first newsletter to go out was the March Heroes & Happy Endings – but only to part of the subscriber list. I’m following the recommendations for shifting services in increments, so I had to divide the list somehow. If you subscribe to Heroes & Happy Endings and opened the January newsletter, then you were on yesterday’s delivery list. If not, you’re on next Tuesday’s list. This is recommended to keep the first send under a certain count of emails. Now that it’s done, all future newsletters can go out to all subscribers at the same time.

Some people are getting a warning about insecure servers when they click on a link. The help desk at the newsletter service recommends turning off your WIFI and trying again. This has worked for my subscribers so far, so if you get that message, give it a try.

In April, all three English newsletters will come from the new service. The dragons have moved and I’ll move the knights after next week’s new release alert is delivered. I’ll move the newsletters in other languages after that.

I’ve updated the links in the ebook interiors for Flatiron Five Fitness so far. The book list has been updated and the newsletter sign-up link. If you own any of those books, your portal of choice may offer a new edition. (Amazon won’t – it will just deliver the new version to new customers. The changes aren’t big enough for them to push the new edition to existing customers.) Next up, updates to Flatiron Five Tattoo book interiors and the Coxwells. Then I hear the dragons calling…

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